Row out to sea know this Bible study!

Row out to sea know this Bible study!

Boga Mar Adentro have you heard about this verse? do you know about this bible study? In this article we will tell you what it is about, you will be surprised how much we can learn from it, join us and enjoy this pleasant writing and incorporate the message into your life.

What is Boga Mar in?

Boga Mar inland, is one of the phrases found in the prodigious words of Jesus, which allow us to grow as a person, strengthen ourselves spiritually and guide us on the path of God. As we all know, Jesus had a way of communicating his messages, in most cases he used parables, with them Jesus of Nazareth sought to bring a moral and religious education, in which he made revelations of spiritual truth but in a comparative way.

This way of speaking that Jesus of Nazareth had allowed the people who listened and followed them to identify in the daily aspects of their lives, the intention of the message, however, when analyzed they have such depth and beauty, that it is well worth it. develop each of them. In this opportunity we will develop the message that Boga Mar Inner encloses.

This beautiful phrase is found in the Book of Luke chapter 5 verse 4 of the Reina Valera Bible “When he finished speaking, he said to Simon: Row out to sea, and cast your nets to catch fish.” 

What is the meaning of these words, in order to understand the message we must place ourselves in context. Jesus was on Lake Gennesaret, he was surrounded by people who wanted to hear his word, his messages, by the time two fishing boats were arriving and they were washing their nets, the fishing had not been fruitful, but Jesus asked one of They asked him to place the raft a little way from the shore, and from there he addressed the people who were waiting to hear his message.

The boat in which Jesus sits belongs to Simon. While Christ is on the raft, he tells Simon to float out to sea and to let go of the nets, but Simon replies incredulously to the request, “Sir, we have worked all night and we have not been able to catch anything”, but in obedience to him, Simon tells him he says that as he is asking, he will cast the nets.

The experience of the fishermen told Simon that the best time to fish had already passed, because it is night, however, Simon does not ignore the word of the Lord, even if it does not fit his realities and experience in the art of fishing. fishing. The fishermen throw the nets and a wonderful miracle occurs, the nets begin to fill with fish, so many that the men could not lift them, they broke due to the weight, they had to ask for help to get them into the boats. But the weight was so heavy that the boats sank.

Simon’s reaction to this clear evidence of the magnificence and power of the man before him made him fall to his knees and say “Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man.” The demonstration of Divinity that he had just observed leads him to change his way of seeing Jesus and he no longer sees him as a teacher, but as the Lord, the son of God, which is why he prostrates himself as a sign of adoration. Jesus tells him that he should not fear and tells him from now on you will be catching men. Simon happens to be called Peter and becomes one of the apostles of Jesus of Nazareth and leaving everything he followed him.

Origin of the Interpretation

The interpretation of the scriptures is a science and is known as hermeneutics, it is responsible for making a scientific interpretation, rather than theological, so it has the objective of finding the most rational meaning of the messages. Based on this conceptualization of the study of the word of God, it is assumed as a fact that the books that make up the Bible are the words and the revelation of the true God, made known in Israel.

This science seeks to obtain from the texts its precise and complete content. When the Jews returned from the Babylonian captivity they spoke Aramaic, but the books or the Law of Moses were written in Hebrew, therefore, those who fulfilled the priestly work at the time saw the need to interpret the Hebrew and translate it into Romeo, for this they had to be the most faithful in the translation so as not to modify the correct meaning of the law.

In the New Testament, there are examples of interpretation of the Old Testament, some that even point out were made by Jesus of Nazareth himself and others by those who wrote the Gospels, by the editors of the Epistles and the intention was to guide the first Christian communities.

It is important to point out that when we talk about the interpretation of the word, it will vary depending on the religion, however, the interpretation mostly comes from the theologian Origen, who lived in the second century, he made an allegorical interpretation of the Scriptures, for what messages can be found hidden in words, are shown through symbolic figures and actions.

It is important to point out that he was not the only one who interpreted the words of God, there were different fathers who did it and also not all of them did it in an allegorical way, however, it was the allegorical interpretation that really influenced the Medieval church.

The Protestant church rejected the allegorical interpretation, considering it subjective and based on the fact that the Bible is interpreted by itself, however, when interpreting it can be preached directly with the message of the passage, that is why we consider that it is better to perform the interpretation, in this particular case the book of Luke chapter 5 from verses 1 to 11, in which the passage of Boga Mar interior is found.

Interpretation of Boga Mar Adentro

Boga Mar inland is the phrase that is found in the narration of Lucas, which we can break down by part, they first show us the place where the event takes place and who are the people who are and are the protagonists of the passage. The place where Jesus of Nazareth is located is the Lake of Genesaret and the presence of the boats complements the scene.

The characters that are in the place are of course Jesus, on whom the beginning is centered and from where the main action is generated; There are also the disciples who were already following Jesus, who was at the height of his popularity, so the people who were surrounding Jesus to listen to his word are also part of the scene that Luke tells us. .

When we continue reading the verses we can find Simon called Peter executing his work as a fisherman, he was at that moment in his comfort zone, so in each word that precedes the divine fact, he demonstrates security and mastery of the art, of his work. and of himself.

However, Jesus enters that area where Simon feels safe and makes the request to throw the nets, this moves Peter out of his zone of knowledge, as it is possible for a carpenter to tell a fisherman how to do his job? ?, this thought Simon.

This request generates doubt in Simon, however, he obeys him, here is one of the first messages of this beautiful passage, still in doubt of being successful, because he knows that it is not the time to be able to fish, he obeys him. To his surprise when casting the net, the number of fish is such that the net breaks, but what is really inside the net? They are fishes? Oh, it will be the abundance in Christ that actually filled the nets, such abundance that it broke them, that when the help arrived to raise them, the boats sank under the weight of the abundance.

The culminating moment of the passage is when Simon, a self-confident, strong man with a great character falls before Jesus on his knees, full of fear for feeling like a sinner, for having doubted and before this demonstration of surrender, he no longer calls him master, but calls him Lord.

At the end of the passage, Christ recognizes the disciple and with a few brief words changes the life not only of Simon, now called Peter, but of the other disciples as well. It is the demonstration that Jesus came to earth to recruit disciples and in this passage he demonstrates it, fulfilling his mission.

When Christ tells him to Boga Mar in, he is telling him to leave the beach and go into the open sea, in the simplicity of the message, it is where the beauty of the passage is actually found, it is there where the power of the word of Christ.

To find fish you must go into the sea, you must look for them in places where you do not feel comfortable, in places you do not know, but that is where they are. To find disciples we must go not only into Christ, we must look for them out to sea, leave fear, leave the comfort zone “Boga out to sea”.

Message Boga Into the Sea

God reaches us in the moments when we think we are the most alone, God is always present in the moment when we do not feel the most vulnerable. Simon recognizes himself as a sinner, but before that he believed in the word of God, he threw the nets into the sea, we must recognize that we have been sinners, but we must only stick to the word.

When we find ourselves in difficulties, we must trust the word of God, get out of our comfort zone, we must remember that even if we think it is wrong, that it goes against what we know, if we act under the word of God, the miracle will happen “Put out into the deep” the declaration of the word of God is very important, because we are calling the Spirit, to life.

Just as the words of Jesus changed the life of Simon and Peter became one of the closest disciples of Jesus, it will happen with us, we must trust in the word of God, we must act attached to his word. We are coincidentally in difficult moments, which can lead us to feel frustrated, just as Simon felt when he had not caught a single fish, after having tried all night, however, believing in the word of God gave him the strength to try one more time.

We do not know when God will touch us, but we have to be sure that it will happen, that if we carry out our actions believing in his word, the solutions are close and we will always have the strength to continue. Paddle Out to Sea, no matter how far you have to go, just keep trying, Paddle Out to Sea every day, we will always have something to look for, to improve, so we must row until we achieve it.

Jesus is with us always, no matter how difficult the moment is and if we feel hopeless, let us remember Jesus to tell Simón Boga Mar Adentro, so in the name of the word of God, row, row with strength and perseverance and success will occur. miracle.

On many occasions we are placid or satisfied on the shore, but the sea is where the fish are, we cannot be fooled, let us remember that there is also a Spiritual War that we must wage, staying in our comfort zone does not allow us to grow, not even in the spiritual, nor in the personal, for that reason we must remember to Boga sea inside, because God is capable of making everything possible.

Knowing the meaning of Boga out to sea, we should not then remain depressed, frustrated, discouraged or in failure, we know from now on that we have a new opportunity, every day, Boga out to sea.

We can recognize that the fishermen cleaned their nets of algae, and garbage and sometimes they had breakages, these nets can be compared on occasion with situations that can arise in our lives, such as arguments, unfinished plans, bad relationships and many other things. plus. Jesus asks Simon to move the boat away from the shore a little, not only was he looking for the platform to address those present, he was also looking for the fishermen to pay attention.

This part of the area should also attract the attention of those Christians who move away from prayer, from the word of God. It is possible that God wants to call our attention when we go through unpleasant moments, it is possible that we have distanced ourselves from him. and he is only looking for a way to remind us that he is present so that we do not forget him.

How many times do we pray only when we feel that we cannot solve a situation? We call you then to reflect on this aspect. “Put out into the sea and cast your nets to fish” in Simon’s eyes the teacher’s request seemed crazy, he tells us that when we believe that something is impossible God will be present and asks you to try, don’t stop trying and don’t forget always remember that what you request must be done on their behalf, on their word.

We hope we have helped you understand the importance of this passage which you will find in Luke 5 verses 1 to 11, we invite you to internalize the message and make use of it, so that God is always very close to you, filling you with miracles.

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