Prayer to Our Lady of Light for Comfort and Strength

Prayer to Our Lady of Light for Comfort and Strength

The Prayer to the Virgin of Light, is one of the prayers that is recited in order to obtain the help of the Virgin of Light in terms of the different problems that a person may present in their life. In the following article we will know everything related to this kind of prayer and about who the Virgin of Light was.

Prayer to Our Lady of Light

The prayer to the Virgin of Light tends to be recited as follows:

Mother and lady, you who are the light that dissipates the shadow of deceit; you are the great sweetness that delights the hearts of human beings, and you are the powerful mother in whom many hope and trust. Take away from my side all kinds of danger; I ask you to keep me, lady, and in these 8 days I want you to receive me as yours; I will return, lady, before your most holy feet; I am going to give my heart the joy of being able to greet you, and I will renew myself in the love that I am offering you from today.

The Angels of the celestial part, praise for me the most holy mother of light who is the virgin; god and lord of majesty and of great greatness, because only you know what Mary the Virgin is, praise her and magnify her and you, mother and also lady, who admits my heart; the needs that she possesses only you know; remedy them

So I ask you to pour the softest balm of your love on me; make me call you mother of light in all my actions; enlighten me, I ask you to take pity on me, and do not allow me to become prey to the devil; and make, well, you behave like my mother, and I get to behave like your son. Amen.

Life of Our Lady of Light

The iconography of the well-known Virgin of Light has its origin in the well-known city of Palermo located in Italy, during the year 1722, when a nun came to have a vision in which an image of the Virgin Mary was presented to her, which she tried to not fall into the jaws of an evil monster, as long as she held her soul.

The image of said vision was captured by a renowned painter on the same dates of the year 1722, and which later came to be preserved in the city of Palermo until the end of the year 1732.

When it becomes the object of lottery by a father named José Genovesi for the transfer to a certain recent foundation of the Society of Jesus, becoming in luck transferred on July 2, 1732 to the Jesuit church of León located in Guanajuato, city ​​of the Mexican nation, which since 2005 has been called the Basilica – Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Blessed Mother of Light.

From that moment, the Jesuit believers were responsible for spreading their worship throughout all areas of the American continent. The representation of the Virgin of Light tends to be the one where it shows the Virgin Mary who avoids falling into the jaws of an evil monster, while she tried to hold her soul and also the baby Jesus.

The Virgin Mary arrives dressed in a white tunic and with a blue mantle, this is very similar to that of the iconography of the immaculate conception, which comes to symbolize purity and chastity, on a background that is golden yellow. In her arms she came to hold with her right hand the figure of a soul, and with her left arm she holds the Child Jesus himself.

Which manages to grab a pair of burning hearts that were given to him by an angel and that he offers in a basket. Burning hearts tend to symbolize charity and also love of God.

Above the head of the Virgin Mary there are a couple of angels who come to crown her as the queen of heaven, meanwhile, at her feet, a monster called Leviathan is waiting for her with his jaws open to grab her. The figure of the leviathan came to be censored from the year 1760 by the same Roman Catholic church and came to be changed by flames that tended to allude to purgatory, or to some species of dark clouds that come to symbolize the sin of humanity.

Virgin of Light, Prayer for Very Difficult Problems and Needs

If you have difficult problems and strong needs, we recommend praying to the Virgin of Light so that she helps you in all your problems. The sentence can be as follows:

Love and also trust I come to your miraculous arms, and with my greatest gratitude and also sincerity I come to present my most sincere respect and veneration in this your image of Our Lady of Light.

I truly entrust to you, with the certainty that I will be heard, my doubts and also my fears, my sorrows and even my sadness, my bitterness, the shortcomings and the disappointments, for which I beg you that as our great mediator you can take my difficult requests before the Eternal Father so that he may deign to protect me and assist me with his enormous Power.

Mother, in whom I trust today and forever, Mother, in whom I hope today and forever, enlighten me in terms of my mind and heart to be able to choose the right path, spread your light of great benefit on me and also help me with your presence so that in the same way I can comfort and also help those who are in my way until finally one day I will see your very radiant face

And with you and with all the Angels and the Saints, she comes to adore forever the Almighty Father who came to choose her from eternity to become the Mother of his beloved Son through the holy work of the Holy Spirit. Amen….!!!

Prayer to Our Blessed Mother of Light, for Every Wednesday

I prostrate myself at your feet, oh holy mother of light, to be able to implore for your goodness, that you reach me with your divine son, a great pain for my many sins committed, and an enormous hope in mercy, that he would forgive me and give me the grace of being able to persevere in good.

Extend, oh Most Holy Mother of Light, your great protective hand over all those who come to suffer some pain, have sorrows or needs, come to their aid, be my guide, so I ask you to illuminate us with your Celestial light. In particular I come to entrust to you (say the name of the person) and all their needs for what I put in your Mother’s Heart, so that, if it suits for the glory of God and for the good of my soul, you come to me obtain this grace from your Jesus.

Make, Oh my Mother, that all those Christians can truly know you and love you more every day, so that one day, we will all go with you to enjoy God in Heaven for all eternity. Amen….!!!

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