Anima single prayer, to destroy a person

Anima single prayer, to destroy a person

You are in search of a single soul prayer to destroy a person , in this post, we bring you what you need, look no further.   Do not stop reading it, since you will be able to see, that prayer that you need so much to destroy that person who does you so much harm and you no longer want to have in your way, I invite you to continue reading.

Prayer anima alone to destroy person

The soul alone is also known as the forsaken soul, however her real name is Celestina Abdégano .   As far as this woman is known, this woman suffered a terrible punishment for mistakes made.

Celestina was an inhabitant of Jerusalem and whose job was to assist the needy of her people. She was characterized by being a good and kind woman. However ,   on the day that our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified   , what we know today as Good Friday, Celestina went up to Calvary with a large pitcher of cold water,   since its purpose was to provide the vital liquid to all the martyrs who were there, so that refresh  and hydrate them.

In this way Celestina also gives two men who are on Calvary a drink, they were named Dimas and Gestas, they were two thieves who were next to Jesus. And she, even knowing who they were, gave them a drink without any problem, since that was her job to assist the needy.

However, due to Celestina’s great fear of the Romans, she denied Jesus water, even seeing him in need and very badly, she did not give him a single drop of water, influenced by the fear and fear she felt at that time. This mistake Celestina had to pay for was expensive, since she was sentenced to purgatory and had to live constantly in flames and subjected to a frightful thirst and terrible heat, until the end of the world and the moment she is freed from this punishment and can enter to Paradise.

For this reason Celestina was named as the soul alone, since she suffered a long time in purgatory as punishment for her infamous decision,  the soul alone today has many loyal followers and is invoked for both good and evil.

Especially in Santeria, the soul alone is invoked to request or implore to receive a favor through a prayer, many of her faithful followers come to her, to ask her to destroy a person, get them out of our way and that we never cross them again. In this way, below we will describe one of the very popular prayers of the soul to beg them to grant us a favor.

We must keep in mind that once he fulfills what we ask, he must also fulfill what we promised him  in exchange for receiving the favor, since if we do not do it, the soul can take revenge against us: Next we will tell you the prayer .

Prayer anima alone to destroy person 

“Oh venerable Soul alone, you who are a specialist in destroying curses, I come to your presence and I invoke you with fervor, so that you use all your strength and power to eliminate the negative energies that any human being may have, who did or tries to do evil to me. , as well as any negative spirit, that can harm me and paralyze my well-being and happiness.

I fervently implore you, soul alone, to take yourself to remote places, to all those people who wish to curse me, separate me or distance me from my loved ones, please intercede with all your strength so that they lose the intention of wishing me evil, eliminate and destroy their thoughts, all the hatred, resentment, envy and spells, that they have against me, my partner and my family, make me invisible before their eyes.

Destroy the selfishness, perversity, antipathy and slander that are around me, and attract for me, my partner and my family, tranquility, harmony, prosperity and well-being that we reap.

Powerful soul alone, I beg you to devastate all that person, who walks along the path, looking for wizards, witches or sorcerers, or another way of doing evil to me, return any bad intention, so that it is destroyed from my life and from my path any obstacle that gets in the way.

“Great soul alone, I urge you with all my strength, to grant me the request as quickly as possible, it is about my loved ones and myself, help urgently, to recover our home, the family and especially my partner . So be it, and it will be done, and so it will be.Amen

 to destroy enemies

As everything in life cannot be perfect, at some point we can run into a spiteful, envious and gossipy person who only wants to harm them and do bad, but do not worry that if you strongly ask the soul alone that annoying, enemy   it will be destroyed and removed from our paths forever.

You will see that you will be able to lead a calm and peaceful life from the moment that such a bad person is completely removed from your life and in this way you can be sure that both you and your loved ones are fully cared for and protected from all danger.

Next we are going to describe a prayer to the soul alone to destroy enemies and keep them away from our lives forever:

   Glorious soul alone, I earnestly beg you to destroy all my enemies, send them to remote places where they can never harm me or my loved ones again. I ask you to dominate his mind and his heart so that you totally destroy them, my queen.

Don’t let my enemies ever do anything against me again, keep all evil and negative energy away from me. Surround yourself, sir, with good, loyal, kind and kind people. All those spiteful envious and mean people get them out of my way and out of my life forever.

Glorious soul alone I beg you that none of my enemies from the moment I finish this prayer have the strength to; harm or harm me. Silence his mouth so that they can never raise me false or tell any lies about me.

I beg you to destroy all their hatred, their evil, their selfishness and perversity eternally. I implore you that only on my path did I come across good and loving people to give, as well as to receive, and if someone wants to get close to me just to harm me, always make me invisible before their eyes.

I ask that with your greatness you strike them down forever (say the names of your or your enemy that you want to destroy), that from this moment they are totally devastated, without prosperity, without abundance, and that all the evil they wish me be returned multiplied by a thousand to them. So be it, so it will be.

Destroy them , blessed immortal force. I wish that their purposes of destroying me are not fulfilled. May every ounce of happiness that each of them have vanish like the wind does. So be it and so it shall be. Amen.

As previously mentioned, the anima alone is invoked for both good and evil, we have already described a couple of prayers for destruction, that is, for evil. Now we are going to describe a prayer for good, this prayer is to recover our loved one.

Get the loved one back

It has happened to all of us that we lost our loved one and we want to recover it at any cost, whether by divine intervention or not. That person must return to our side loving us more than ever, in this way we will make sure that he does not overturn us and abandon us.

We are going to know a prayer to the soul alone to recover that loved one and that they only have eyes for us:

Glorious soul alone, I ask you to intercede for me before our Lord Jesus Christ so that he intercede in the mind and heart of (say his name) that only I be his love in this life, beloved Celestina, do not allow him to feel love, pleasure or pleasure for someone else other than me, (he or she) only belongs to me (say your name).

I ask you that if he is not with me he cannot sleep, eat, find peace or calm since I am not by his side. I implore you to return to me asking forgiveness for abandoning me and promising you eternal love.

Gloriosa ánima sola destroys any person who can approach it with the intention of stealing it, take it to remote places where it can never be approached again. I ask you, my Queen, listen to my pleas and do not abandon me before my request, lady, I trusted you, your strength and your greatness. Do not forsake me and help me so that in less than a rooster sings (he or she), be by my side.

So it is so it is and so it will be, amen. All these prayers dedicated to the soul alone must be prayed with great faith and devotion to her, and always trusting that the favor we ask will be conceived. We must believe in her strength and in her power to always fulfill us, but we must also keep in mind that we must not only go to her to ask her, but also to thank her and honor her, as I mentioned in previous lines if the promise we make to her when we ask her is not paid, she can take revenge against us, let’s never forget it.

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