Prayer when a mother dies and her relatives are sad

Our Lord Jesus Christ specifies that mothers are beings of light and dedication, capable of giving their lives for their children. That is why the loss of her is so difficult for the children and this prayer is made for when a mother dies to calm the pain and let her rest.


My Lord Jesus Christ, my heavenly father, you are my only consolation to cope with this terrible pain that covers my being. Today I cry and mourn the absence of that woman who gave me life and filled me with moments of peace and happiness.

Enlighten my soul with peace and hope in this moment of despair. Sadness radiates my being and does not allow my soul to come out of suffering. Allow me to get out of this emptiness that dominates my heart.

Don’t let her sins take her to the evil one, who when passing through the gates of heaven release her weights and her guilt. Let me enjoy harmony and eternal glory with you my lord. (See Article: Prayer of gratitude for health )

God Almighty

Today Almighty God I place in your hands, which fill my beloved mother with mercy and love. Since she was already called by you to heaven in search of embarking on a new path under your heavenly and divine presence.

Allow my mother to achieve the eternal rest of her soul and fill her new life with harmony in the paradise that you offer us when she dies. God protect my mother. That woman I have loved, my support and main life guide. Your mother of mine who allowed me to go on the path of good and filled my life with faith in God.

It is because of you dear mother that I have come to this world. It was because of your love that nothing was missing in our life. You allowed us to be exemplary people full of good customs and desire to bring peace and love to those around us.

In these moments your time has come and despite the pain my soul remains calm because you are going straight to heaven because your goodness was indisputable. You came to fulfill the mission of life that is given to all mothers, because you made your children good people. Thanks to your help to your neighbor, strength and faith, you managed to move mountains.

Today my heavenly Lord I humbly ask you to listen to my prayers and allow my pain to become relief because my mother is in a better place. I earnestly beg you to lead my mother to the path of eternal rest, amen.

oh my

Today my lord I stand before you with the intention of praying that my mother manages to reach the kingdom of heaven without crossing paths with the evil one in the process. My mother, today I ask before God that the flower of your soul be rewarded in eternal rest.

Lord, allow the pain to be rewarded by compression and hope of a better life for my mother. May the perpetual light shine for her and the hope of a world beyond earth better and with greater peace, amen.

mother prayer

My God, you are my only consolation. At this moment I ask for my mother. May she be guided correctly to the path of light and peace that you offer. Let my mother have all her sins forgiven.

Today we mourn your absence my mother. This is a time of sadness, suffering and affliction. Today is a day where our hearts are filled with despair. Dear mother, sorry for those moments in which I was a reason for reproaches and pain.

My Lord Almighty, I put all my trust in you with the meeting with you, my father. Let him come to eternal rest. You are the guide of the life of each of your children. It is thanks to you that many things impossible for another time have been achieved.

It is thanks to you, my mother, that we find ourselves in the world, enjoying a good education that falls to us single mothers. Today you went to heaven my mother so that you can achieve eternal life without any difficulty.

Today your children thank you and ask God to be able to be strong in search of not submerging themselves in pain. I thank the Lord for giving me the best mother. I ask you my lord to guide my mother do not leave us in this new stage and give her eternal rest, amen.

What is the use of prayer when a mother dies?

The prayer when a mother dies allows the one who sings it to be strengthened with reference to this inevitable adversity for the child. It is the one that allows the children of the deceased to overcome reality and accept her terrible death with controlled pain.

Mothers are commonly loved by their children. Therefore they are special since they were the ones who gave him life. They are the blanket in the womb, they are those that God chose to give life and mold that life to the external world.

Its importance is determined mainly by the value that must be had for doing good men and women. A mother ends up being the most loved and respected being by her children and that is why her children entrust themselves to her, in search of her that reaches the light correctly and at the same time her pain is more bearable.

The work of being a mother begins from the day the being is in the womb and they spend nine months being one, the mother taking care of herself in search of protecting her loved one. She is that woman who gives values ​​and principles to the new being, until she becomes an exemplary person of faith in the Lord.

For this reason, prayer is so common and necessary when a mother dies. The feeling of absence of this loved and respected being is extremely painful and is a reason for reprimanding oneself and questioning one’s faith in extreme cases.

sufferings for a mother

Life is full of suffering, in some cases more bearable than others. Even in some cases the pain is not bearable for some, it is at this moment when the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ must be sought to move forward in life.

Among the most difficult sufferings is losing a mother. A being so important that God gives us, so that he takes care of us and leads us to the path of good and faith. For this reason, you must ask for her soul, in search of reaching eternal rest.

Mothers can be affected by illness, age, and problems of war or crime. These elements are the main causes of their loss and the process of entering God’s land.

This process leaves exorbitant pain to those who love her and are part of her since she is in the womb. Mothers always ask to have enough health in search of giving their children a complete upbringing.

make prayer effective

It is necessary to pray with great faith, seeking that the most special and beautiful woman for us be taken to eternal rest, after all her sins are forgiven. In prayer, we seek to ask the Lord Jesus Christ that in the afterlife her tranquility overwhelms her.

It is sought in the same that alleviates and forgives all the pains and sufferings suffered and sins experienced in earthly life. The work of the mother is related to the work of our Lord in reference to the work of not abandoning the son.

That is why children have the commitment to honor their father and mother. In addition to this, as the Bible says, those who honor their parents are listened to in prayer and will also have a long life. That is why mothers upon reaching the land of the Lord are honored for a good life.

On the other hand, among the requests that must be made when creating the prayer when a mother dies is having the strength to face the pain of loss. Since the mother would not be happy if her son suffers from pain. That is why facing it is so important to overcome this pain, through prayer.

Always ask in your prayer that our Lord take care of our mothers every day and according to the mantles of heaven with peace always.

The love of God is reflected in the love of a mother

In Isaiah 49:15 it is expressed in the form of a question whether it is possible for a wife to forget her baby at the breast, bringing with her the lack of mercy of the son of her womb. These types of women can forget but the Lord does not forget them.

Mothers and children have an indescribable connection, it is even reflected in the moment in which the mother breastfeeds her child, a period in which this is the only food that gives life to that new being.

The connection starts from the first moment you hear them cry and they give it to you. In your arms they feel safe and you as a mother feel complete. Love does not fit in your chest and it is just at that moment that you realize that your life is based on your happiness and tranquility.

Love overflows to the same extent as the sense of responsibility. According to studies, the love generated by mothers is the main reason for the development of their children. That is why the more upbringing full of love, the greater psychomotor and spiritual growth there is in that being.

According to world-class institutions such as the Mental Health Organization, children who are abandoned or separated from their mothers tend to be unhappy people and have constant symptoms of depression. Just as those children who are loved from an early age have a higher IQ.


According to Alan Schore, a prominent professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine, maternal love is essential, since it is the first relationship that human beings have at birth. Mothers are the most important link.

The love exercised by the mother can be considered a kind of mold, with reference to the emotional capacities that the child will possess as it develops and the ability to establish relationships. (See Article: Prayer of protection for babies )

It is important to mention that there are pictures of depression or illnesses that result as elements that do not allow the mother to take care of her nursing children. Biblical example is Isaiah 49:15.

However, that is the exception, not always the rule. For the most part it is the opposite, mothers are made to love and care for their children. According to studies, when they are in labor, the levels of oxytocin increase, a hormone that collaborates with contractions and then collaborates with breastfeeding.

This hormone according to some scholars contributes to the elements related to love and altruism in men and women.

Where does love come from according to science?

According to scholars of the slopes of human evolution, love arises from the disinterested learning of mothers towards their babies. Effect that arose by chance, in search of surviving as a species in a natural way.

An example of this are the studies that have been carried out on the first section of the human brain. This has been evolving from the brain of other species, in this case that of reptiles, which focuses on the limbic system, which is considered the space of feelings. This is where the connection between mothers and babies develops.

For this reason it is considered that the love of a mother towards her child comes from the accidental development of reptiles in the limbic system.

According to the Bible

Although it is supported by studies that the limbic system is the cause of the feelings that humanity exercises. For those who fervently believe in the word of God, it is irrational that a mother’s love for her children originated from the wrong development of reptiles.

The Bible states that human beings were created in the image and likeness of God our Lord. That is why they possess qualities that are considered divine according to Genesis 1:27.

The most important trait that stands out in God is the love that he possesses. According to the apostle John in John 4:8 those who do not love have not had the opportunity to know God, this is because God is love. Emphasizing that God does not have love, he is love. In other words, this divine being is our source of love.

For the bible love is described as an emotion full of suffering and in turn kindness. It does not have factors of jealousy, vainglory, it does not feel provoked, it swells, it does not do anything indecent or interested.

Love is a feeling that is not capable of thinking about harm. He is incapable of enjoying injustices, capable of enduring whatever comes. According to Corinthians 13:4-8, love is a feeling that is incapable of failing. That is why this is considered the purest and most outstanding feeling of all.

mothers for the bible

The mother for the scriptures of God is that being of integrity, who has the mission of protecting and teaching the word of the Lord to his children. She is that perfect model of integrity. The one who collaborates with the child’s learning in order to be a good person and assume elements that make him pious according to Psalm 37:18, 37.

In the bible it is not stated that any woman can be a mother. On the other hand, women who are blessed by God to be mothers must have the perseverance and responsibility to love them and commit to guiding their children.

Mothers are an important and highly relevant part of their children’s lives, which is why the role must be played correctly. Motherhood is a full-time job that, despite being full of difficulties, is very rewarding.

The mother has the job of caring for and protecting her child from the time of pregnancy where she must be cared for and cared for so that she develops correctly as in her childhood, adolescence and adulthood. They are even an important part when the children begin the motherhood process, they are one of the main supports.

They are those who provide care, love, education and encouragement to do things better.

women who teach in the bible

Throughout biblical history there have been different women who have been outstanding mothers either because of their history as mothers or because of some outstanding fact as a woman. Among the most outstanding are:


This is one of the best known women in the history of the old testament. She is that first woman that the Lord created and disobeyed and then tempted Adam to do the same thing.

His bad behavior is one of the main examples in the Bible for not doing the same. The Bible does not speak in detail about life after that fact. The most detailed appearance of him is when he speaks to the serpent in Genesis 3:1-7.

In addition to this, she was the mother of Cain and Abel. Her actions on the other hand are an example to trust the word of the Lord and be able to cause other people to enter into the faith of God. She in turn keep the mind busy. Also motivating those who keep the faith and ask not to make the same mistakes that this character in history made.

According to proverbs 7:1-3 NVI, the children of God must follow the advice of our Lord and obey his commands and instructions to live better. May all his mandates be written in your heart, so that in this way you do not fall into temptations.


This woman is outstanding, since she was already old at the time God promised her that she would have a son after many attempts according to Genesis 18. Sara’s reaction was based on doubt as is common in many humans. Even this character had doubts that her husband could procreate just like her.

It is said that she came to think that she could not possibly achieve this pleasure since she was consumed and her husband was very old. Despite this, God kept her word and granted her the pleasure of being a mother.

Thanks to Sara, those of us who believe in God understand that his promises are law. It is important with this not to question faith and always wait patiently for what our Lord promises us.


In Genesis 24 the character of Rebekah is displayed, a woman noted for her courage and faith in God. Rebekah was able to meet her future husband in a place far from her home. It is here that she begins her trust in our Lord (See Article:  Psalm 91 a prayer of protection and mental and physical healing  )

However, she made the mistake of choosing over her children and deciding for her the fate of her own. She when she should have faith and wait for God’s actions according to Genesis 27.

What this character teaches us is that we must keep faith in God and not allow difficult times to prevent us from trusting his actions and rash decisions.


This woman was the mother of one of the most prominent biblical characters, Moses. The love that existed in this mother was carried through an act of desperation and courage, having the creativity to save her son and keep him alive, according to Exodus 2.

This collaborated with the liberation of the people of Israel from the slavery suffered in Egypt. Her son Moses was God’s representative with reference to this deliverance. It is for this reason that Jochebed was able to save his son and have him raised.

It is one of the most outstanding examples in which it shows that mothers are the children’s guide and the main cause of the impact they will have on their development.


This woman is one of those mothers who exemplifies the fact that children are not from mothers, but from God. Our lord granted her the pleasure of being a mother despite her barren condition.

The moment her son was born, she handed him over to God without any hesitation, with the intention of fulfilling the promise she had made to our lord. That is why Ana is an example of a mother dedicated to the word of God, according to Samuel 1.


This character comes from Israel who managed to win a beauty contest that stood out a lot in her time and thus becoming the queen of Persia. This woman was so brave that she risked her life for her people, thus freeing them from the massacre.

God gave Esther beauty as well as intelligence and grace, with the intention of protecting his people. According to the story Esther 2:17 the king was captivated by Esther before all the women. And in turn she won her approval with the other virgins. That is why she was left with the royal crown and was proclaimed as queen of Vashti.


Mary is one of the most prominent female characters in the New Testament. She is considered a simple young woman, chosen to have the most important mission, to be the mother of our savior Jesus Christ.

This good woman did not reject her mission, on the contrary, she demonstrated her faith and took care to be the mother of the son of God despite the consequences of the time. Mary took care of educating Jesus with confidence and poise and following the teachings and giving his life for our sins, Mary sees him die and rise again.

According to Luke 1:38 Mary recites that here was the servant of the Lord, she allowed God to do with her what had been said.


This woman was a prophetess and judge who was in charge of leading the people of Israel at a time when they did not have a king. It was she who was in charge of gathering the army and encouraging them to defeat those who oppressed him.

Thanks to Deborah’s leadership, the people of Israel had peace in a span of 40 years. According to Judges5:7 Deborah mentioned that the warriors who were supposed to guard Israel had disappeared until the moment in which she rose as the mother of Israel.


This woman was not an Israelite, but thanks to her actions she earned an important place in the people of Israel due to the dedication and love she exercised towards her mother-in-law. This woman left her house and her family with the intention of serving God.

Ruth is considered a hard-working woman, respectful of the word of God. She also conquered Boaz and was therefore the great-grandmother of King David.

According to Ruth 1:16 Ruth decided not to abandon her mother-in-law and accompany her wherever she went. For her, her people would be hers and hers would be her God, the one that the people of Israel would believe.


This woman was a Jericho prostitute who was able to save the lives of two Hebrew spies. That is why her family was spared when the Hebrews were busy attacking Jericho. Despite her condition that she was a source of contempt, she managed to obtain an important position for the people of Israel.

Rahab is an ancestor of Jesus and managed to get a position of importance for the heroes of faith. According to Hebrews 11:31 the prostitute Rahab did not die with the disobedient because she had faith and she was able to receive the spies in peace.

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