Meaning of Holy Christian, origin and etymology

Meaning of Holy Christian, origin and etymology

The Holy Christian is a Polish martyr, who evangelized in his homeland around the year 1005. Currently it is a name widely used by future parents, because it is usually related to honesty, sincerity and religiosity.

Santo Christian

Christian is a name of Greek origin, of masculine gender and whose meaning is Follower of Christ. Commonly used in the West, his sainthood is November 12.

Its Spanish variants would be Christian or Cristian, it comes from the Latin name Christianus and this in turn from the Greek Χριστιανός. . . .


The Santoral is on November 12 and refers to Saint Christian of Poland, a martyr and hermit, belonging to the Camaldolese Congregation of the Order of Saint Benedict who dedicated his life to evangelize this country around the second century.


Christian, when he was still very young, felt the call of God and became a Camaldolese. With time and the intention of taking the gospel to as many people as possible, he traveled from Italy to Poland.

With enthusiasm he and other religious and companions Benito, Isaac, Santiago and Mateo, decided to undertake with enthusiasm and enthusiasm the task of converting their country to Christianity.

Arriving in Poland, they had nowhere to stay, and lacking a place to shelter, they decided to settle in the wooded area of ​​Kazimeierz, south of Gniezno.

All belonging to the Camaldola order, these apostles feel in their hearts and in their veins the flame of the Gospel and wish to take it to every corner.

However, their audacity and love were cut short on this earthly plane, when a group of people decided to kill them.

During a night in November of the year 1003, a group of bandits who thought that these travelers recently arrived from Italy possessed fortune and valuables, murdered them while they slept.

They thought that sneaking up and killing them was the best way to obtain that treasure, and death surprised them in their beds.

The body of Santo Christian, who was in charge of cooking for the group of religious companions, of Polish nationality, was found a little further from the rest.

The locals gave them a proper burial and saw them as martyrs. Saint Christian was buried in the cloister of the temple and is considered one of the patron saints of Poland.

Name Variants

Of the feminine gender , we can find some variants such as Cristina, Cristiana, Christiane, Christina, Cristiane, Christiana, Cristin.

In the masculine gender : Cris, Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Chréti, Christian, Christian (Christian), Χριστιανός, Keresztély, Chris, Christian, Christianus, Krišjāni, Kristijonas, Christiaan . Christian, Christian, Christian.

Personalities with this name

Christian Bale: is a British actor, born in 1974 in Haverfordwest, United Kingdom. He winner of an Oscar, a SAG and two Golden Globes.

Christian Benteke, a soccer player born in the Congo, but of Belgian nationality, plays with the national team of this country and with Crystal Palace of the Premier League.

Christian Cage, former Canadian native professional wrestler, worked as an actor and for WWE and TNA.

Christian Chávez Garza, actor and singer of Mexican origin, known mainly for his participation in the Rebelde series and in the RBD group.

Christian Dior, born in France, was an influential fashion designer, founder of the firm of the same name.

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