Learn how to start reading the Apostolic and Roman Catholic Bible

Learn how to start reading the Apostolic and Roman Catholic Bible

Discover through this article, how to read the Catholic Bible, we will teach you how to start, so you don’t waste time on other books.

The most effective method to start reading the catholic book of holy scriptures without messing up your life is to start progressively, for some people reading is the most problematic activity, because it makes them tiresome, they don’t like it or they don’t know where to start , that is the reason why today we promise to make a couple of suggestions to discover how to start reading the Catholic Bible without wasting time when we try. (Do you know what the symbols of the Holy Spirit are ? Discover them here)

Instructions to start reading the Catholic Bible

The Catholic Bible has 73 books, 7 more than the Protestant Bible, however, they are all in the Old Testament.

That’s why you won’t have any trouble getting started, as it’s ideal to start with the Old Testament, so you know everything that happened before Christ and why you were called to earth.

Also, if what you need is to know Jesus, you should start reading the gospels, such as the book of Mark, but if you are one of those people who are not very encouraged to read the Bible but should learn more about his belief, you I recommend that you read for a topic in which you are curious, so you will start and have more questions that you will find in the book of the Catholic Bible. (Know the miraculous prayer of the Holy Spirit , for his needs)

It is also important to know which is the focal point of each of the missionaries who kept in contact with Jesus because depending on that will be the story that you will read with this I mean that in some gospels you will see that it speaks of when Jesus was a child while that in others his evangelizing work is told, that is, the character of that book was in contact with Jesus at a certain stage and that is why that piece of his history is known.

The story of Jesus appears complete in the Bible but it is not told by a single gospel. That is what I mean when I say that depending on what you want to know, you should go to a specific gospel, the main gospel that was composed was that of Mark, despite that he was absent during the service of Jesus and was also not during his passing, yet he was with Peter after the passing of Jesus.

Going with him during his excursions to preach the word of God, it is possible that this is the reason why in his gospel there are stories of what Jesus did and curiously it is in this gospel that a greater number of wonders done by Jesus are described. Jesus than in some other gospel.

It is written in a succinct and very clear language, it was composed not particularly for the Jews, since much Jewish culture and customs are highlighted in it.

This was a gospel that spread rapidly because Mark’s gospel insistently emphasizes the suffering and oppression they experienced and this was something that really made a difference for the Romans. (Learn more about: Holy Spirit )

To know how to start reading the Catholic Bible, this information that I have just given you is essential, so that you already have a clearer idea of ​​where to start depending on what you want to know to allow you to start reading carefully.

However, to obtain the knowledge you want to receive or the answer to something, always before reading the Bible you should pray to ask God to refresh your mind and be able to understand everything you are reading and through it you request that the Holy Spirit help you. to apply the learning of that word in your life.

After you have already prayed the holy spirit will be guiding you and in this way you can venture to each part of the scriptures you must take as much time as necessary, reading carefully, appreciate each word and process carefully, remember that when you are in a request, you are talking to God, however, when you read the word, he is speaking to you.

That is why it is fundamentally significant that you put aside the effort to read and rather go with the mindset of listening to it.

Realizing how to start reading the Catholic Bible begins with the guide to how to tune into the holy spirit, until you can hear the voice of God in your soul, take notes as you examine things that seem confused or difficult to understand, that way you can approach them more cautiously when you complete your reading. (Find out what the baptism of the Holy Spirit consists of , and how to obtain it)

Discover a place where you can invest your energy without interference, it should be a space free from occupations or domestic obligations and should only be reserved for your intimacy with God.

As starting to read the Catholic Bible is easy in general, after completing with the gospels, you can proceed with the Acts of the missionaries, with the epistles.

Both from Paul and from the others, starting with Genesis, which will be an incredible source of learning, in that first book of the Bible you will discover amazing stories that will fill you with confidence, in addition, that will reinforce his deep development progressively in Christianity, which it will make you more connected with the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, this is the real motivation behind reading the scriptures, developing your trust and faith in Jesus, and putting into action what you have learned without hesitation. (He knows the high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

pray before reading

Before preparing ourselves to know how to start reading the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Bible, it is essentially significant that we make a supplication so that our soul can acclimatize and understand everything.

Reading and not understanding absolutely anything is one of the problems that happens to many people, consequently, we have been persuaded to write in this blog and explain certain details so that you learn how to start reading the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Bible, at the moment When this fact reaches our understanding, we understand two things:

  • What is the Holy Spirit, is the essence that awakens our thirst for Jesus and good things, therefore we must consider it in our prayer.
  • That only with its quality in our lives could we understand it unequivocally to put into practice everything that it transmits to us through the scriptures.

When we pray to God we must make it clear that we want him to send his essence to the Holy Spirit so that he moves in our lives and if he wants the answer to something at that moment he should only ask for it clearly and with a sincere heart, everything that God wrote in the Bible, through these men, he transmits a reason for the Holy Spirit of God. (Do you know who were Shepherds in the Bible,  before following Jesus? Know him.)

Begging is basically talking to God, it is having a discussion with our creator, where we express what we feel, what we need and even what we hate, as we do with someone else, a partner or relative.

It is not repeatedly interrupting prayer with empty words or fillers, to implore is to have a deep discussion with God, no one but God can give you his Holy Spirit so that you can channel your words, since simply as when you implore you are transmitting your concerns to God and when you read his word, he lets you know what he has for you and what he expects when you recognize him as a necessary part of your life.

We commonly listen to people who say that they appreciate God or that they are his children, but we see that they do not fulfill the word of God, that single expression shows that they are not pure of heart, since those who appreciate God obey and keep his word.

That is the reason why it is crucially significant that you study the Bible and ask God for your motivation so that you comply with what he stipulates, here I am going to make some data that will help you in your life so that you learn how to start reading the Bible Apostolic and Roman Catholic. (See Article: The power of prayer )

  • Find a place where you feel calm to make your unique space in your meeting with God.
  • Make your prayer so that the Holy Spirit allows you to understand everything clearly and it should not be a prayer full of words that you do not feel, remember that it is not important how long your prayer is so that you learn how to start reading the Catholic Bible , but what is important is every word that comes out of your mouth being sincere to God.
  • Try not to have pending activities so that your contemplation is alone in God at that moment.
  • Keep a notepad and pencil handy that you can use especially to take your notes.
  • If you have any specific questions it is always good to ask a leader in your church or hear some testimonials.

Those will be the things that God needs to address you and that you should reflect on, and this is the way by which you understand how and when God reacts and gives you answers to each of your questions, you can do it on your knees, lying down or seated and your heart must be extremely ready to speak authentically. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

And also accessible to listen to when he speaks to you, which will be accurate when you peruse the Bible.

example sentence

omnipotent god

We thank you for our life,

For your extraordinary benevolence and the beauty we derive from your grace,

Thank you for another day of life Lord,

Blessed be I thank you for your reliability,

Regardless of whether we have not dedicated ourselves to you my king,

Forgive today my offenses Lord,

Master Jesus, we ask you to give all imaginable harmony around us,

Take every thought that can distract me from my mind and allow me to focus only on you

And be ready to receive you in my mind and heart Lord,

Through your word that I am going to read, bless me and give me the answers that I need, great Holy Spirit

But mainly give me the intelligence to misunderstand all your words

My King Jesus, I need you to fix and expel everything that is causing pressure, torment and misery in my life.

Drive my way through life, cleanse my heart through your beautiful word,

I need an encounter with you my God and that you enliven my life

Teach me through your word what I must do to achieve it Lord,

In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

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