San Alejo prayer to separate lovers from my husband

San Alejo prayer to separate lovers from my husband

You want to get rid of that woman who destroyed your relationship,   you came to the right place in this post you will find the prayer to San Alejo to separate lovers. Do not stop reading it, since this sentence is very effective, and you will see how your husband returns to you as soon as possible and he will leave that undesirable woman.

Prayer to San Alejo to separate lovers

San Alejo de Roma or also known as San Alejo Mendigo, is a saint venerated mainly by the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. San Alejo begins to be venerated specifically in Syria where he lived during the first years of his life, his family was from an economic position that could be said to be comfortable since he was the son of a senator, in this way, San Alejo lived surrounded by luxuries and riches . However, at the age of 17 he realized that living surrounded by such luxuries represented a danger to his soul.

In this way he decides to go to Rome disguised as a beggar, and begs in the streets to support himself and thus also help those most in need. Because of his great heart and kindness, people begin to venerate him, by the 9th century in Greece he had already received his name; man of God, Saint Alejo and Saint Joseph the Hymnographer.

After his death, his official saintly appointment was made known throughout his life   and was characterized by   transmitting faith in God and helping those most in need.    From that moment he was named a saint, the devotion to him was very extensive, just as his name indicates, said saint is invoked to keep undesirable people away from our paths, as well as from the path of our family .

Once we have briefly learned about this characteristic saint, now we are going to know what you are looking for a prayer to distance or separate that woman who intervened in your marriage, you just need to have a lot of when praying it and decree that your husband in less than a rooster sings he will leave that bad woman and return to your side.

San Alejo is great, he is miraculous and kind, you just have to ask and pray with faith that he will listen to you and come to your aid. To help you recover your loved one and return to your side and her home with her family where her place is, that is, where she should always be, invoke him with faith, with devotion, speak to him from the heart and he will drive this woman away immediately. on your husband’s side.

Next we will describe the sentence

Blessed Saint Alejo, I come to you to ask for your help, help me in this dying moment. Faced with this situation I feel devastated and without the strength to fight, I carry in my heart a great pain and a terrible disappointment, for that reason I come and ask you which specialist in pain you are, listen to my plea.

Glorious and powerful Saint Alejo, I ask you to enlighten my mind in the face of such an adverse situation to think clearly and serenely, in this way to find the most sensible, wise and correct way to understand this situation and be able to resolve it.

I ask you Lord to keep away from me all anger that can invade me, deliver me Lord from all that anger that clouds my mind and does not allow me to think calmly and serenely. Fill my mind with wisdom, patience, understanding and lots of love to make the best decision.

Glorious Saint Alejo, I ask that this decision be the correct one, the most appropriate and that in this way in my mind and in my heart peace may reign above all else. Good friend, I beg you to make that woman invisible before the eyes of my husband, that that lover sent by satan completely move away from our lives and that she be forever Lord.

Eliminate from the mind of my husband the thoughts full of sin, which Satan instilled in the mind of my husband and who through them seeks to destroy our beautiful love.

Protect us or great Saint from uncertainty and problems that lover may cause by order of the evil one. And that in this relationship only peace, harmony, and love reign. I ask you, Lord, that from this moment that bad woman leaves our lives, and that nothing bad can break our peace and love again.

And if any adverse situation arises in my relationship again, I will expel him in the sacred name of God, and also in his name I declare that my husband will only have love for my family, no one else can be in his heart and in his thoughts. .

I ask you Lord that we are always united like the cement that joins two stones, forges our destiny so that our love grows more day by day, and in this way our relationship after this adverse situation is consolidated complements and no one else can break it. . I ask you, Lord, to take care of my love with a shield of perpetual light that the Lord possesses and uses to defend us from the clutches of Satan.

San Alejo I ask you to bathe my marriage with the blessed blood of Christ, who at the time gave his life for each one of us, so that we could be free of sins and full of health forever, Lord help me forgive this infidelity played against me Just as the father forgives his son who does not know what he is doing, Lord, I humbly ask you to help us to be better every day.

Intercede for me, before heaven and God the father, so that my life lacks nothing, including the promised love. Take away all sin and temptation from my husband, that no other bad woman can intercede before our love, Lord. Shield this relationship with your guardian angels, so that with their light they cover and heal my heart in the face of such deception and that I can truly forgive him and not only because of the pride of a wounded woman to have him by my side and keep him away from that despicable woman who hurt so much. did to my family.

Fitness is everything in a couple and my faith gives me strength to move any mountain. I am interested in resuming this love as soon as possible, Oh allow it sir, I sincerely ask it. And I put my soul on fire, so that it can be judged according to how much love it has.

So be it, it will be and so it will be, Amen
Pray 3 Our Fathers and 3 Hail Marys at the end of the prayer.

Prayer to recover love

Saint Alejo, you who achieve everything, You who manage to see everything, it is quite frank For you to distinguish my spirit and recognize That my existence lacks love, My Holy One, help me to rescue love, My partner abandoned me and for another / or replaced me, Make the chemistry between them tear apart, Make them keep apart.

Saint Alejo, make his different love, deviate from him/her, return to me, that he cannot achieve without me or even dream, that at his side he is not a pleasant person, that I be the one who exists in his life, in his entity, in his imagination and in his fantasies.

That love that belonged to me, that still is, Let the stranger withdraw from his life, That individual who came between him/her and me, Make him exclude himself by his will, Saint Alejo, That love concerns me.

I ask that he/she does not get to be with her/him, that his/her life be nothing more than mine, and so that he/she manages to return to me, that my love come, San Alejo, I require it of you, because he/she is the most important thing.

Listen to my prayers and my pleas, And intervene for me.Amen.

Prayer to San Alejo to ward off undesirable people

You are surrounded by undesirable people that you want to get out of your   way, those undesirable people that surround you. Saint Alejo is the one for this, that is why   in the following lines we will describe an effective prayer to ward off undesirable people, you just need to pray it with great faith ,   and blindly trust Saint Alejo and you will see how your request is fulfilled.

Blessed Saint Alejo, you who are great and have the power and the gift to get rid of everything bad that does not surround you, I want to strongly ask you to definitely get (say the name of that person) out of my way.

Saint Alejo, you are miraculous, you are kind, I trusted you eternally, I ask you to act as soon as possible
in the immense favor that I have come to ask you for today from the depths of my heart.

San Alejo keep (say the name of the person) away from my path, from the life of my family and do not allow our paths to cross again. Blessed Saint Alejo, I beg you to listen to my pleas and in this way intercede for me, before our Lord Jesus Christ and that undesirable person, be invisible to me and mine.

 Blessed Saint Alejo, I will always be grateful to you for listening to me and acting on my desire, so from this very moment, I promise to spread your prayer.Amen.

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