Transfiguration of Jesus

Transfiguration of Jesus: Matthew 17, and its importance

The change in the appearance of a person is a subject loaded with many enigmas, that is what Jesus does on top of a hill, he transforms himself bodily to demonstrate that he really is the Son of God. Do you know what the transfiguration of Jesus is? Meaning, reflections for children, enter and read this article where we will tell you everything related to this topic.

Transfiguration of Jesus

Such a fact has its occurrence weeks before the passion and death of Jesus, as narrated in the books of Luke, Mark and Matthew. It is said that Jesus went up Mount Tabor to pray, and asked Peter, James and John who were his closest disciples to accompany him. They were the three apostles who showed the most love and fidelity to Jesus.

Of the three, Pedro was the one who worked the most for Jesus; Juan, on the contrary, was the one who had the most soul and without so many sins, and Santiago of the three was the most daring and daring, so much so that he was the first to declare himself a friend of the Lord. Santiago is the first apostle to shed his blood for defending the Catholic religion. Since Jesus didn’t want Judas to see that vision since he didn’t deserve it, that’s why he didn’t invite the rest of the apostles.

While he was praying his body began to undergo a kind of transformation, his attire became snow white and his face emitted flashes of light, as if it were the sun itself, so much so that it blinded his disciples. In this event Moses and Elijah appeared to him, who let him know what was going to happen in Jerusalem in a few days.

So much was the joy of Peter, that in a very emotional tone he suggested to Jesus:

“Lord, if you agree, we can make three camps right here, one for Moses, one for Elijah, and a third for you.” Immediately the environment was enveloped by a cloud and a voice that seemed to have come from heaven continued saying: “This is my very beloved Son Jesus, you must listen to him.”

some history

Mount Tabor, located in Lower Galilee, is a historically mountainous region that is located in northern Israel, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Zebulun Valley in southern Lebanon.

Its geography is characterized by being a region of hills, including the renowned Mount Tabor, which was the site where, according to Christian scriptures, the transfiguration of Jesus occurred. It has a rainy and humid climate, where up to 800 mm of rainfall are recorded. Currently its economic activity is focused on agriculture and fishing in the Sea of ​​Galilee.

The entire event of the Transfiguration as mentioned above takes place on Mount Tabor, at about 588 meters above sea level. And it takes place twelve months before the Passion of Christ occurred. The disciples used to speak of the death of Jesus, since it was said that to speak of his death was to affirm his great love for Jesus and the salvation of all men. It is precisely the meaning of the Transfiguration: love and salvation.

In a conversation that the apostles had with Jesus, six days before the event of the Transfiguration occurred, He had told them about his passion, death and resurrection. But for them it was something very complex to understand at that time, he also told them that some of them witnessed the glory of God before they died.

Importance of the transfiguration of Jesus

Unquestionably the importance of Jesus’ transformation stemmed from the need for those closest to Jesus to have a better understanding of who he really was. The Son of God was able to experience a sudden change in his appearance, so that the disciples could see his glory.

Since the disciples only had knowledge of Jesus as a normal man of flesh and bones, they were able to realize and have greater awareness of the real divinity of Jesus Christ, even without fully understanding it. That fact gave them the flat assurance of what needed to be done, once they had heard the dire news of his imminent death.

What is the sign of this event?

This important fact of our religious history teaches us that we must continue with our earthly lives, despite the sufferings, and with the hope that, through his unconditional love, he is waiting for us with his glory there in the heaven, and that all suffering is worth to reach it.

We must understand that all suffering, when it seeks to approach God, becomes a sacrifice, and thus we are candidates for our souls to be saved. After connecting with the magic of God we learn to:

  • Value prayer, because Jesus permanently connected with the Father through prayer.
  • Understand that we must earn Heaven through the positive deeds of our daily lives.
  • Live and love the commandments that Jesus left us: “Love one another, as I have loved you.”
  • That there will be a final judgment, that it will be at odds with love. In other words, we will be judged by how much we have been able to love, or failed to love our neighbor.
  • God is able to give us his grace, through prayers and the fulfillment of the sacraments. The grace of the Father is the complement of our weaknesses.

Jesus manifests himself as the Son of God

The fact of the transfiguration of Jesus is singularly significant for all Christians. It is shown that Jesus is, and it is shown as what he is in front of his disciples, that is, as the son of God. On the other hand, he indicates to us what we are and what we can become, through our vocation.

Peter sees Jesus transfigured, he observes his face shining as if it were the sun, he is also impressed by how white his clothes turned, as if it were snow, and he realizes that what he has just seen is not only Jesus , but he sees himself and the rest of his brothers reflected enjoying eternity.

Is there any relationship between the transfiguration and the fullness of being?

Through the Transfiguration, Jesus makes us know of fullness, that deprivations and obstacles cannot exist, much less scarcity. We are always saddened by the loss of our loved ones, by their physical absences, by spiritual disconnection, by the distances between family members or by the distance produced by not loving a wife or husband.

We need to learn to be able to trust Jesus, just as he has come to this world to give his life for all of us. Understand that we can give ourselves body and soul, because it is the only way to be able to resurrect in him and with him every day. As Saint Paul says:

“If we die with him, then we will rise with him. And if we suffer with it, then we have earned the enjoyment with it”

The transfiguration of Jesus and its reasons

This topic has been written and reflected countless times, even in our days it is incomprehensible for some, the reasons that Jesus had to show himself as what his Father wanted him to do. But the main reason is the need that he had to show himself before his apostles with his true glory and the holiness that he possessed and that the eyes of the common man could see God.

Another reason is that it was necessary for Jesus, apart from showing his glory and holiness, the Transfiguration had the purpose of proving the divinity of Jesus, that is, demonstrating that Jesus and God are the same person. He was not just a servant like Moses or the other prophets.

If it was the same God, it was necessary that his words be heard. Moses was the one chosen to give the Law in the Old Testament, and Elijah, who was a prophet, symbolizes the prophecies in the Old Testament, in other words, the Law and the Prophets were the ones who guided Jesus.

But with the arrival of Jesus, a new agreement also arrived which was the New Testament. In it lie the guidelines of what Christians today must obey. In the Old Testament we find important lessons that we must have as references, but if we want to know how to proceed according to what God wants today, we must refer to the New Testament and listen to his Son.

Churches dedicated to Jesus Transfigured

  • Argentina

In the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, is the Basilica Cathedral of San Salvador.

  • Uruguay

In the central part of Montevideo, is the Chapel of the Transfiguration, dedicated to Jesus Transfigured and is unique in that country.

  • Chile

In the city of Valparaíso, there is the church of La Matriz, where in 1868 a very particular event occurred since they did not have a patron, it was decided to hold a popular vote. The candidates were: the Savior of the World, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Transfigured, Jesus was the winner, but the church is better known as La Matriz.

  • Colombia

It is located in the Divino Salvador Parish, in the city of Bogotá.

  • Cuba

In Havana, there is the El Salvador del Mundo parish, a church made of wood in the year 1800.

  • The Savior

It is located in San Salvador and the church is the seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of El Salvador.

  • spain

Cathedral of the Savior of Albarracín, in Teruel.

The Holy Church Basilica Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador, in the city of Oviedo.

The Cathedral of El Salvador in his Epiphany, in Zaragoza.

The Cathedral of Jerez de la Frontera, in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz.

The Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, in Alicante.

  • Venezuela

Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, in Caracas.

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