The most popular Miracles of the Lord Jesus

The Miracles of Jesus are a series of events that happened during the life of Jesus in this world. In the following article we will know what the miracles of Jesus were as well as the prodigies that our beloved Savior came to perform during his life before giving his life for love of all humanity.

The Miracles of Jesus

The miracles of Jesus are supernatural events that are attributed to the Lord Jesus Christ in the course of his entire earthly life and that have come to be collected in the 4 canonical Gospels. These types of miracles of Jesus can be classified into about 4 groups:

  • The Cures
  • Expulsion of Demons
  • The Resurrection of the Dead
  • Control Over Nature

The exact number of all the miracles will depend on how miracles are usually counted, for example, in the case of the miracle of the daughter of Jairus, where a woman is healed and a girl is resurrected, however, the 2 events end up being narrated in the same paragraphs of the Gospels, and generally together. These symbolic facts, such as the fact that the girl was about 12 years old and that the woman had become ill over the course of about 12 years, have been the subject of different interpretations.

The Miracles of Jesus came to cause the indignation of all the scribes and also of the teachers of the law. For that reason, the scribes, the Pharisees and the other contemporaries of his came to attribute them to a kind of conspiracy with Beelzebub. Jesus vigorously defended himself against these accusations.

According to the Gospel accounts, Jesus not only came to have the power to expel demons, but he also came to transmit that same power to his followers, the disciples. It is even mentioned the case of a man who, without being a a follower of Jesus, he managed to expel demons successfully in his name.

In the same way, what is written in the book of Matthew 11: 20-24, Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum also called Capernaum, become the cities where Jesus performed most of all his miracles, because they still did not repent of all their sins.

The book of John 14:10-14 says, Jesus asks all his apostles to believe because of those works because it is the Father who is the Lord God who performs them in him. Likewise, he tells them that whatever they ask of the Father in his name he will do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. Now we are going to present to you all the listed miracles of Jesus .

Miracles in the Canonical Gospels

Now we are going to see what were all the miracles of Jesus who is our beloved Lord who came to perform and that are written in the canonical gospels.

Twenty-Four Miracles of Healing

The miracles of Jesus that were counted in the canonical gospels reach a total of 24, which are distributed as follows:

Seven Cures of Unclean Spirits

In these passages it can be observed that even the demons prostrate themselves before the Lord Jesus, just as they obey him and recognize him as the Holy Son of God. Among the miracles of Jesus of Cures or Expulsion of demons are the following:

The Cure of a Possessed

When he reached the other shore, in the region of the Gadarenes, he was met by two demon-possessed who came out of the tombs, so furious that no one could walk that way. At that moment they began to shout saying: What do we have to do with you, Son of God? Have you come here before the time to torment us?

There was a huge herd of pigs grazing far away from them. The demons begged him saying to the lord: If you expel us, please send us to the herd of pigs. So he answered them: Go. And they went out and entered all the pigs. Then the whole herd began to run with impetus down the slope towards the sea and perished in the water because of the torment of the demons who called themselves Legion.

The Faith of the Canaanite Woman

The Lord Jesus was leaving there, he went to the region of Tire and Sidon. And behold, a woman who was of Canaanite origin who had come out of that region cried out to him, saying: Lord, Son of David, please have mercy on me! My daughter is severely tormented by a demon.

However, the Lord Jesus did not answer him a word. Then approaching his disciples, they begged him, saying: Please teacher, send her away, because she cries after us. He answering, said to them: I am not sent but to the sheep that are lost of the house of Israel. So at that moment she came and prostrated herself before him, saying: Lord, please help me! Answering him, she said to him: It is not good to take the bread of the children, and throw it to the little dogs.

Hearing, she said to him: Yes, Lord; however, even little dogs can eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table. Then answering the Lord Jesus, he said to her: O woman, truly great is your faith; be done with you as you want. And in that instant her daughter was healed from that hour.

Jesus Heals a Demon Possessed Boy

The next day, when they came down from the mountain, a huge crowd came out to meet them. And behold, a man from the crowd cried out saying: Master, please see my son, for he is the only son I have; and it happens that a spirit has taken hold of him, and suddenly he cries out loud, and shakes him with great violence, and makes him foam at the mouth, and spoiling him, he hardly gets away from it. And I begged your disciples to throw him out, and they couldn’t.

Answering Jesus, he said to him: O unbelieving generation and also perverse! How long shall I be with you all, and bear you? Bring me your son. And as the boy approached, the demon knocked him down and began to shake him with great violence; however, Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the boy, and returned him to his father again. Then all the disciples came to Jesus apart and said to him: Why couldn’t we cast him out, teacher?

Jesus said to them: Because of their little faith; because truly I tell you, that if they have faith as a grain of mustard, and they will say to this mountain: Move from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for them. But this type of gender does not come out except with prayer and fasting.

Apart from the miracles of Jesus of expelling demons, the Lord Jesus also came to perform another 4 more miracles that were:

The mute

The people were amazed and all the Pharisees came to affirm that it was thanks to the prince of demons that Jesus could perform his exorcisms. For what Jesus said that a divided kingdom does not prosper since it can perhaps among the same demons get into a body and by the same expel it out?

The one in the Capernaum Synagogue

While the Lord Jesus was teaching in the synagogues, there was in that place a man who had been taken by an unclean spirit who cried out saying to Jesus: What does Jesus of Nazareth have with us? So the lord told him: Shut up and get out of it. At that moment the unclean spirit came out of him and everyone was amazed saying what kind of new doctrine this becomes that even the unclean spirits obey him.

Mary Magdalene and the Other Women

Mary Magdalene was a woman whom the Lord Jesus expelled about 7 demons when she was being tormented by them. Apart from them there were also other women such as a woman named Juana, who was the wife of Chuza, Herod’s mayor, and also a woman named Susana from whom he expelled unclean spirits.

Five Cures of Paralytics

Other of the miracles of Jesus were the 5 cures of the paralytics which are:

The Healing of a Paralytic

The lord got into a boat, crossed the sea again and reached his city. So, they introduced him to a paralyzed man who was lying on a stretcher. When Jesus saw the faith of all of them, he said to the paralytic: Have confidence, my son, your sins have been forgiven you. Then some of the scribes even said to themselves: This blasphemer. Knowing the Lord his thoughts, he said to him: Why do you think evil in your hearts?

What is easier to say: Your sins are forgiven you, or to say: get up and walk? So that you may know that the Son of Man is the one who has power on earth to forgive sins, he then addressed the paralyzed man, and told him to get up, pick up your stretcher and go home. He got up and went to his house. Seeing all this, the people were frightened and also glorified God for having come to give such power to men.

The Man with the Withered Hand

Because of this miracle all the Pharisees were enraged and also murmured planning the destruction of Jesus. Passing from that place, he came to their synagogue. And behold, there was one in that place who had a withered hand; and they asked Jesus, to be able to accuse him: Is it lawful to come to heal on the Sabbath?

For what he said to them: What man will there be of you, who has a sheep, and if it fell into a hole on the Sabbath, will you not help him get up? For how much more is a man worth than a sheep? Therefore, it is lawful to get to do good on the Sabbath.

Then he said to that man: Extend your hand. And he stretched it out, and at that moment his hand was restored as well as the other. And when the Pharisees came out, they had a council against Jesus in order to destroy him.

The Stooped Woman

In the Synagogue there was a woman who was bent over and could not straighten up, this kind of healing took place on a Saturday, which is the day of rest and in a synagogue, for which the Lord Jesus came to be criticized . When Jesus saw her, he called her and said: Woman, you are free from your disease. And he laid her hands on her; so she straightened up afterwards, and she glorified God at all times.

The Man Who Was Healed on the Sabbath

There was a man in the regions of Jerusalem, this man had been sick for about 38 years and came to be healed one Saturday in a pool that was called Bethesda in the Hebrew language.

The Centurion’s Servant in Capernaum

Once upon a time there was a servant of a Centurion who was healed from a distance by request and thanks to the centurion’s faith. It is not very clear if the one related in the Gospel of John becomes the same miracle, since the beneficiary in this case is the son of a courtier, despite the fact that the details of the narration become almost identical.

Four Healings of the Blind

Another of the miracles of Jesus became the 4 healings of the blind which are the following:

Blind Bartimaeus Receives His Sight

So it happened that as Jesus approached the regions of Jericho, a man named Bartimaeus, a blind man who was sitting by the road begging; and hearing the crowd passing by, he asked someone what it was. And they told him that Jesus Nazarene was passing by. Then he cried out loudly, saying: Jesus, Son of David, please have mercy on me!

And those who went before rebuked him so that he would be silent; however, he cried out much louder: Son of David, please have mercy on me! Jesus then, stopped, ordered to bring him to his presence; and by the time he arrived, he asked him, saying: What do you want me to do for you this day? And he said: Lord, please receive your sight. Jesus said to him: Receive it, your faith has saved you. And then he saw, and followed him, always glorifying God; and all the people, when he observed that, gave praise to the eternal God.

The Healing of a Blind

They arrive in the regions of Bethsaida and bring him a blind man who was begging him to touch him. Taking the blind man by the hand, he led him out of the village, and putting saliva in each of his eyes, he laid his hands on him and asked: Can you see anything? And looking up he said: I see men as walking trees. Then he put his hands over his eyes again, and he began to see and was healed, so that he saw all things much more clearly.

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

As Jesus passed by, he saw a man who had been blind from birth. And some of his disciples asked him, saying, Rabbi, who sinned, this man or were his parents, that he was born blind?

Then Jesus answered him: It is not that this man sinned, nor his parents, but so that the works of God must be manifested in him. Therefore it is necessary for me to do the works of the one who has sent me. While I am in the world, which I am light of the world. Saying this, he spit on the ground, and made mud with his saliva, and anointed the blind man’s eyes with mud, and said to him: Go wash yourself in the Siloam pool (which in its translation is, Envoy). So this man went, and washed, and came back seeing.

The Blind of Capernaum

He also came to heal about 2 blind men who were in the regions of Capernaum, you can see this in the book of Matthew 9:27-31.

Two Healings of Lepers

There were also some 2 healings of leper cases which are the following:

The Healing of a Leper

When he got down from the mountain, a huge crowd followed him. At this, a man who was a leper approached him, prostrated himself before him and said: Lord, please if you want, you can cleanse me. And the Lord Jesus stretching out his hand, touched him saying: I want to, it is clean. And instantly this man was cleansed from leprosy.

Ten Lepers are Cleansed

As Jesus went to the regions of Jerusalem, He passed between the areas of Samaria and Galilee. And as he entered a village, about 10 leprous men came out to meet him, who came to stand from afar and raised their voices, saying: Jesus, Master, please have mercy on us!

When he saw them, he said to them: go, show yourselves to the priests. And it came to pass that as long as they went, they were clean. Then only 1 of them, seeing that he had been healed, returned, glorifying God with a loud voice, and prostrated himself with his face on the ground at his feet, giving him thanks; and this one was a Samaritan. Then answering Jesus, he said to him: Weren’t you 10 that were cleansed? And the nine, where are they? Was there no one who returned and gave glory to God except this one who is a foreigner? And he said to him: Get up, go; your faith has saved you.

Six Other Cures

There were also about 6 more healings that can be counted as part of the Miracles of Jesus, which become the following:

The Woman Who Touches the Mantle

Here is a woman who had been sick with a flow of blood for about 12 years, she approached him from behind and touched the edge of his cloak, because she said within her: That if I only touched the edge of his cloak I would achieve be healed However, the Lord Jesus, turning from her and looking at her, said: Take courage, daughter; your faith has saved you. And the woman became saved from that very moment.

Jesus Heals a Deaf and Dumb

Leaving the region of Tire again, he walked through the region of Sidon to the Sea of ​​Galilee, passing through the region of Decapolis. And they brought before him a deaf and stuttering man, and they begged him to please lay his hand on him. And taking him apart from the crowd, he put his fingers into his ears, and spitting, touched his tongue; and also raising his eyes to heaven, he groaned, and said to him: Efata, which means: Be open. Immediately his ears were opened, and the tie of his tongue was also loosed, and from that time he spoke well.

Jesus Heals the King’s Officer’s Son

So the Lord Jesus came again to Cana in Galilee, where he had managed to turn water into wine. And there was in the areas of Capernaum an official of the king, whose son was sick. When he heard that Jesus had come from Judea to Galilee, he came to him and begged him to please come down and heal his son, who was about to die.

Because of what Jesus told him: Unless you see the signs and wonders, you will not believe. The king’s officer said to him: Lord, please come down before my son dies. Jesus said to him: Go, your son lives. And the man believed the word that the Lord Jesus said to him, and he left.

When he was already descending, his servants came out to receive him, and they told him, saying: Your son lives. He then asked them what time he had started to get better. And they told him: Yesterday at seven the fever left him.

Pedro’s mother-in-law is healthy

Another of Jesus’ miracles was that he healed Peter’s mother-in-law from a fever she had.

the hydropic

This kind of healing came to be performed on a Sabbath day in the home of one of the leading Pharisees.

The Ear of Malchus

This was the miracle of Jesus when he put back the ear of one of the officials of the Pharisees who had lost it because Peter cut it off with his sword at the time they were learning the Lord Jesus.

Heals Made in a Generic Way

On the other hand, in addition to the previous healings that have been mentioned, there are biblical passages that refer to moments in which Jesus came to cure different diseases in a generic way. Some 5 are mentioned, which are:

  • Touring Galilee (You can see it in the book of Matthew. 4:23-25).
  • At Sunset (This can be visualized in the Book of Matthew 8:16-17).
  • By the Sea of ​​Galilee (You can find it in the book of Matthew 15:29-31).
  • In the Temple (Look up the Bible passage for Matthew 21:14-15).
  • When He Retires to the Sea with His Disciples (You can see it in the book of Mark 3:7-12).

Miracles Over Nature

Jesus came to work in the same way, according to the gospels, about 10 prodigies of a natural type, in which the obedience of natural forces to his authority is revealed.

The calm storm

This was the moment when Jesus got into a boat with the 12 disciples and being in the sea he himself began to be impetuous, moving the boat from one side to another, everyone was distressed and the Lord was sleeping. Waking up, the Lord Jesus stood at the end of the boat and ordered the wind to calm down and the waters to calm down, so that was what happened.

walk on water

Before getting on the boat Jesus commanded his disciples to get on the boat and go ahead to the other shore, meanwhile he went to pray on the mountain. When night came, the disciples were already very far from the shore because the wind had moved them away since it was strong. Then seeing that something was approaching the boat walking on top of the waters they got scared saying: It’s a ghost.

Immediately the Lord answered them: Do not fear, it is I, then when Peter saw that the Lord Jesus was above the waters, he said to him: Lord, if it is you, send me to come to you, and the Lord said to him: Come. So Pedro got off the boat and started walking towards the man, but when he saw that the wind was strong he began to sink and shouted, Lord, save me. Jesus grabbed him by the arm and said to him: Man of little faith, why have you doubted? And when they got into the boat the wind died down.

Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes

This was the moment when the Lord Jesus, being in front of a large crowd, the disciples told him to send them away so that they could go to their cities to eat more, the Lord gave the order that they themselves feed them, but they only had 5 loaves and 2 fish, for which he ordered that they be brought to him and praying to the Lord, he blessed them and distributed them, managing to feed some 5,000 men, not counting the women and children.

Jesus Attends a Crowd

This was a time when a large crowd came to him and he took pity on all of them and taught them and also began to heal all the sick, and free the oppressed from their chains.

Conversion of Water into Wine (The Wedding at Cana)

This was a moment when Jesus went to the Wedding at Cana and having finished the wine, Jesus’ mother told the servants to do whatever he says, so the Lord commanded that they bring some full jars of water and when They brought them the same were converted into the best wine.

Four Miracles on Resurrection

There were also about 4 miracles of Jesus which consist of the realization of the resurrection of people and himself. Among the miracles of Jesus are the following:

The Resurrection of the Daughter of Jairus

One of the leaders of the synagogue called Jairus comes and, seeing him, throws himself at the feet of Jesus, and begs him with great insistence saying: my daughter is in the last. Please come from her, place your hands on her so that she is saved from her and lives from her. He was still talking when suddenly some servants entered the house of the head of the synagogue saying: Your daughter is dead; Why bother the Master? Upon hearing these words, Jesus tells the head of the synagogue: Don’t be afraid, just have faith.

They arrive at the house of the head of the synagogue, and he sees all the commotion, and those who were crying and the mourners. And when he enters, he says to them: Why are you making a fuss and are you crying? The girl is not dead, she is just sleeping. He, making everyone leave the room, takes with him the father and mother of the girl and all those who accompanied him, and enters where the little girl was. And taking the girl’s hand, he tells her: Talita qumi, which in its translation means: Girl, I tell you, get up. And immediately the girl got up and began to walk, because she was only about 12 years old.

The Resurrection of Lazarus

There was a sick man named Lázaro, from Betania, the village of María and also from her sister Marta. Mary was the woman who anointed the Lord with perfume and dried his feet with her hair; her brother Lazarus had become ill. So the sisters sent him this message: Lord, look, the one you love is sick.

Hearing it, Jesus said: This disease does not become death, but for the glory of God, so that by it the Son of God may be glorified. Jesus, moved again, went to the tomb. It was a cave that was covered with a stone. Jesus said: Roll away the stone. Marta, who was the deceased’s sister, told him: Oh my Lord, this one already stinks, because it has been around 4 days.

Jesus said to him: Have I not told you that if you truly believe you will see the glory of God? So they removed the stone. Jesus, raising his eyes to heaven, said: Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I knew that you always listen to me, however, I have said it for the crowd that is around, so that they believe that you are the one who sent me. And after saying this, he cried out in a loud voice: Lazarus, come out! And the one who was dead came out bound hand and foot with bandages, and his face was wrapped with a shroud. So Jesus said to them: Untie him and let him go.

The Son of the Widow of the City of Nain

Then it came to pass, that he was going to the city called Nain, and with him were many of his disciples, and a great multitude. When he came near the gate of the city, behold, a dead man was being carried to be buried, he was an only son of his mother, who was also a widow; and there was with her a great number of people from the city.

And when the Lord saw her, he took pity on her, so he said to her: Do not cry. And approaching, it was when he touched the coffin; and those who were carrying him stood up. And he said to him: Young man, I say to you, get up. Then the one who had died got up, and he began to speak. And he gave it to his mother.

The Resurrection of Jesus

The Resurrection of Jesus is the one that represents the definitive triumph over death, because “once risen from the dead, he no longer dies; from now on death has no power over him” this is what the book of Romans 6:9 says.

The mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene went to the sepulcher of the Lord Jesus to bring perfumes that they had come to prepare. However, they found that it was open with the stone moved and when they saw the body of the man inside, it was not just the bandages and the shroud.

They ran to the 11 apostles to tell him what had happened and going out in the direction of the cave were Simon Peter and John the beloved disciple. Arriving one first, he saw that it was completely empty when the second arrived, he saw the same thing. Some angels appeared to the women who asked them who they were looking for, then they told them that the one they were looking for is not among the dead because he has risen as he had said that on the third day he would rise defeating death.

Miracles in the Apocryphal Gospels

The Resurrection of the rich young man this becomes a fragment of the secret Gospel of Mark Jesus taught this young man the secrets of the Kingdom of God. This is a list of the Miracles of Jesus . made in his childhood.

Infancy Gospel of Thomas

These were some of the miracles of Jesus that were performed during his childhood according to what the Gospel of Saint Thomas says. This becomes one of the images of Jesus’ miracles .

  • The Sparrows made with Clay: It is read that the Lord Jesus at the age of 5 years came to give life to about 12 sparrows that were made with clay on a Saturday.
  • The Resurrection of the Fallen Child on a Terrace: They come to accuse the Lord Jesus of having caused a child to fall and that later Jesus resurrects him.
  • The Resurrection of the Young Man who Cut Wood: He bled to death when he cut the sole of his foot with an axe, Jesus resurrected him and all the crowds were amazed and came to admire him.
  • Jesus at the Fountain: Jesus was only 6 years old.
  • Multiplication of the Grain of Wheat: Jesus was 8 years old and came to feed all the poor people of the village when he came to collect and grind the sowing of 1 grain of wheat.
  • Miracle of the 2 Pieces of a Bed: Jesus is the one who helps his father Joseph with the task of making a bed.
  • Sick Jesus and Heals his Second Master : Joseph took him to his master, whom Jesus came to curse because he hit him on the head. Then he came to heal him upon hearing the good testimony that his third teacher came to say about him.
  • Heals Jacob from the Bite of a Viper: The viper came to bite Jacob in the hand, so Jesus blew on his wound and the viper was dead.
  • Resurrection of a Child: Jesus came to take him by the chest and ordered him to revive. He was a boy from his neighborhood.
  • Resurrection of a Man: The man came to resurrect and worshiped him and also all the people were impressed by this miracle that Jesus had performed.

All these came to be the Miracles that Jesus did , during his life on this earth from his childhood according to what the Catholic religion says until adulthood as recounted in the gospels of the word of God.

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