Know the protection prayers to psalm 91

The best connection that we can establish with the Lord God, when we need to reestablish our faith in him, is found in the Prayers of Psalm 91. It tells us how God shelters us with his wings, to protect us, and being in his shadow, we trust in his pure love and benevolence. I invite you to establish that connection, to do so continue reading. I’m sure you’ll be comforted.

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Protection Prayer Psalm 91

We can find ourselves in life with many situations, which must be dangerous, and also difficult, however, through Psalm 91, the Catholic Bible, we can recover that communication with God, and realize the fidelity that he has towards us. . When we go through hard and dangerous times.

Prayer of the believer that repeats safely: God protects those who trust in him.

“You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High,

under the shadow of the Almighty.

Communicate to the Lord: my protection, my refuge.

In you, O My God, I place my trust.

He frees you from the snare of the hunter who wishes to destroy you,

and covers you with its wings.

So your refuge will be its plumage.

You will not fear the fears of the night.

Nor to the date that is shot on the day.

Just as neither, to the plague that advances through the darkness.

Not least to the plague that makes the scourge in full sun.

Even when a thousand men fall at your side, and at your right hand ten thousand,

you stay out of danger,

since he shields you and protects his loyalty.

It is enough that your eyes are open,

so that you may see the punishment of the wicked.

You who say: my protection is the Lord,

and what do you do asylum of the highest.

Misfortune will not be able to dominate you,

neither the plague will be able to approach your abode,

for his angels have the order to give you protection in all your ways.

His hands will hold you

so that your foot does not stumble on any stone.

You will walk on vipers and lions,

you will step on puppies and dragons.

For the one who welcomed me, I will deliver, I will protect him,

for he knew my name.

He’s going to call me and I have to answer him.

I will find myself in disgrace with him.

I will save him and exalt him.

He will be satisfied with many days,

and I will cause my salvation to be seen.”

About the Psalm 91 Protection Prayer
The approach that is presented, in psalm 91 in Spanish, is based on the treatment to face what are the difficulties of life, emphasizing rather, what are dangers that arise in it.

Its authorship is considered to be anonymous, even though some also believe that it was Moses who wrote it. It is manifested there, in the Prayers psalm 91, those traps that are hidden, like the plagues that are deadly, also those terrors that come from the night. As well as the dates that can hurt during the day and so many other tribulations of life.

An allegory can be made, to the present where we find ourselves, giving as an example terrorist attacks, or murderous snipers, as well as a series of diseases that are exotic or sophisticated weapons. All this contemporary scene can be extremely dangerous, as described in the prayers psalm 91.

It is known that all those saints who are dwelling in Christ do not have the ability to avoid all the dangers that are unknown, however, they can escape whatever the bad consequences are.

This is how Moses, David and also Paul, as well as a wide multitude of different servants of God, also faced a great number of dangers, when they were complying with the will of God Our Lord. Just as the verses of the prayers Psalm 91 indicate.

some were tortured

It should be noted that in Hebrews 11:36, it is warned that, in other cases, torture and also martyrdom occurred, but what was related to faith was just as real.

However, generally the fact of walking with the Lord, gives us all the help to detect and also prevent many problems from occurring, as we see through the Catholic Psalm 91 and similar to the journey lived by Moses and his people.

What is of greater importance, in the life of the believer, refers to the part that is only seen by God. That life that is “hidden”, of adoration and communion, which symbolizes the place of the most holy, in the sanctuary that is Jewish. (Exodus 25:18-22)


God being our strength and refuge, it is he who hides from us in order to give us his help, and later sends us back, in order to serve him in what are the struggles of life.

So, whoever wrote the psalm, had two addresses which were: his store and his Lord, considering that the safest place in the world is a shadow, which is the shadow of the Almighty and through Jesus Christ, he he finds security, and also satisfaction, under the wings of the cherubim, in the Holy of Holies.

Jesus imagined salvation, by describing those chicks that were hidden under the wings of their mother hen, so it was that the psalmist then imagined the communion of believers, having their rest under the wings of the cherubim, in the tabernacle.

In any case, through this psalm, we have a very clear and specific message, where it is indicated that those who remain in the Lord are safe when they put their will into practice, since the servants of God are immortal, until his work is finished.

The Peace of God – Life Protected

At the moment in which we do the practice of the “hidden life”, we find ourselves accompanied by God, who is with us, and in the same way compensates us for our shortcomings. Likewise, the prayers Psalm 91, in this case emphasis is made, in that one should not be afraid, since the Lord God and also his angels are watching over all of us.

For example, allusion is made to the trips made by the Near East, which were very dangerous and terrifying at night. Likewise, it could be an example, the fear of the dark or the effects of the burning sun at noon or, also, of diseases contracted by contaminated food.

Verses 7-8

Likewise, it is read, as a description of battle in verses 7 and 8, being able to deal with the promises that God made with Israel, and that, despite the vicissitudes that were produced to the Egyptians, nothing happened to the people of Israel. , since before them was the Angel of God, so that the way would be prepared.

Love of God – The Satisfied Life

It was announced by the Lord God, what would be done for him, to those who truly loved him and recognized him with their lives of obedience. Being that, the word that is translated as Love, is not the normal one, but it is the one that has the meaning of clinging, sticking or having a lot of passion.

Within those blessings, is that of liberation and protection, when it is said in the prayers Psalm 91, “I will put you on high”, indicating this company for difficult times, also giving honor, satisfaction and a long life.

Psalm 91 Guided Prayer. He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High

In the Psalm 91 Prayers, the Lord is asked to be protected during this day and covered with his wings, since only he knows the dangers and traps that come from the enemy, so he asks for guidance with his hand.

“He who dwells in the shadow of the Most High will dwell in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to Jehovah, my hope, my castle, my God, in whom I will trust».

“He will deliver you, from the snare that is the hunter, and also from the destructive plague, since with his feathers he will cover you, and under his wings you will then be safe. Being a shield and adarga the truth of him ».

So, it has not been allowed that, due to our foolishness, or lack of wisdom, the decisions to be made are wrong.

“Let our ideas be clear, cover us and protect us under your wings, as birds do with their chicks.”

That’s right, you will not fear then the terror that is nocturnal, nor the arrow that flies by day. Nor to pestilence, which is in the dark. Nor to the mortality that destroys in the middle of the day. According to the prayers Psalm 91.

Therefore Lord, deliver us from those people who are ill-intentioned, and from those false hearts, who seek our trust, with false smiles, or flattery, and various gifts, seeking to enslave us and move us away from your presence.


At your side a thousand will fall, and at your right hand ten thousand. But it won’t get to you. Well, certainly, with your eyes you will see. And the reward of the wicked will be seen by you.”

That is why we ask you Lord that we be covered with great health. With encouragement and physical strength and energy, so that our daily tasks are carried out in order to serve you at all times.

Just like our neighbor. That we dedicate time to fruitful projects, so as not to waste resources. May our word always be used for loving purposes, and not selfish or perverse. And let’s say the prayers Psalm 91.

“Because you have set Jehovah, who is my hope, as the Most High, no harm will come to you, nor will plague touch your dwelling.” That is promised in the Psalm 91 prayers.

We then intercede for those relatives of ours, as well as for friends and neighbors. May your hand be seen over our homes, and may your blessing enrich us from you, exalting your name. Like, may all hearts come to you, so that you change their lives.

“Well, he will send his angels near you, to guard you in all your ways, they will carry you in their hands, so that your foot does not stumble on a stone.”

So, we put in your beloved hands, everything that is a legal matter, as well as a situation, that is out of our reach. The same touches all those hearts, which are of authority. So send your angels to remove any obstacles. Also to take care of any trap that we cannot see, and that intends to harm us and harm us.

«On the lion and the asp you will tread; you will trample the lion’s cub, and also the dragon. As for me he has placed his love. I also have to release it. So I will put him on high, because he has been aware of my name ».

May our victory not be a reason for pride, in our hearts. And that, when looking at our defeated spiritual enemies, we should not think that we did it. Give us humility of heart. This gives us true strength, against any type of enemy. And may our Prayer Psalm 91 be heard.

I will deliver him and glorify him. I will satisfy him with long life, and I will show him my salvation».

So we are going to give you all the glory, and honor Beloved Father. For you have been the one who first loved us. Even without being saints, you cleansed us and forgave us, just as you also gave us victory, and happiness, as well as abundant blessing.

The most powerful prayer in the Universe

Connecting with God through the night prayer psalm 91 will surely provide you with the best rest, it is excellent for sleeping with all the protection and care, and waking up charged with the love of God, to deal with any situation that you’re passing Always recite Prayers Psalm 91. It will be your coat at any time.

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