The Prayer to Bless the Business of your Life

The Prayer to Bless the Business of your Life

The purpose of the following article is not to pray to a specific saint, instead some Prayers to Bless the Business of your Life will be compiled, also to ask for the good health of our work endeavors and how to bring fortune to our surroundings. First we will place the Prayer and then a reflection on it.

Prayer to bless a business

Lord heavenly father, I come to you with great humility and with your generosity I ask you to help me increase sales. Bless this business that the clients multiply, increase the cash flow and make good investments, you, sir, know my needs. I ask you, Lord, that this day and every day you give us strength, health and energy to attend to the business, that the clients leave satisfied and that they return again to the premises that we sell at a fair price and good quality.

My Father, merciful God help me so that my business is strengthened and grows. I must pay all debts incurred. I have a lot of faith in you and I know that with your help I will get ahead, give me many clients every day so that my business prospers. My Lord, I am grateful without you nothing is possible. Make my business prosper a lot and the investment multiplies.

I ask you for love, abundance, prosperity to help my employees, by increasing sales, profits increase for all of us who work. I thank you for listening to my pleas, my pleas, my prayers. I am a favored being and I am very grateful for your blessing, sales have multiplied. I praise you Lord for all the favors granted. Bless us today and always, thank you beloved father I trusted you. Amen.


With this first paragraph of the prayer you can see how the prayer is not addressed to any saint, but directly to God the Father Almighty. He is asked with the best will through his blessing to allow us to improve the financial health of our business or enterprise. In this prayer, the fact that God is asked not only for the business to go well, but for our physical health to be able to manage it stands out.

In this second paragraph of the prayer you can see how God is asked for support not only in the spiritual, but also in the spiritual because we entrust our faith to him with the hope that he will hear us. We hope that the gentleman will send us a fairly prosperous clientele so that our business can grow, and his greatness is recognized by saying that with his absence nothing can be done.

Finally, in the last paragraph of the prayer, God is asked for abundance, this will serve to help our employees, those who depend directly on us. At the end of the prayer you can see how God is thanked for having fulfilled our request, this is because when the respective prayer is made, one has faith in the heart that through God everything is possible.

Prayer to Saint Matthew

Glorious Saint Matthew,
member of the holy family of the Apostles,
who with the help of the Mercy of the Most High 
managed to win peace on earth and glory in heaven;
you who, being a tax collector, 
did not hesitate to abandon everything
and followed the Master until the end of your earthly life;
that inspired by the Holy Spirit
after the Ascension of the Lord to Heaven you
proclaimed the Good News of his Word
and left us written in the Gospels:
“according to your faith, so will be the things that will happen to you”,
(Mt. 8, 15)
I sincerely ask you to intercede for me and pray to God that all He can
help me in my business.

(This part of the sentence is intended for you to put the name of your business or the business you plan to start and ask for its economic health)

I put all my faith in you,
I deposit my hopes and illusions 
and I trust in the mercy of the Lord, 
so that the investments I have made bear fruit soon. I know that it is possible to get out of this bad situation,
for this I need to increase the clientele and sales
to increase the income of money
and thus be able to face the payments that accumulate,
solve the economic problems of my family
and generate other jobs. for people who need it. I ask you for help so I can get:

(In this part of the prayer the desires we have for our business are placed, we must be specific with what we want to be manifested in it through the prayer)

Saint Matthew, glorious Evangelist,
in your hands I leave the smooth running of my business,
give me back the joy of seeing it prosper,
I will do my best in everything that depends on me,
and I will put all my effort and enthusiasm
to make it work perfectly, I will
offer very good quality in my products,
I will be courageous, attentive, patient and courteous
with those who come to buy
so that they leave satisfied and return soon. Saint Matthew, give me your blessings, clear and open my work paths to progress,
make luck accompany me, keep
envy and problems away from my business,
make sure there are no dislikes or complaints,
that everyone who enters it
feel well cared for and happy with your purchase,
and feel the need to return to my business;
make it prosper and have good benefits
to get out of ruin, live with dignity
and have peace and quiet
and so that you can give a part to the most needy. I ask this through Jesus Christ, our brother and Lord. Amen.

(To finish the prayer, three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories are prayed)


Unlike the previous prayer in which God was asked directly, in this one the request is made to Saint Matthew, reference is made to his past in which he was first a tax collector, but ended up being an apostle living at the style of Jesus Christ, it is shown how he decided to leave his word reflected in the verses of the Bible, this first paragraph closes with a request that he intercede for us before God.

In the second paragraph of the prayer you can see how we place all our trust in him, also trusting that he will serve as a mediator before Jesus Christ. In this prayer we recognize that we are going through a difficult situation, but we also recognize that with his help we can be better, and we not only ask for ourselves, but also for those employees that we have and depend on our business.

The final part of the sentence is a little longer, first of all, everything related to our business is left in your hands, you are also asked to give us joy again, but it is also important to note that in this sentence not only ask for the blessing, the effort that we as believers have to make in order to move forward is also highlighted.

Saint Matthew is asked for blessings, he is also asked to keep us away from everything that is harmful to our progress in business, envy, or bad energies, for example. We ask that our clients have the perfect experience when they arrive so that the business is profitable and therefore prosperous. At the end of this prayer, you can see how we commit ourselves to help those who need it in the name of Jesus.

Prayer to call customers

Oh- my father, heavenly father, listen to my prayers, my pleas, my pleas, I ask you, Lord, to attract more people to my business, that they buy, that they leave satisfied with what they bought and that they return, that the clientele increases and my income multiplies. and benefits that my business is successful and prosperous.

Lord, Almighty God, you who know everything and see everything in your name I ask you to increase my income, as well as my clients to be recommended for the care and service we provide. Help us, Lord, to pay the debts contracted so that we can move forward and be able to fulfill the commitments made.

Lord heavenly Father, all or the little I have I owe it to you my lord You are my guide and you are the one who attracts customers to my business. Open the paths and doors necessary to be a successful business recognized by all. I have great faith and hope that this year we will consolidate as a company.

I trust you because you have never let us down. I am grateful, sir, for how good and kind she has been to me. Because she has never forgotten us, you hear our prayers and prayers. I am your servant Lord. Amen


It can be seen how in this prayer again God the Almighty Father is asked, the main request made is that he hear our prayers and supplications, then he is asked to serve as a means for more people to go to our businesses, in addition to serve as a bridge for income and success to reach our business.

Then you can see how one of the infinite positive qualities that God has, the omnipotent and omniscient being, is recognized, through that, he is asked to make us grow the number of clients who visit us, in addition to helping us pay the bills. debts that for one reason or another we have and that it gives us its strength to be able to get ahead.

Then you can see how we thank and recognize God that everything we have is thanks to him, we entrust ourselves to him recognizing him as the one who guides our steps, we ask him to open the doors of success for us, also with a heart full of confidence in God we entrust ourselves to the task of consolidating our business thanks to his will.

In closing this prayer for business , we recognize that he would never leave us alone, we also thank him for the kindness he has had with us, we attribute all the good that has happened in our lives to him, we appreciate that he always remembers us and this is evidenced in his miracles, we end by declaring ourselves, his faithful servants.

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