Prayer to take away the fear of children

Prayer to take away the fear of children

Prayer to remove fear , it is used for children who sometimes feel fear at night, it is also used by adults who have certain problems that prevent them from having peace of mind, know this prayer by reading the following article.

Prayer to remove fear

Prayer to remove fear is one of the ways that human beings have to heal spiritually, it is through prayer, when we feel fear, or some of the smallest in the family, face situations of estrangement, anxiety, anguish and tiredness, prayer allows us to give God’s support to be able to free ourselves from that situation.

Today Christians must understand that the forces that God gives us must be practiced daily, cowardice, fear, indifference to difficulties must be put aside, daily battle to combat and defeat those evil forces that They destroy and wear us down.

The prayer to remove fear allows each of us to have the strength and power to overcome all the difficulties that may be harming us. Fear is one of the elements that harms people the most, and many do not know how to face it, hence the recommendation to use prayers, which are the strongest tool in terms of being able to overcome those fears.

There are various prayers to remove fear, which can be used in the most complicated moments, below we will describe a prayer to reassure, these are usually used in these cases, the decision is personal, it is not mandatory, but it is important that you can do it with faith and a lot of hope, that way excellent results will be obtained.

Prayer for heartache and emotional pain

When we feel some anguish or an emotional problem, our thoughts disperse, we feel desolation and concern, loneliness invades our thoughts, for this we recommend the following prayer:

“ Lord, light in my mind, peace in my heart, wisdom in my decisions, love in my relationships. I need, that only You are able to calm my sorrows, I put my hope in you, with you to find a place to protect yourself and not give way to fear and evil.

“Daily fear attacked me, I recognize that I am plagued by miseries, and I look for you as my brother and friend, in order that you fill me with joy, renew my joy towards you and hope return to my mind and heart, I trusted you, you already know all my emptiness.”

“I love you Jesus and at this moment you must break all the chains that bind me to despair, and even if I head towards dark paths, your strength will give me the faith not to fear, since by your side I will have all the confidence, for Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

How to pray when you feel afraid

It is not easy to make a prayer to remove fear, however the person must focus each thought on God, convince that through him we can overcome each of the fears, stop thinking that we are alone and that daily we have his company.

It is important to have the will and strength to face all those fears, revitalize our thinking, knowing that Jesus is on our side supporting us and watching how we defeat those fears, daring to pray allows us to create self-esteem to defeat fear.

Prayer to repeat during the day:

When there is a very strong crisis of fear and trepidation, it is recommended to make a daily prayer that fertilizes the thoughts to gradually defeat the ideas of fear, which are generally totally different from the true reality, they only seek God through prayer not to be afraid we can achieve our goal. The corresponding sentence reads as follows:

“Lord, when I am burdened with worries, your consolations fill me with joy (Psalm 94:19) I can overcome all the fears and anxieties along the way, because with you I go, with you I am and with you I live. The Lord bless you and free you from fears and anxieties and take away all emotional pain from your soul. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.”

Prayer of liberation from fear.

Having security and looking for it are two different things, the prayer of liberation from fear allows us to strengthen the thoughts of strength that God sends us with his messages and his energy, keeping them within us helps us create a spiritual strength so that those thoughts do not return .

We therefore recommend the following prayer in moments of anguish to definitively free the fear from our hearts:

” Lord, be light in my mind, peace in my heart, wisdom in my decisions, love in my relationships, only You are capable of calming my sorrows, in You I have deposited my hope, in You I will be able to find a place to protect myself and so not give place to fear and the different forms of evil.”

“My fears, my pains, my concerns, my confusions, can only find solutions in You, with your help I will be able to overcome all those fears that do not let me move forward, Move me with your Holy Spirit, accompany me so that you give me courage and be able to face those circumstances that make my knees tremble.”

“I want to let you get close to me, live in communion with you throughout my life, my faults will never separate me from your love, because I always seek your forgiveness. The fear that exists within me vanishes when I accept your presence “I believe in You, my Lord.” Touch my heart, heal it, free it from fear and adverse situations that worry it, you are my strength and I am sure that your love and mercy do not depart from my spirit.

“Give me the strength and power to overcome fears and be free from all anguish, take my heart, my heart and my mind with the Holy Spirit, that powerful presence contained in your three divine persons that illuminates our lives and makes us be determined people. and valiant in faith.”

I love you Jesus, and I trust that right now, Amen.

Trusting in God allows us to leave behind all the fears, anxieties and worries, he helps us to bravely face and fight against those mixed feelings, which stop us and wear us down, open your heart to God since you are one of his children, ask him , beg him and wait for his blessing, you will never regret it.

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