The Catholic Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha

The Catholic Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha

This article deals with the Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha , in which we intend to make known what the prayer is, the story about the Holy Child of Atocha, in addition to complementing the prayers with a brief analysis of the Prayer to the Child of Atocha .

Prayer to the Holy Child of Atocha

Clement and kind Infante of Atocha,
I come before you to tell you how much I love and need you, 
I want you to turn your merciful eyes towards me
And see the desperation and affliction that overwhelms me,
I have done everything in my power
But my problems are serious and I have not found a solution,
You who are so miraculous do not depart from me:
I ardently ask you to send me your assistance,
I urgently ask for comfort and help. 
Wise and Holy Child of Atocha,
Protector of all men,
Protection of the helpless,
and Divine healer of any disease. 
Most Powerful Holy Child: I greet you, I praise you on this day
and I offer you these prayers:

(In this part the prayer of three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories is made)

In memory of the journey you made
Incarnated in the most pure and immaculate entrails
Of your sweet and most kind Mother,
From the holy city of Jerusalem to Bethlehem.
For the faith I have in you, listen to my prayers, For the trust I place in you, Grant me what I humbly request:

(In this part of the prayer is where the request is made to the Santo Niño de Atocha).

I, who love you above all things,  I want to praise you without ceasing,
Together with the choirs of Cherubim and Seraphim,
Adorned with perfect wisdom. 
I hope, Precious Holy Child of Atocha, Happy response to my plea. 
I know that I will not leave you disconsolate, And that you will also grant me a good death,
In order to accompany you in the Bethlehem of Glory. 

(At the end of all of the above, a prayer of God Save you and a creed must be made, the Novena to the Holy Child of Atocha must be made with a heart full of faith for a period of 3 consecutive days)

Sentence Analysis

As can be seen, in the first paragraph, it begins by praising the positive qualities that the Santo Niño de Atocha has, it shows that he is a deity to whom to turn in times of need to provide a little help with his light. our darkness is asked to see for us and in this first paragraph basically the important thing is to recognize our shortcomings as imperfect beings to ask for their favor.

It can be seen how throughout this prayer not only the wisdom of the Santo Niño de Atocha is recognized, but also his figure as a protector of men and caretaker of those who are disabled, his power as a deity is recognized, he is he makes offerings not only of praises but also of prayers.

In the second paragraph of his prayer, mention is made of the great work that he did, it is recognized that he was the fruit of the womb of the Virgin Mary, that is why in this fragment of the prayer his figure is exalted, then his figure is recognized. journey from the great city of Jerusalem to the town of Bethlehem. Finally, he takes the opportunity to tell him that we have faith in him and for the same reason, we make a humble plea to him to help us.

In the last paragraph of the prayer, after having made the request to the Holy Child of Atocha, it is seen again how his figure is exalted, mention is also made of the heavenly choirs, especially the cherubim and seraphim. The wisdom and grace of these are highlighted, it is humbly asked that he have mercy on us and respond to our plea, it is also added that at the time of our death we will go to Bethlehem with him.

Who is the Holy Child of Atocha?

In many Spanish-speaking countries the prayer of the Novena to the Holy Child of Atocha is made , in this prayer the figure of Jesus Christ in his childhood years is exalted, that is why his representation is of a child. This prayer is usually used by many faithful to ask for the protection of each one of them and their loved ones, they also often make use of this prayer so that requests that seem impossible are granted.

He is invoked through his prayer to ask him to intervene for us, he is asked for help in those moments where we feel most lost, those moments in which we feel alone and cannot escape desolation. The Santo Niño de Atocha is commonly depicted as a boy dressed as if he were a peasant or pilgrim, he wears a long blue dress.

Countries where tribute is paid to the Santo Niño de Atocha

In Spain and throughout Latin America, the Santo Niño de Atocha has a very great importance, he is considered a savior or protector of all those who make pilgrimages, especially those who travel from country to country across borders. In Mexico he is paid great homage in the great Cathedral of San Juan de los Lagos and in the Basilica of Guadalupe through a pilgrimage.

Origin of the Novena to the Holy Child of Atocha

The historical period in which this prayer was discovered is believed to be around the 13th century, in the part of Spain that was under Moorish rule. During this time all the Christians were imprisoned in the town of Atocha, as punishment they were deprived of the necessary food to survive. Those who were imprisoned only hoped that the children of their family would bring them food.

As a result of this, rumors began to grow that there was a child different from the rest, this child carried with him a basket with food and a bottle of water, but that was not the most surprising thing, what left everyone speechless was that this source of food was inexhaustible, in addition, it came especially to those prisoners who did not have relatives who would send them the food necessary to live.

Those relatives who were in freedom went to the Holy Virgin of Atocha to thank, however, they all began to notice that although the shoes of the child she was holding in her arms were changed, they remained dirty, that is why Theories that this was a test of the God child helping the prisoners soon became popular.

Eventually the conflict with the Moors grew beyond the town of Atocha, those pilgrims who were near the town or on the roads claimed to have seen the child God, he tried to provide his company until they were safe from the Moors, it is for this reason that the pilgrims associated that child with the Christ Child.

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