Meet the Wonderful Prayer against all evil

Meet the Wonderful Prayer against all evil

In everyday life, we as human beings are exposed to any type of evil that may exist, we can find evil from one person to another, whether due to envy, anger, among others, that is why today we bring you a spectacular Prayer of protection against all evil , and other prayers that we hope will be to your liking.

Very powerful prayer against all evil

This great prayer of protection against all evil , is based on especially protecting every human being against all evil that may exist towards him, cleaning in turn the spirit, the soul and the mind. There are also powerful prayers against the evil one, that with simple words manage to expel from your whole being the demons that harm you daily, the witchcraft that an enemy could put on you and any evil act that exists around you. With these prayers against evil , you will be able to prevent any evil pact from turning towards you, and it will make all those evil things that exist in the world go away.

« Spirit of our Lord, Spirit of our creator God, Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit, The Most Holy Trinity, Our Immaculate Virgin, Archangels, Angels and other Saints in heaven, guide your light towards me. Mold me, my lord, unify me and enter me, control me. Take out of me all the evil that persecutes me and that I possess, kill them, bury them, so that my soul can be at peace and I can instill peace. Get out of me the curses, spells, negative magic, evil eye, holy prayers, moorings and curses; diabolical contagion and diabolical vice.

«All evil, envy, sin, jealousy and arrogance, physical, mental, moral illnesses and through everything diabolical. All evil expel them into the fire of hell, so that they never come out again and do not touch me or touch the world. I ask and wish with my heart, in the name of the creator God, Jesus Christ our liberator of sins, by the work and grace of our Immaculate Virgin, to all the curses, all my discomforts, all the demons that live in me, that they go away, that they immediately distance themselves from me, that they abandon me absolutely and do not return, return to their eternal hell and never come out of there».

«You will be stepped on and tied, mistreated and spat on, all of this in the hands of Saint Michael the Archangel, by Saint Gabriel, by Saint Rafael; your binders, trampled by the heel of our Immaculate Blessed Virgin. We thank you Lord for taking your time to listen to my prayer, protect me in the hour until the hour of death Amen “.

Using a powerful prayer against evil can be one of the fastest ways to interrupt or remove these evil energies.

Powerful prayer against harmful energies

This prayer is one of the most used, since it is a very strong plea that causes all bad energy to be released from your body or that of another person, but you must bear in mind that you have to do this prayer with great faith to achieve your goals. By doing this beautiful prayer you will be able to get rid of all the bad things that exist in your home and spiritual life, so you can have a better life throughout your career.

«I (in this part you must pronounce your name) by means of the blood of Jesus, I protect my entire interior and exterior being, depositing in the immaculate heart of our Lady Virgin Mary, all that I have and possess so that, not even in the present , nor in future moments, come harm for revenge of the occult. In the name of Jesus, all actions and interactions, all communication and spiritual intercommunication are prohibited.

“I invoke the presence of the angels, the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, principalities, virtues and powers, dominations and cherubim, seraphim and thrones of God, so that they are the ones who carry out this battle against all evil, I ask the great communion of the Saints. Amen .”

Daily Protection Prayer for Spiritual Life

In society we are living in a world full of violence and evil, our friends, family and enemies are full of risk towards the odds of bad things. That is why we must remember that our God has told us that prayer is the greatest vital force, with which we can protect our loved ones against all evil, for this reason we decided today to leave you below the prayers of protection against all evil.

« Lord and God I pray for your protection to start the day. You are my secret place and under your wings I find refuge. Protect me from any trouble wherever I am, and keep evil away from me. No matter where I am, I will see you as my protector, who fights for my good every day. Your love and fidelity along with your grace and goodness surround me and I will not fear what harasses me. My trust is in you, God, and I thank you for your protection and love for me. In the name of Jesus. Amen .”

Powerful Prayer Against all evil towards your husband

“Lord Jesus, I ask you to protect my husband and keep him away from all danger. Make him strong and define his character in you so that he depends on your wisdom in every situation. Keep it in your name and do not allow anything to rise up against it. Keep him close to your heart with his eyes always on you. At home, or at work, or wherever you are, keep his heart clean and pure. Lead him away from temptation and help him to always be aware of the efforts of the enemy who wants to distract him, lie to him or discourage him. No attempt to discredit him or save him will ever prevail.”  May your right hand give him strength every day as you keep him in your presence. Help him put on his spiritual armor as he leads his family with integrity and honor. Seal up things that can provide an easy way out when the going gets tough. Thank you for your promises to carry all our burdens and make our walk light. Preserve his testimony and keep his faith always rooted in you. Be the only defender of him since only you can keep him safe and truly protected. Thank you very much, Jesus. Amen» .

Prayer of Protection to Saint Michael against all evil

«Spirit of the Lord, Spirit of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, Immaculate Virgin, angels, archangels and saints of paradise, descend upon me. Melt me, Lord, model me, fill me with you, use me.
Expel from me all the forces of evil, annihilate them, destroy them, so that I can be well and do good. Expel from me the curses, the witchcraft, the black magic, the black masses, the spells, the ties, the curses and the evil eye, the diabolical infestation and the diabolical obsession, everything that is evil, sin, envy, jealousy and perfidy, the physical, psychic, moral, spiritual and diabolical illness».

“Burn all these evils in hell, so that they never touch me again, or any other creature in the world. I command and command with the strength of Almighty God, in the name of Jesus Christ the Savior, through the Immaculate Virgin, all unclean spirits, all presences that bother me, to abandon me immediately, to abandon me definitively and to leave to eternal hell, chained by Saint Michael the Archangel, by Saint Gabriel, by Saint Raphael, by our guardian angels, crushed under the heel of the Most Holy Immaculate Virgin, I ask you in the name of God Amen».

This is a very powerful prayer against all evil, since in the life we ​​have every day we are subjected to much evil, that is why we recommend that you pray this prayer every day, in the morning when you get up or at night, when you are in your workplace or at any time, you should pray this beautiful prayer with great faith and hope, always remembering that God is the most powerful capable of eliminating all evil that exists in your life.

Powerful prayer against evil

“ Lord Jesus, ‘evil’ is such a strong word and yet it is a word you frequently use to describe the opposite of good. Although we are all sinners, I pray for those people who call evil good, and good evil. Protect us from those who fight against justice and those who twist the truth into lies to carry out their tasks. May your protection angels be always present fighting against the dark evil, those forces that we cannot see. Keep our minds off evil thoughts that the enemy may use against us.”

«You have defeated our spiritual enemy since that time you died and rose for all eternity, and although evil still roams around, the power of your name and the redemption of your blood always leads us to victory. We put on the armor of God to fight against evil, you will bring justice at the right time, until then, we remain in your presence aligned to your purposes and we designate you our protector and supreme commander. Help us to avoid temptation and deliver us from all evil, you are the almighty you are God. With you Jesus, we are safe Protect us Lord always Amen».

This is a beautiful prayer that is made to our Lord Heavenly Father, creator of heaven and earth, where we entrust ourselves to him under the name of his spirit, God is the father of us all, that is why every time we have a time let us remember him and make him a prayer for anything, since for him, nothing is impossible. Many times we turn to God when we encounter a problem, but I want to remind you that God is always by our side, and we should not seek him only when we are in despair, we must always remember him in every moment of our lives.

Powerful Prayer against witchcraft and sorcery

In life we ​​are exposed to all possible evil, many times there are people who wish us harm and we do not realize it, that is why these people are capable of going to sorcerers, santeros, etc., to harm us in any way, sometimes We do not realize that we are subject to the control of a bad move by an enemy, who is capable of being condemned to a very great evil. It is possible to combat that evil, always under the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, for this reason I bring this prayer to you at this time.

« Precious Jesus, you know well what it is to be persecuted by enemies on earth, and by your compassion and understanding you know the danger that we and our families face every day. As your Christians and disciples, we too will be marked as enemies of many. Our children need protection from the abusers of spiteful people, and from false philosophies of spiritual attack. Do not allow objects, ideas, or temptations to fall in love with their hearts away from you. Hold us in your hands and do not let us go.

“Send your angels to keep us within your ways so that there is no disaster in our homes and lives. Our hope is not in our ability but in your stability as our Shaddai. We face our spiritual struggle with the weapons that you have given us. Help us to know how and when to act, how to react, how to speak when we fight our battles. Teach us to love our enemies, to pray for them and resist evil in your mighty name. We do not have those who want to do us physical harm, we are confident in our eternal security.

“We have a holy reverence, based on who we are and who we have been in you. As commander of our lives we know that you take care of us from all our enemies, and that as long as we are in you we will fear no evil. In your name, Amen.”

Prayer to Saint George against evil

«I will walk dressed and armed with the arms of Saint George so that my enemies, having feet, do not reach me, having hands do not catch me, having eyes do not see me, and not even with their thoughts can they harm me. Firearms will not reach my body, knives and spears break without touching my body, ropes and streams break without binding my body. Jesus Christ, protect and defend me with the power of your Holy and Divine grace, Virgin of Nazareth, cover me with your sacred and divine mantle, protecting me in all my pains and afflictions, and God, with your divine mercy and great power, be my defender against the wickedness or persecution of my enemies.

«Glorious Saint George, in the name of God, extend your shield and your powerful weapons, defending me with your strength and with your greatness, and that under you, my enemies remain humble and submissive to you. So be it with the power of God, of Jesus and of the Divine Holy Spirit, in the name of the father and of the son Amen».

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