Spiritual alchemy keys to obtain it

Spiritual alchemy keys to obtain it

Spiritual alchemy is characterized by being a technique to refine oneself, however, it is a technique that is not well known by all people and there are some unknowns that surround it, if you want to know everything about it and the keys to practice continue reading the post.

 Spiritual alchemy

Spiritual alchemy is also known as hermetic alchemy or the operation of the sun, it is if alchemy is characterized as a technique used for refining, however, there are some disagreements about how alchemy first hand became known if by the physical or through the hermetic and spiritual. Science experts very often indicate that spiritual alchemy is identified as a product of physical alchemy, and on the other hand experts in the supernatural do not have the same concept about spiritual alchemy.

Experts in this matter, such as Manly P. Hall, have the full conviction that the two types of alchemy that exist are totally valid, and also indicates that spiritual alchemy is the main key so that alchemy can be conducted in this way. physical successfully.

For its part, hermetic alchemy can be mentioned that it originated in ancient Egypt and that this technique is known as a hermetic art and that it had a great domain during the Middle Ages, this technique also dominated other branches of science such as it was; astrology and theurgy. Both this art and astrology are the two oldest sciences known in the world respectively.

It is important to note that there is a legend that indicates that there was an angel who introduced Adam to these two existing arts and that humanity would be able to enter Eden again once it was already dominated, this legend should be noted that it gained a lot of credibility since the itself is full of logic, reason and also a great philosophy once the religion in Europe lost its philosophical credibility and became a belief of blind faith.

Alchemy managed to come into existence thanks to the work of people such as Roger Bacon, but it is essential to mention that according to the hermetic alchemists, the physical aspect of this art is attributed to only half of it, since the other half It is due to the spiritual aspect, this indicates that the symbols of the Goddess Iscis, has a hidden candle and that the other half are seen only by people who are worthy to do it otherwise they would not achieve it in a thousand years.

The alchemy of the spirit is that technique that can be performed on a certain person to achieve that he is completely transformed, for this there may be certain formulas that for various reasons help with the transformation of people. In the ancient law of alchemy, it is known in a concrete and safe way that achieving a complete modification of the product can lead to a safe transformation, which is why any chemical process, no matter how small the dose, if it is accumulated for several days it can be achieved to alter the result in an impressive way.

In alchemy, it is possible to find great solutions and make very radical changes, through the small modifications that are obtained through the transformations that are made gradually and on purpose.

This technique is mainly based on the combination of various elements in order to achieve the desired results as well as in common alchemy, for example it is known that in order to obtain gunpowder, several substances must be combined and in the case of spiritual alchemy is alchemist is aware that in order to find some emotion or a type of development of the spirit must proceed with the combination of certain energy issues.

3 keys to spiritual alchemy

We are now going to know 3 important keys of spiritual alchemy, which will help you obtain the best results and through it obtain the transformation that you so desire, you must always keep in mind that the great changes that can be achieved are always obtained with a necessary effort. Pay attention to the keys that are going to be mentioned below since they can be very useful for you:

The right word : It is a very important key within the spiritual path since words are used through it, as a way of expressing a phrase through the intonation of it, the words that are chosen are of great importance for to achieve that internal transformation that is so desired through this key. It should be mentioned that all this that was commented on is reflected in the holy bible, to be more specific in genesis and it is here when it is detailed that God created from the verb.

Breathing: Breathing is another of the very relevant keys within alchemy since through this element a great transformation is achieved, every person who knows how to breathe and applies breathing at the right time and in the right way, this doing the right thing since applying the breath at the precise moment can achieve the transformations that you want inside, since with the application of the breath you can control both the emotions and the thoughts that is why we must always have very aware that it is very important to breathe as well as to speak.

Food : Last but not least, we are going to talk about this key which food and what notable changes it can bring to our lives, it should be noted that the main reason why natural food is so popular today is that through you can experience great changes in the spirit. This factor has been known for a long time since it is no coincidence that most teachers or yogis have a special diet in order to transform their life and spirit.

Spiritual alchemy and “lead”

Within alchemy you can find a very important motto that says the following:

“By visiting the interior of the earth you will find a hidden stone”

In Spanish it means:

“Visit the interior of the earth, rectifying you will find the hidden stone”

When talking about the philosopher’s stone, it should be mentioned that it has the ability to turn any metal into gold, respectively. For example, another principle of alchemy says:

“Loose and curdle”

This means that they must be separated and combined, it can be noted that this phrase is the basic principle of any science of alchemy.

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