Prayer to Saint Anthony to recover the love of a lover

Prayer to Saint Anthony to recover the love of a lover

The prayer to San Antonio to recover a love, is used by many people in order to recover the feeling of love that has been lost between couples, this saint is considered the patron saint of lovers, learn about the prayer by reading this interesting article.

Prayer to San Antonio to recover a love

The prayer to San Antonio is considered a powerful tool to recover lost love between lovers or to bring back a love that has gone. This prayer is based on the commission given to San Antonio, who is a Catholic character full of blessings and miracles.

In the name of Saint Anthony, many faithful request her intervention in order to achieve a return to passion and love, she is implored through prayer to return the feeling that has gone, many people have faith in her , has become massive in such a way and has become very popular in the entire Catholic world community.

But who was San Antonio?

San Antonio was a Franciscan monk of Portuguese origin, born in the Lisbon region on August 15, 1195 and died on June 13, 1231, he was baptized with the name of Fernando, at the age of fifteen he had already graduated as a monk.

He developed a great ecclesiastical career achieving memorable successes, such as reaching the position of provincial in 1227 when he was just 32 years old, then he served as a missionary in Morocco, later returning to Italy and France to teach theology.

His devotion and conciliation while preaching, (he resigned from the post of providence a year before he died) gave him the pseudonym of Pastor of lovers, being canonized in 1232, a year after his death.

powerful prayer 

There are various prayers referring to requests for love that relate to Saint Anthony, however the most used and effective, consists of a very short one, which begins by establishing Saint Paul as intervener towards God, eliminating the anguish generated by the departure of a love. .

Then a recollection of why is made, this person asks to go to the Saint and explains the problem, expresses the feeling of sadness and in turn, requests the prompt return of that love that has gone or is planning to arrive.

The prayer to San Antonio de Padua to recover a love culminates offering the realization of several Our Fathers and certain penances of abstinence and faith, which will allow the miracle to be strengthened.

how to pray

After having made the decision to ask Saint Anthony for the love that left or for the one that should arrive, it is best that the person go to a temple or church where the Saint is found, because he is so popular in many countries, today Saint Anthony of Padua can be seen in most churches.

If for some reason you cannot find an altar or church where the saint is found, get an image or a figure of Saint Anthony, place it in a quiet and lonely place, attach a candle to its side and start with the instructions that we give below.

Approach and proceed to make the sign of the cross, then meditate for a few minutes on the figure of Saint Anthony, then light a candle at its base and begin very slowly to say the following:

“Oh glorious and powerful Saint Anthony, Whom God has chosen as our intercessor, In the difficulties and losses of material life, Today I want to ask you to lend me your help To solve a great problem That afflicts me and breaks my heart”.

Next, the statement of what is desired is made, asking him to intercede for the union and reconciliation of….(the name of the two people involved is said)…and he begins to ask Saint Anthony to intercede in the person, of way that you can remove all your doubts, anguish, jealousy and reproaches, which are the cause of estrangement.

It is also requested that you open your mind and remember all the good things that were done when you were united, that you forget the resentment and the reason that caused the estrangement. During the prayer, the loved one should be mentioned several times, in order to be clear about the desire to request.

You should not get angry with the person you want to attract again, it is not considered an act of revenge, it is only a request, which will depend on our offerings and gratitude in order to hope that the situation is established as requested.

Emphasis on return is important, as is saying the lover’s name several times. To conclude, it is said: “By your divine mercy, Grant me what I ask for and so much need, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”

Three Our Fathers and two Hail Marys are offered for a week.

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