Features of ads in Stories

Recent studies have shown that Instagram is an online platform that is very effective in attracting the attention and interest of customers. Popular stories on this site are business. A big factor in using Stories ads is that almost one in five gets a direct response.

Making this ad is relatively easy. The setting is made through the Facebook Business Manager service. These are strong arguments in favour of using ads in Stories to achieve their goals.

In fact, marketers do not pay attention to the possibilities of this site. This may be due to the fact that Instagram uses a non-standard image format.

In addition, you won’t be able to add titles to Stories. In order to create an ad, you need to make a significant effort in order to attract specific customers. The problem is that the Stories functionality only gives a few seconds to capture the user’s attention. In most cases, Stories is rated as accepting organic content ads.

Pros and cons of stories

The negative factor is that ads are highly visible among organic content. The client should spend more time to see this ad.

The positive thing is that the post is placed in full screen. The user sees only one ad, other information does not distract his attention.

If you intend to use this site as an advertising tool, it is important to determine the target audience.

It is also necessary to remember that the purpose of advertising determines the format of the post. A well-written post will increase your brand awareness, increase sales and inform users in a timely manner about the conditions for the sale of goods and services.

As a sample advertisement for the implementation of the goals, we suggest paying attention to the following:

  • You can competently inform users about goods and services through video advertising. Photos in this case will not be able to fulfill their purpose.
  • Video advertising will increase brand awareness. People just for this and come to see an interesting story. Many users follow brand accounts.
  • The video should be of high quality and interesting. Accompanying the video, it is necessary to provide sound, attractive and understandable images.

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