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Santo Christian: Significado, biografía y etimología

Santo Christian , a young cook, devoted to God and Polish, who died along with other young people as martyrs and was named patron saint of the Polish nation. If you want to know why they died, he continues reading this article until the end.

holy Christian

Holy Christian , its translation would be “follower of Jesus”. Santo Christian along with other friends, Mateo, Benito, Santiago and Isaac, were preparing to evangelize and work for the conversion of their country to Christianity.

They had crossed from Italy to Poland, together with Santo Christian , and since they had no place to sleep, they decided to take refuge in the Kazimeierz forest, south of Gniezno.

These young men belonged to the orders of the Camaldolese and were excited because they would bring the word of God to men without neglecting any corner of the world.

One night, in November of the year 1003, while Santo Christian and the other young people were sleeping, some bandits who thought that they had a great treasure of value thought that to rob them it was better to kill them and thus leave no witnesses.

The next day, the bodies were buried by the inhabitants of the community and the word immediately spread that these young people had died as martyrs.

What is the meaning of this name?

Santo Christian has values ​​worthy of admiration: loving, dedicated to his partner, responsible, family. His name is related to a religious sense.

He is not afraid of challenges, people or anything, he is a person who likes adventures and experiences no matter how risky they are.


Santo Christian , every June 6 this young martyr is remembered and a party is celebrated on his day.

Christian variants

The name of Saint Christian has several variants, including:

  • Female: Christiana, Cristiane Cristina, Christiane, Cristiana and Christina.
  • Diminutive: Chris.

Known characters with this name

  • Christine (martyr)
  • Christian I (disambiguation).
  • Christian II (disambiguation).
  • Christian III of Denmark
  • Christian IV of Denmark
  • Christian V of Denmark
  • Christian VI of Denmark
  • Christian VII of Denmark
  • Christian VIII of Denmark
  • Christian IX of Denmark
  • Christian X of Denmark

 people with this name

  • Chretien de Troyes
  • Christian Bach, Argentine-Mexican actress
  • Christian Bale, British actor
  • Christian Benteke, professional soccer player
  • Christian Cage, professional wrestler.
  • Christian Chávez, Mexican actor and singer
  • Christian Cyrus, American fighter
  • Christian Dior, French fashion designer
  • Christian E. Christiansen
  • Christian Eriksen, Danish footballer
  • Christian Frei, President of the Swiss Film Academy
  • Christian Gálvez, Spanish actor and presenter
  • Christian Lacroix, French fashion designer
  • Christian Louboutin, shoe designer
  • Christian Meier Peruvian singer-songwriter and actor.
  • Christian Serratos, American actress
  • Christian Slater, American actor
  • Christian Vieri
  • Cristian Galvez, Spanish presenter
  • Cristhian Mora player of the Ecuadorian soccer team.
  • Christian Venegas
  • Cristian Castro, Mexican singer
  • Christian Chivu
  • Cristián de la Fuente, Chilean actor
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese footballer
  • Hans Christian Andersen, Danish writer and poet.

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