Prayer to the Child of Health to Heal the Sick

Prayer to the Child of Health to Heal the Sick

The Prayer to the Child of Health is one of the prayers that tend to be recited in order to obtain miracles in healing through the child Jesus. In the following article we will know everything related to these kinds of sentences.

Prayer to the Holy Child of Health for the Healing of the Sick

The prayer to the child of health, is a recitation that comes to produce the help of divine child to help us in terms of the healing of our bodies in any kind of illness and disease:

Oh dear and good Holy Child of Health!, great beloved Child, who is my great consolation, today I come before your presence all overwhelmed by the same suffering, which comes to cause my illness, and that I am moved by the greatest confidence towards you, to implore your divine help.

I know very well that when you were in this world, you always came to feel sorry for everyone who came to suffer, even more in those who came to be tormented by the same pain. For the same infinite love that you came to have to be able to give to others, whom you cured of all their ills and sorrows, and your miracles became the palpable demonstration of your complete goodness, eternal love and mercy you have.

For this reason, oh dear Child of Health!, the beloved Child, the great consolation, I humbly ask you to grant me the necessary strength to be able to bear the pain, who are the relief and consolation in the moments of greatest difficulty and above all, the grace so very special, to recover my vigor, my energy, my complete health, if it suits for the good of my soul. Amen.Set featured image

Prayer to the Divine Child Jesus to Ask for Healing

The Prayer to the Child of Health to ask for healing is performed when they go through the moments in which a family member, a friend or the person himself is broken, so it is raised with faith to a prayer to the same divine child. which has a large number of devotees around the world because of the different multiple miracles that are known which he himself has granted.

To intercede for each one of us in order to grant the required healing, so we beg you for the elimination of all kinds of ailments and all kinds of brokenness that may be affecting them in their lives.

Through the bible, in the books of the gospels, it is revealed how Jesus, the firstborn son of God, came to heal the sick who with great faith came to him in order to ask for good health.

Prayer to the Divine Child Asking for Healing

Oh dear and sacred child, you who listen to the requests of all those who ask you with faith and devotion, I beg you on this day to listen to this sincere prayer, that your infinite mercy offer the necessary health to each of your devotees, provide from today the complete healing to (Say the name of the person who needs to be healed…),

I ask you on this day to enlighten us with your power, fill our lives with your infinite goodness, I know you can help (Say the name of the person who needs to be healed…), allow them to recover soon.

Divine child, merciful, remove all the ailments that he is suffering from (Say the name…). I beg you that your healing be manifested in his life from now and forever, I ask you to bring healing and prompt help to your faithful.

I implore you to remove all ailments, that all discomfort disappears, provide with your infinite power a complete health in all their being, thank you, sacred child, for your great kindness, only you can hear the sincere prayer of each one of your faithful devotees.

Divine pious child, I also ask you to fill the lives of those people who urgently need a miracle in their lives with health, thank you for your infinite love and mercy, continue helping each of your devotees, so be it.Amen.

Prayer to the Holy Child of Health for Health and Urgent Needs

Oh Holy Child Jesus, you who fill the lives of all those who ask you for miracles and healings with well-being, I beg that your mercy be present at all times in the lives of your faithful devotees.

I beg you that your favor be manifested in the lives of your believers, only you know the needs, and the problems that happen to them daily and that do not allow them to achieve well-being, that’s why I beg you to remove the obstacles and completely clean their paths .

I also ask you to help us reach light and wisdom at all times, thank you for your fidelity, allow us to move forward, and that each goal can be achieved with your valuable help, that’s why we raise a pure cry to you.

Oh Holy Child Jesus, thank you for your kindness, illuminate our lives, I know that you can give us the peace and balance that we need so much, I also appreciate that you fill our entire being with health, continue to direct each one of the steps of your faithful devotees.

I pray that every day you allow us to achieve peace, and harmony I also ask that all the projects I undertake can be carried out successfully, fill the lives of my loved ones with love and happiness, also grant healing and miracles to all those who need it May your wonders manifest abundantly.

Thank you dear child for each of the favors granted, I also thank you for listening to each of the prayers that I raise to you with faith, I know that at the time each prayer will be answered, that is why I offer my sincere gratitude at all times, only you you can fill my life with complete joy, by providing love, peace and well-being.

So that the prayer made to the divine child can be answered quickly, it is recommended to follow some steps that are effective, for this reason it is essential to repeat the prayer and the prayers three consecutive days in this way the desired benefits will be obtained and you will be able to receive the miracle that you want so much

It is also recommended to make the request with faith, since this divinity is usually very powerful, another important aspect is that you must pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be, in this way you will be able to achieve each of the benefits that you long for.

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