5, the call

The miraculous catch Luke: 5, the call

The miraculous fishing summary : It deals with two (02) episodes narrated in the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of John, where we will discover that the miracles of the Master Jesus are granted to those who demonstrate faith, believe fervently in his word and are obedient.

The Miraculous Catch: What does the “catch” symbolize?

The miraculous catch as mentioned above is mainly about two (02) episodes of the Holy Book: The Holy Bible. This  miraculous catch  is a divine way of recounting the amazing miracles that the Great Master Jesus had been performing in the people of Israel. The first can be seen in the Gospel of Luke (5:1-11) and the second in the Gospel of John (21:1-14). Both episodes take place in the Sea of ​​Galilee or Tiberias.

Verses related to the Miraculous Catch (Mt. 4.18-22; Mr. 1.16-20)

Below we will indicate the events that occur in the miraculous catch as indicated by the Bible verses:

a test of faith

The great Master Jesus was by the Lake of Gennesaret, when thousands and thousands of people began to crowd just to hear his word , about the spiritual wonder of how a poor person could be rich (spiritually), like a blind man, he could recover his seen, like a prisoner, he could be freed, a sick man healed… Each of his words were so divine, wise and wonderful that it was simply impossible not to hear him.

Despite the fact that there were so many people around him, the Master Jesus managed to observe two empty boats on the shore, where the men were washing their nets (since otherwise the salt water would damage them), and this one, in his infinite mercy he approached one of them, sat down and continued sharing his teachings. At the end, he directed Simon to take the boat into deep water and cast his nets once more.

If God today asks you to “cast your nets” one more time, would you do it? Despite the tiredness? Despite believing that you have already tried everything? Would you dare to make your miraculous catch?

cast the nets into the sea

Simón, obedient and full of faith, told him: We have not achieved anything after a whole night sir, but in your name I will cast the net.

Despite the problems we may have, always remember Simon’s words: “In your name”.

Faith in the word of Master Jesus

So he did and witnessed the miracle: his nets in an instant were so full that they almost broke. He signaled to his companions, and both boats were full.

Lord, I am a sinner!

Astonishment quickly turned to fear, so Simon fell on his knees in front of Jesus and said: Lord, get away from me because I am a sinner!

Fisher of men

The Master, instead of judging him, wisely replied: “Don’t be afraid; from now on they will be “fishers of men”. They left everything and followed the Master Jesus with his renewed faith.

What does it mean to leave everything and follow Master Jesus?

After making this first episode known, we consider it important to carry out an in-depth analysis of what it means, or at least, the impact it has had on us.

Many times, the Lord takes us into deep waters, not to punish us, humiliate us, or show us that we should live in fear, on the contrary, he wants us to get to know him, get closer to him, take him as an example, discover who we are and what he is. His purpose for our lives.

It is no coincidence that you are reading these lines today. Perhaps, you feel like Simon, fearful, doubtful of yourself, you have afflictions, problems, you are getting divorced, you are going through a serious illness, you thought you were going to be promoted at work, but you ended up being fired, however, do not doubt, may God He is always with us and if we have faith in him, in his word and we are obedient, there is no problem in which we will not be victorious in his name.

How many times have we blamed God just because things didn’t turn out the way we expected? How many times have we not claimed to God that he has forgotten us? How many times have we not felt anger and injustice before him, as well as seeing that whoever does bad seems to do well?

Our human nature often prevents us from seeing his miracles and we allow ourselves to be blinded by rage, anger, despair, when we should pray more strongly, have much more faith and understand that it did not happen because it is not us who decide, it is God. who does it, is God, who gives us the tools and it is his way of telling us that if we are patient, we remain faithful to him and we know how to wait, then something better will come to us.

We have all felt tired and abandoned at some point, do not feel guilty about it, take a deep breath and the next time you feel that you are about to give up everything, or want to give up as well as abandon everything because you are tired or because you feel that you are trying to you try and still don’t get results, keep trying, keep having faith, keep praying even harder and giving thanks to the lord, keep praising because God is kind and when he gives, he gives abundantly.

No matter what you are going through, remember, God is in the boat with you.

Jesus heals a leper

In the video at the end of this title you will find the story corresponding to the verse of Mt. 8.1-4; Mr. 1.40-45 (Jesus heals a leper).

Mt. 8.1-4; Mr. 1.40-45

In this video Master Jesus gives us great lessons. One of them is that despite the fact that every day he gained more recognition for his miracles, he went from town to town helping those who needed it, but without ceasing to remain humble instead of boasting, he would go to deserted places and pray.

When we get an achievement, or are recognized for something, do we thank God or do we simply boast about it? Let’s not forget his teachings. Let’s follow in his footsteps and remember that our achievements are not ours but God’s.

Another aspect that we can highlight is that if we go to God with faith, if we truly believe in him and in his power, he will always listen and attend to our requests.

Last but not least, we can highlight another powerful lesson or message: We must come together and help our neighbor. And when we talk about helping, we are not referring to the material (money, things) but to being kind, contributing or supporting our neighbor with what we can (knowledge, a word of encouragement, or any other way that can be transformed into a benefit for a brother or sister).

We are all made in the image and likeness of God, so why not follow his example and help selflessly?

Jesus heals a paralytic

In the video at the end of this title you will find the story corresponding to the verse of Mt. 9.1-8; Mr. 2.1-12 (Jesus heals a paralytic).

Mt. 9.1-8; Mr. 2.1-12

How many times have we not acted like the Pharisees and doubted the word of God? How many times, despite witnessing miracles, do we allow fear to take over our lives? How many times does God not tell us: Get up and go! But instead of doing so, we stand still lamenting what we don’t yet have.

God has power and his power is healing. But if we don’t have faith, nothing changes. Let’s show our faith. Let us glorify God always, despite our fears or the circumstances or illness that we are going through, he never abandons his children.

The call to Levi

If you want to know what happened after the episode of the fishermen and the healing of the leper and the paralytic, continue reading.

Mt. 9.9-13; Mr. 2.13-17

The Master Jesus, after his miracles such as the healing of the paralyzed man, decides to stay for a while in Capernanum, next to the Sea of ​​Galilee, there he meets Levi. Although his name means the one who joins his own, his life represented the opposite. The Master, seeing him, makes a request: “Follow me!” and this one, without thinking, does it. Leaving his work as a Tax Collector and becoming a disciple of Jesus.

God, in his infinite love and mercy, has designed a plan for each of us. God invites us to repent without judging ourselves, so let’s do it, repent and attend to his call individually, with a willing heart, with faith, without fear, safe and always trusting in the kind plans he has for us.

The question about fasting

When we talk about fasting, we normally relate it to not eating, but is that really what it means or represents? She continues reading and find out.

Mt. 9.14-17; Mr. 2.18-22

Jesus teaches us that fasting is related to his presence, so his disciples fasted with the purpose of getting closer to him, seeking more intensely his protection, guidance, comfort, love and forgiveness. True fasting is giving to those who need it and not exercising our will and the “new skin” represents our rebirth, adopting a new life after repenting and accepting the Lord as our savior.

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