Prayer to Our Lady The Virgin of Light

Prayer to Our Lady The Virgin of Light

You are going through hard times such as discussions, conflicts, problems and/or any other damage that is harming you in your daily, personal and work life, just ask through a Prayer to the Virgin of Light to remove all that darkness that consumes you for inside, that and more we will show you in this article in a clear and simple way everything related to the Virgen de la Luz.

Prayer to Our Lady Virgin of Light for Needs and Protection

Our Lady, Most Holy Virgin of Light,

full of grace and mercy,

Mother of our Lord and hope of men,

you are light that dissipates the shadow and the adversity of our lives;
you are the sweetness that delights the heart
and you are the powerful Mother in whom I hope and trust.

Angels of the heavenly homeland,
praise the Most Holy Mother of Light for me.
My tender Lady, on this day receive me as yours,
I will always be Lady, at your most holy feet;
I will give my heart the joy of greeting you,
and I will renew the love that I offer you from today.

Mother and Lady, admit my person from this moment
and give me your protection at all times and situations,
keep all danger away from me, save me , protect me, enlighten me, have mercy
on me, and do not allow me
to fall prey to the devil,
deliver me, keep me away from evil , diseases and enemies.

Pour over me the softest balm of your love,
make me bless you in all my actions and words
and call you Mother of Light;
and make that, always taking you with me, I
can reciprocate your Mother’s love and your favors
with my dedication, gratitude and adoration,
as a son does with his beloved mother.

Oh Mary! Blessed Virgin,
you know the needs I have,

That is why I beg you with all my heart: remedy them;
For the love of your beloved Son,
pray for me, look at me with compassion and help me:

(ask for what you want to get).

Our Lady of Light,
we beg you that with your valuable power of mediation
you get us what we hopefully ask for,
and ask God, our Lord,
to grant us perpetual health of soul and body,
free us from the sadness of present life
and enjoy eternal joys. Amen.

As an extra, if you want them to feel your call with greater intensity, while they embrace you and offer you their protection, you will have to offer them this prayer for 3 days in a row, and together with it pray the Hail, 3 Hail Marys and a Glory Be, in this way she It will transmit you the peace that you need so much, it will illuminate your path full of darkness and it will offer you its powerful protection for all kinds of evil.


Prayer in Desperate Cases

This prayer has as its main purpose to increase our faith, to be able to move forward, since after we pray this prayer faithfully believing that everything will improve, and when it receives an answer, the faith that we carry inside grows in an impressive way since it is like that miracle we are looking for and the Prayer to the Virgin of Light managed to bring it into our lives.

Prayer to the Virgin of Light, for every  Wednesday

Oh Most Holy Mother of Light, to implore your Kindness, reach me from your Divine Son, a great pain for my many sins, and a great hope in his Mercy, that he will forgive me and give me the grace to persevere in good.

I come to thank you for all the benefits that your kind hand has reached me from God our Lord, and I beg you to continue interceding for me. Extend your protective hand over all those who suffer some pain, who have sorrows and needs, come to her aid, be her guide, illuminate them with your heavenly light.

In particular I ask you, O Most Holy Mother of Light, to help all those in need, give your consolation to the sad, health to the sick, hope and repentance to sinners; I beg you, Most Holy Mother of Light, to continue taking with your blessed hand those who are in some danger of soul or body;

grant peace and a holy death to the dying; open the gates of heaven to the souls in Holy Purgatory; place in the basket where the hearts of the favorite souls are, my relatives, benefactors, friends and especially grant me that my soul always remains there feeling protected by your loving Heart.

Extend your protective hand over all those who suffer some pain, have sorrows or needs, come to their aid, be their guide, illuminate them with your Heavenly light.

In particular I commend you to….all their needs I place in your Mother’s Heart, so that if it suits the glory of God and the good of my soul, you may obtain for me this grace from your Jesus.

Make, Oh my Mother, that all Christians know you and love you more every day, so that one day, we will go with you to enjoy God in Heaven for all eternity.

So be it.

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