What are values? And its importance for life

What are values? And its importance for life

Values , have you ever heard of them? They are a set of skills and virtues that allow individuals with different ways of acting and thinking in a society to live together harmoniously and in peace.

The values

Values ​​are those principles that our fathers and mothers have instilled in us and make us act and think in a very particular way. Family values ​​define and guide the way in which we must act within society.

There is an implication of values ​​in the organizational culture that it is important that we adopt from childhood, so that when we are adults we become good men and women, upright and passionate about serving others and contributing our grain of sand.

Values ​​are not determined by race, religion, time, or even by our culture, because they are something very much ours, very personal. Our values ​​manage to stay through the years, and no matter where we go, they will remain intact.

An interesting question would be what are the intellectual values ? have you ever heard of them? Although these are not considered “universal”, they are also important: science, intelligence, wisdom, reason, memory.

The values ​​for preschool children are extremely significant, because at that age, they are barely in full formation, they are like a sponge, they imitate everything and never tire of learning and loving with all their hearts.

For example, it is important for a child at this age to know the values ​​of responsibility , what are ethical and moral values ? what are group values ​​? And what is each of them for?

Generating identification of values ​​in the social environment is vital in a child, so that he grows up and is a responsible adult, tolerant with the way of acting or thinking, different from his own.

A man, correct, who does not act with bad intentions, who knows how to distinguish between good and evil and always acts in good faith, who is always willing to serve others.

Have you ever wondered what are the values ​​of being ? We can define them as those that come “from within” and connect with our hearts, for example: honesty, love, justice, among others, that is, we are moved by a passion.

The values ​​are as many and as varied as a family, for example, do you know what the values ​​of law are ?

These are those that are inspired by compliance with the rules, positive law, among others, for example: justice, solidarity, the common good, respect, equality.

The most important values ​​for society

The nature of values ​​is quite particular, each one guides us and makes us move towards success, betting on good living and living well, all of us, at a micro level, as a community, and at a more macro level as a society.

There are characteristics of universal values ​​that are important to highlight, therefore, we want to explain each one of them, so that you understand that each one does not live without the other, they complement each other.

What are the intellectual values ? Those that are related to our intelligence, such as wisdom, for example, so we can also consider them extremely important.


It is the ability to appreciate, know how to recognize and value the value of others, understanding that we are all equal and no one is more or less than anyone else. We are all important, we have things to contribute, to say, so why not practice those values ​​that our parents have taught us?


Love is the most powerful force in the world and invites us to think about the benefit of the other, even more than our own. As we are social beings we constantly need relationships, otherwise we feel alone, empty, broken.


That wonderful value that makes us better people both individually and with society. A society without freedom is dictatorial, moreover, it violates one of our rights as citizens to be able to express ourselves freely.


We can define this value as the balance that must exist between satisfying our own and basic needs but also seeking the benefit of the group, contributing from our space.


Tolerance is accepting that not all of us think the same, however, in diversity lies the richness of learning, good ideas and joint projects for the benefit of all.


It refers to treating our brothers on equal terms, regardless of their race, color, political opinion or any other. If someone treats us well, we should reciprocate in the same way.


In short, it is to avoid conflicts always looking for the way in which all the parties involved feel satisfied.


Common benefit, coherence between what we are, what we say and what we do. Be transparent.


Basically, assume and fulfill our duties: tasks, work, commitments, among others.


Linked to perseverance in personal goals or joint projects. Stay true to our beliefs.

Ethical and moral values

Before developing this theme, perhaps it is important that we ask ourselves: how to put values ​​into practice ? What are moral values ​​good for ?

Moral values ​​are intimately related to our personality, to who we are and are important because they define how we act not only in our homes but also externally, that is, how we behave in society.

These moral values ​​can be modified over time by religious doctrines, fashions, generations, among others, unlike ethical values.

They are rather determined by society, which guides us and leads us to how we should behave and determines what is “well seen” or “badly seen”.

Why is it important to educate in values?

It is important to educate with values ​​since these are a kind of guide that allows us to differentiate what is correct from what is incorrect, both personally and as determined by society.

To be good men and women, it is important that we have well-defined values, because these will be the basis of who we are and how we act, including what do we contribute to others?

And not thinking from the self and the satisfaction of only my needs because acting in this way is being selfish.

The so-called values ​​are the basic pillars of every society, educating without them is almost impossible. If we want more developed, less conflictive and more productive countries, then educating with values ​​is the key to achieving it.

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