Meaning of the Rune of love and its symbology

Meaning of the Rune of love and its symbology

Do you know the power of runes? It is known as a system of writing (and magic) that the ancient arctic peoples operated. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the rune of love and how it can help you get it into your life.

rune of love

The rune for love is a symmetrical symbol made of three elements: a circle, a base with half a square, and also a line that crosses and in turn divides and unites both geometric elements.

It is a sufficiently well-known rune, beyond the Nordic routines and that invokes a spiritual power, in accordance with the emotions of love, trust, courage, dedication and perseverance.

It is for this reason, the line that divides both symmetrical parts of the symbol: because love resides in complementing one another and complementarity requires that both people function equally.

A peculiarity of this rune is that custom has personified it in two ways: with the circle and half of the square touching each other or separated. The genuine rune with affectionate effects is the one that has those separate emblems, and now I’ll explain why.

Meaning of the rune of love

Many people speculate that the emblems that grant the Nordic love rune personify two dissimilar identities that are united by love, representing in that straight line.

However, this is a fault, and although it is very frequent, it should not therefore be contradicted with less energy. Those who intend to use runes for love spells will have difficulty achieving the expected consequences if they do not use the runes that they should.

And it is that knowing the meaning of the rune of love is essential for the magic related to this symbol, to understand the spiritual protections of people and to radiate magic and love, in the search for energy balance.

For this reason, it is significant to know that what the circle and the square cut in half personify are in context the aspirations of a duality that fits together. On the one hand, the square personifies the roots that we have in our place of origin and our family or friends.

On the other side, we find the circle, which symbolizes how much we managed to perfect and evolve in our time on Earth, hand in hand with the couple. A dependency will not function properly if only one of them is capable of growing and fulfilling its destiny.

That is why the straight line breaks the circle into two symmetrical means and the roots of the earth in the same way: because it symbolizes the communion of the spirit of both people, granted to each other without forgetting themselves.


The rune of love is known for being a rune that asks for protection and security in what is to come. It is a symbol that was accredited more than a thousand years ago and that has been passed on, in fact long after Norse mythology has ended its splendor.

Its category is necessarily given by its status as a universal symbol to personify love and channel this type of energy. In the prophetic games with runes, the Nordic guides were able to warn correctly, large numbers if they found it.

Today they are used as a prophetic element, especially when handled, as the ancients did in composition with other runes of different conditions. However, the rune of passion is currently heavily manipulated as a request item.

When appearing from a symbol so simply determinable with love, the power that has been forming around this rune has more to do with the capacity of being the center of a spell or a mechanism of a ritual that can serve, to attract luck in this amatory element.

If you are planning to handle it in your magical life, you may want to pay attention to the next section, where I am going to show you how to use the rune for love to build an amulet and a tie.

Amulet with the rune of love

In order for this relic with the rune of love to do its job, it must be done absolutely by you. Choose a material to work with, be it stone, wood or leather, and get used to the idea that, if you want to invoke luck in love and a productive and good relationship, you should always carry it with you.

Once you have designated the material on which you will trace or mark the rune, you must create yourself with the materials. If you have designated a soft material, it will be easier for you to work with, but there is nothing like mastering runes made of bone or stone.

In any case, you must understand that when you start to draw the rune, you must start with that incomplete square that symbolizes the roots in the world. Afterwards, it is time for you to draw the circle in the most beautiful way possible.

Finally, it will be necessary to include the straight line that divides the drawn symbol into two exact halves. Once you have finished, accumulate your amulet between both hands, give thanks to Freya, and always keep it with you.


To establish this link with the rune of love you will need a rune converted by yourself, a red candle and a piece of cork. The best thing about this mooring is that it can simply be used as a decorative object.

So, if you are one of those who choose not to give definitions about how they manage to have a life full of luck, this mooring can be located in the center of your favorite table and still continue to pass by. Once you have the rune and the cork, before starting you must once again give thanks to Freya, the Nordic goddess of love.

Then, light the candle and wait a few intervals for it to heat up. When it is at the recommended temperature, then drop a few drops in the center of the cork, and quickly place the rune on top.

The wax when refrigerated will make the rune stick to the cork. Now turn off the candle, and you will have your mooring ready to ask luck in this discipline.

As you can see, this rune is a choice to try to make love come into your life. We hope that what you have managed to learn here will help you recover that love that has gone, or that the one that has not yet reached, finally makes an appearance.

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