Learn all about the Prayer to God asking for a miracle of healing, here

Learn all about the Prayer to God asking for a miracle of healing, here

Miracles are seen every day in our walk, one of the things that most favors the Christian apart from his Faith, is Prayer. He knows in the following Post everything about miracles and the Prayer to God asking for a miracle of healing.

Prayer to God asking for a miracle of healing

Heavenly Father, Creator God of the Universe,

Producer of paradise and earth,

Today I beg you to listen to my requests,

I ask you, my God, reward this supernatural request in my life

And for those who need it.

I am here, Lord, brimming with expectation and happiness.

My stress is fading Lord,

Since I believe you will complete a supernatural event in my life,

I ask you, Lord,

Clarify the reason and do what is necessary to vitalize my body.

For sure, my God.

I know you will heal my body.

I feel your essence God.

Teach me  to wait on you

To value your safety and unqualified love.

To have peace, thanks to you, my God.

I know that your love is perfect,  unique

And irreplaceable.

I know I’m in good hands, since,

I am your son, Lord, and I realize that you,

As a loving Father you seem to be,

You answer my needs.

I feel that wonder appears in my life Lord,

I trust you indiscriminately, my God.

Also, I realize that the wonder is going to happen,

I thank you from you God

You will never let me down.

Father God Almighty, source of comfort and comfort,

you said “I am the God who gives you well-being”.

We come to you at this time when, through illness,

We experience the delicacy of our bodies.

Show kindness, Lord of people who have no quality,

Return to wellness and heal us.

Wrap us in your perfection.

Purifies our organism and allows Health and well-being to vivify our being.

I declare with my mouth that my miracle is done and I am free.

We request this in the name of his Son Jesus Christ, of the Holy Spirit, and You my perfect God.

So shall,

So be it, amen.

When to do it?

This Prayer is relative, it means that we can ask the Father at any time of the day. At any point, it is necessary to feel the closeness of God, intervene and restore us with great well-being and request recovery for our illnesses or those of our relatives, colleagues or neighbors.

At any time we deem appropriate, we can make a request and ask God for our miracle. In this way, you will be able to recover Health from him with a well-being request.

Why do it?

Well-being is one of the themes that is constantly present in our prayers. In addition, it will depend on our physical and enthusiastic prosperity so that we can complete a full life.

On the off chance that you are currently experiencing medical issues or essentially the person whose well-being is disrupted is a relative or very close friend or family member, chances are you will make it your top priority to apply for its restoration.

Prayer is the request to request God’s assistance when we have a medical problem. And, furthermore, when we are weakened, tired, sick, or when a relative or a colleague is in these conditions. Sometimes when we need God’s help, he is there to help us.

Do miracles exist?

We can rest assured in the confidence that God, who is the God of supernatural events, hears our pleas. He is an almighty God, who does as only he can. Who is the human being to tell God how he should act? It is there where miracles take place.

In many stories of the bible, miracles performed by the Father of heaven are described, in men whose hearts believed in his truth and his divinity to heal. For example:

In John chapter 5 tells the story of a man who found himself bedridden for at least 38 years and despite this time he believed in his heart that he could be healthy and he was.

Another similar case, but one of great commitment, was when Jesus himself put his fingers in the ears of a man who had hearing problems and it was tragic for him. At that moment, Jesus said that his eyes should be opened and they were opened.

One of the disciples told a man who had been incapacitated for a long time: “Jesus Christ recovers you, get up and make your bed!” At that moment he got up immediately. (Acts 9: 32-35)

“Numerous signs and signs were made in the general population…Also, the individuals who trusted in the Lord spread more, the same number of men as women.” (Acts 5: 12-15)

Confidence in an Almighty God

At the beginning of Christianity, when the Church was just being manufactured, God used wonders like these to garner trust. Be that as it may, the shared factor in each of these supernatural events resides in the most credible term such as Trust.

No remedy can happen without trust in God, who is almighty to spare. Jesus told the lady that he got in touch with the edge of her tunic so they could retrieve it: “It is because your faith, your trust has saved you; go in harmony and stay from your dwelling place!”

God is equally innovative to repair the time we live in right now. Malachi expresses it: “For I, the Lord, have not changed.” Through Him a power similar to the above is accessible. (See Article: Prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible )

An unadulterated heart before God

Jesus says: “Would anyone say that someone is weak among you? Call the elders of the congregation and ask God for him, blessing him with oil for the sake of the Lord. Also, the supplication of trust will save the weakened, and the Lord will resurrect him, and in case he has committed sins, they will be excused.

“Admit your offenses, and ask God that they can be repaired.” It is one of the things that perhaps God demands the most, the powerful appeal of fairness can do it”. James 5: 14-16.

“Admit your offenses to each other and appeal to God that you may be made right.” Let the light of God shine in your life. You know if you are immaculate before God, or if you have the possibility of deliberately hiding something that you are not willing to give up “

There can be no recovery if there is any hidden sin. Staying whole and away from bad actions can bring remedy. However, it is not something absolute since it is defined that admitting the sin does not ensure recovery but it does help to have a much closer communication with the father.

Miracles are everywhere, that is why God demands search and fear on the part of human beings. He delights when they are kept in purity and integrity. That goes for God.

The disease, whatever it may be, is never a motivation to blame someone for being unjustifiable, apart from oneself. This incorporates both the physical problem and the mental problem. You can destroy yourself with the question: “For what reason does God reject me in this way? What am I doing wrong?” Is not always that way.

God hears our requests

The Christian goes to God because without a doubt he needs him. But it should be noted that God does not respond according to our whims but according to his will. It may be that what we believe is necessary for us may not be for him at all.

Illness can lead to a wide range of emotions. Among them Restlessness, tension, grunting, etc. Given the possibility that we use these opportunities to avoid these faults, at that time God can complete a work in us that would not have occurred while we were healthy.

The disease overwhelms you, stagnates you and sometimes locks you in a vicious circle without being able to do more. That is why emphasis is placed on the importance of praying to God asking for a miracle of healing. Not only for your friends or family but also for those who are not blood relatives with you.

We have a God who adjusts to our pleas and is not interested in how big the problems may be. That means, you can freely come to him and have faith in the God of supernatural events.

Importance of faith in miracles

The concept of Health is framed as well-being and as a condition of complete physical, mental and social prosperity. In other words, the definition goes far beyond the absence of disease. In this declaration of the Organization, the part of trust or faith as a quality was excluded.

Even though they have excluded the term faith from healing. Many experts have shown the importance of trust in the recovery procedure. When you have confidence, there is conviction in the treatment, in the medical procedure and in everything that includes the recovery of well-being; at the same time, the most important thing is that there is confidence in the intensity of God in giving the solution when everything seems to be lost.

One of the explorations that links trust and healing is that of Dr. Randolph Byrd, a renowned American cardiologist who focused on petition and recovery. The examiner took the example of 400 patients who had so far undergone an experienced saphenous lateral bypass cardiac medical procedure.

He divided them, a group that would get supplication during the recovery and that of individuals that might not receive the petition. None of the groups knew if someone was appealing to God for them.

Dr. Byrd gave a gathering of devout Christians the names of the patients who were to receive supplications. Furthermore, the results were surprising. The meeting that always received petitions was restored even more immediately, required fewer drugs, and had fewer hassles in the repair process.

It was possible to infer that the request for the weakened advanced a huge result. Praying and trusting is a part of the recovery procedure for weakened individuals. Both to ask God for individuals who are critical, and for the patient to ask God to recover. (See Article: Night prayer psalm 4 )

What is more, in the sense of appealing to God for his own recovery, a symbolic case is that of King Hezekiah of Judah. The ruler turned out to be sick and, through the prophet Isaiah, was told that he would die because of his illness. After accepting the heavenly message, the lord of Judah sobbed, implored and cried out to God for his reparation.

A similar prophet who had taken capital punishment from the ruler returned and conveyed an answer from the Lord God to the ruler: “I have heard your request and seen your tears, and I will add fifteen years to your days.” The book of Isaiah expresses it.

It is incredible to think that Faith has no result, when every day the advantages of trust in the repair process are visualized. Among the numerous situations in which trust and supplication had some kind of effect on the recovery of a patient, in recent times, an example of overcoming adversity was opened in each sick person.

“The emergency clinic received a patient who, in the eyes of humans, was a hopeless case. In any case, the meeting of the partners of the medical clinic and many other people in the city chose to ask him and intervene, trusting in his recovery.

After 30 days in the Intensive Care Unit and two more days on the ward, his case was seen as a marvel. Within a short time, the seriously ill person returned to her home. Today he is healthy and proceeds with his life and his activities.” -Chilean Hospital-

The psalmist David, speaking of those who have confidence in God, confirms: “The Lord will keep him and give him life; he will be honored on earth, and you will not yield to the wishes of his enemies.” (Psalm 41: 2, 3).

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