How to Create an Instagram account? Complete Guide

Registration on the Instagram service is not particularly difficult, however, many novice users constantly make mistakes that do not allow them to register correctly, and if the registration is still successful, then problems often arise in the future. Therefore, before you start registration, you need to read the instructions and understand them well.

Most often, they register on Instagram through the phone, using an application specially designed for this. However, you can work with it on a computer, in almost all browsers and on all modern operating systems.

There are two types of accounts on Instagram – personal and commercial. Both types of accounts need protection, therefore it is recommended to link them not only to your mail, but also to your phone, it will also not be superfluous to use your Facebook account. If you do not have an account on this social network, then it is best to create one. The more bindings there are, the easier and faster it will be to restore your account in case of certain problems, for example, when blocked. Also, the practice of hacking and “hijacking” of not only well-promoted accounts but also new ones is quite widespread. And if the account is not properly protected, then restoring justice will often be not only difficult but completely impossible.

Create an account on a smartphone

Registering an Instagram account on a smartphone is quite simple, the main thing is not to confuse anything. Most smartphones run on iPhone (iOS) and Android, and registration in both cases is carried out in slightly different ways. If registration is done on an iPhone, then you should go to the App Store and find Instagram in the search. An application will appear that you need to download and install on your smartphone. If registration is planned on Android, then the corresponding application should be searched for on Google Play.

After the application is installed, you need to activate it, that is, open it. After that, you can register.

Create an account on a personal computer

Creating an Instagram account on a computer is also, in principle, not difficult. You should type the address instagram.com in the browser – a registration form will appear, and you need to fill it out. If you have an account on Facebook, then it is better to register through it.

In order to increase the convenience when working with Instagram on a computer, you can use a number of extensions specially designed for this.

  • Instagram for Chrome. This plugin allows you to work with Instagram in the Google Chrome browser, in particular, you can check the feed and perform many other actions.
  • Web for Instagram. This plugin allows you to upload photos directly from your computer and view your message history.
  • Notifications for Instagram. When using this extension, you can use most of the functions of the service directly from your browser, without special restrictions.
  • Instagram Enhancement Suite. It is a special application that allows you to download photos and videos to your computer, as well as upload your own content to Instagram.

In addition to the extensions presented above, you can use delayed posting services such as Sked Social, SMMPlanner or Amplifier.

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