The Venerable Saint Christina of Bolsen

The Venerable Saint Christina of Bolsen: Biography

In this article you can find the biography of Santa Cristina de Bolsen, which is extremely interesting and tells you how she became a virgin martyr. In addition, to recount the various situations that she had to go through, just for not denying her Catholic belief in the word of Almighty God.

Biography of Saint Christina of Bolsen

Cristina de Bolsen is a character of great importance within the Catholic religious doctrine. She where she has been known by the name Santa Cristina , which has an origin of the third century. It is also important to note that this figure has been venerated over the years by the Orthodox and Anglican churches. And it is because of these beliefs that a date has been established to celebrate the divinity of this martyr, which was established for July 24. Where they can pay tribute and thanks for the guidance and support that she has given to each devotee of her image.

Thanks to the writings that were made several centuries ago, it is how it has been possible to evidence and know about the life of Santa Cristina, where knowledge such as its origin has been captured. Which was in Tuscany. In addition, we can say that her father was called Urbano, a man who was characterized as a governor of the region where they were established. Whose character was very interesting and contained great hatred towards the people who followed the Christian church, being intolerant towards those individuals who are responsible for spreading the word of God through the towns.

However, Santa Cristina from a young age and with great use of reason was very curious about the Christian religion, which is why she was characterized as an investigative and intelligent girl. She having a great inspiration to fill her mind with new knowledge. Which was a great engine to go out into the streets of the place where she lived, to investigate even more about the life of Jesus. She persecuted the people who were in charge of preaching the messages of God to the other inhabitants. Which, she was very happy that she seemed so encouraged to know and ask questions about Jesus Christ.

Which became a daily custom, where Santa Cristina went every afternoon to talk with women who had a lot of knowledge about Jesus, about the miracles he performed and his guidelines that he dictated for the devotees of his faith. Thus, she was able to learn more about the persecution that Jesus Christ experienced just by being faithful to his beliefs. And what caught his attention the most was her firmness, she never gave up on her. Also, he loved her as much as she was kind and caring, always seeing the bright side in people regardless of the past.

For this reason, Santa Cristina made the important decision to become a Christian under the regiments of the Catholic Church. Whose first step to be part of it was to perform the sacrament of baptism. Which she was able to fulfill with the help of the devoted women. It must be clarified that this entire stage of her entry into religion was carried out in a hidden way, since her father was not a believer in the stories or acts in the name of God. However, that did not prevent Cristina from becoming a better person or truly believing in the word of Jesus Christ.

Thus, little by little, his devotion to our Lord grew, with which he was able to obtain great strength to help his neighbor without expecting anything in return. One of her most outstanding events was a very peculiar situation that occurred in his home. Since his father, Urbano, had several figures of the idols that he followed, he grabbed them and broke each of them to take them to the poorest inhabitants of his town so that he could use them at his convenience. Which greatly helped the precarious situation in which these individuals found themselves.

When this action occurred, the father realized that his daughter was a faithful follower of the Christians. Which took him by surprise and broke his heart. Well, he could not believe how it was possible that within his own family there was a devotee to Jesus. Which aroused within him a lot of fury and hatred, whose feelings were transmitted towards Santa Cristina in the worst ways, even worse than how she did it with the other believers of the Catholic doctrine. Thus, Urbano, with his power as governor, used his influence to punish his eldest daughter in a very painful way with harsh lashes so that she would repent of what he had done.

The purpose of this severe punishment was so that she would stop being a faithful follower of Jesus and his word. However, Ella Santa Cristina did not leave behind or deny her vocation, which was to be a spokesperson for God’s guidelines towards all the inhabitants as well as to be a helper to the most needy being. That was when the hatred grew even more in Urbano of her and she decides to lock her in a jail, leaving her to go cold and hungry for several days. But she didn’t work out either, since she didn’t get a change of perspective from her daughter. It is also important to note that, while Cristina was in that dark and wounded place, several angelic entities healed her.

After a while, Urbano, observing that Cristina would not change her way of thinking, had to resort to one last punishment, death. Since he could not accept that his own family deceived him or derailed from the ideals for which he was formed. Then, he ordered a large and heavy stone to be tied to him. Next act, the men under his command, threw her into a lake, so that she would drown in the depths of the water, she and her Christian thoughts of her. But, at that moment some precious angels came down to earth, which were able to get Cristina out of that situation, leaving her on the shore alive.

That same night after spending such a deplorable action on the part of Urbano, he decides to go to bed. At that moment he loses his breath and dies in his home. It was a completely successful and fair event in the eyes of the inhabitants who believe in God. Well, they didn’t share the idea of ​​the punishments that he carried out on such a sweet girl, she being a good person. She did not deserve to be treated as she was, much less by her own father. But this is how the most difficult and shocking situation in Cristina’s life unfolded, which gave her the first inkling to become a martyr.

This is how Santa Cristina led her short life , because when she revived from that horrible situation she found the death of her father. But in turn, with a new governor. Which decided to continue with the punishments towards her so that Urbano could rest in peace, and so it was. They tortured poor Cristina in a thousand ways and with evil ideas. Although, in each scenario there was help from angels entrusted by Almighty God in order to demonstrate that each person who believes in his word, and never denies it, will be helped as many times as necessary. Well, devotion grants great divine protection.

In this way, Cristina was taken to the temple of Apollo so that she would surrender as a sacrifice for the population. But the great figure of that idol collapsed, covering with her fall the new governor who tortured the young girl so much. However, the story did not end there. Well, the third governor appears and continues with the plan of the deceased, to make Santa Cristina desist from her Christian ideals. He believed that everything was about magic, so he chose to use other stronger mechanisms to end this situation once and for all.

Thus, this governor devoted himself to putting her in a hot oven for seven days so that she would burn to death. it didn’t work He took her to a dark cage full of poisonous reptiles. it didn’t work He commanded him to cut out his tongue so that he could not sing or recite any kind of word that praised Jesus Christ. it didn’t work It is in this way that the power and the great divinity that exists in the kingdom of heaven has been present on earth for the faithful believers of its sacraments and miracles. At no time did he leave Cristina alone, a fact that made her faith grow more and more.

However, there was one last act to condemn Cristina and she was tied to a tree trunk, all the Romans were placed in position and they shot arrows towards the body of the sweet girl. It is that moment, where she asks Jesus Christ to let him die there, and so it was. She becoming in this way a faithful martyr towards all the word of God. In addition, she served as a great example of the power that the Lord has, which helped a stronger devotion for the inhabitants who witnessed each event. And being them, who were spreading in the world through the years how incredibly mature, strong and loyal Santa Cristina was .

Becoming a virgin martyr, and a great example in the Catholic Church today. Well, in her you can see the traits of a good Christian and the love she had for the word of Almighty God. She gained from the beginning of her death, the devotion of many people, who admired the great values ​​that she had for her, even though her father had been the opposite. Well, Santa Cristina has been evolving in the Catholic doctrine and serving as a woman of great example for people who doubt their faith towards Jesus, because in her they will always see the loyalty, kindness and love that the angels gave her to get ahead in life. every difficult situation.

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