Prayers for After Communion, and Thanksgiving

Prayers for After Communion, and Thanksgiving

The faith of the Catholic people becomes even more fervent in terms of prayers after communion , and thanksgiving, many are those that are prayed after this sacred act celebrated in the Catholic Church after the Eucharistic celebration.

Act of faith

The prayers after communion before the end of the Eucharist or Mass of the Churches (Catholic), is the most fervent act of the parishioners who attend such religious celebrations. Some of them are prayed all the time, however the reader will learn a little more about it, among some of them are:

act of worship

Oh my God! I adore you present within me, and I join Mary Most Holy, the Angels and the Saints to adore you as you deserve.

Thanksgiving Act

I thank you, Beloved Father, with all my heart, because you have come into my soul. Blessed Virgin, Angel of my guardian, Angels and Saints of Heaven, give thanks to God for me. 

Soul of Christ

Soul of Christ, sanctify me. Body of Christ, save me. Blood of Christ, intoxicate me. Water from the side of Christ, wash me. Passion of Christ, comfort me. Oh, good Jesus!, hear me. Within your wounds, hide me. Do not allow me to separate from You. From the evil enemy, defend me. At the hour of my death, call me. And bid me come to You. So that with your saints I praise you. Forever and ever. Amen

To Jesus Crucified

Look at me, oh my dear and beloved Jesus! On my knees before your presence: I beg you with the greatest fervor, write in my heart true sentiments of faith, charity, love, hope, true sorrow for my sins and the strongest purpose not to offend you; while I, with the greatest affection and compassion that I am capable of feeling, I am considering and looking at your five wounds, being clear about what the prophet David said about You, oh good Jesus: “They have pierced my hands and my feet and all my bones can be counted.” (Psalm 21, 17-18).

To our beloved Jesus Christ

Sweet Jesus Christ, I pray that your Passion is the force that helps me to be strong, protect and defend; I pray that your wounds be food and drink that nourishes me, quenches my thirst and comforts me; May the sprinkling of your blood cleanse all my crimes; may your death grant me eternal life and the cross be my glory forever. May I find in this the food, joy, health and sweetness of my heart. You who live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.

To Mary Most Holy Virgin and Our Mother

Oh Mary, Virgin and Most Holy Mother, I have received your beloved Son, whom you carried in your blessed womb, raising him and feeding him with your chest, and embracing him with so much love in your arms. The same one that you were happy to look at and fill with joy, with love and humility I present it to you, I offer it to you, so that you embrace it, love it with your heart and deliver it to the Holy Trinity in supreme cult of adoration, for honor and Glory, for my needs and for those of the whole world.

I ask you pious Mother of mine, that you get me the forgiveness of my sins, the abundant grace to serve you, from now on, and always, with the greatest fidelity; and the grace to persevere to the end so that I can praise him with you forever and ever. Amen.

To San Jose

Beloved protector and father of virgins, Saint Joseph, to whose faithful protection were given the same innocence, Christ Jesus, and the Virgin of virgins, Mary. For these two precious garments, Jesus and Mary, I pray and beg that they reach me and be protected from all impurity, always serve Jesus and Mary with a purified soul, a pure heart and a sacred body. Amen.

prayers for before communion

come oh jesus

my father jesus christ

Thank you Lord, for the Eucharist

Brief references on the prayer of the Soul of Christ

In the text of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola on the prayer of the Soul of Christ, he refers that it is an old prayer from medieval times that appears in several codices during the fourteenth century, to which he had a lot of devotion.

Passion of Christ, comfort me.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola always found refuge in the Passion of Christ and in his prayer, which he mercifully repeated in the difficult stage that he had to live as it was with cancer.

Look at me, O my beloved and good Jesus!

On my knees before your divine presence

I beg and beg of you,

With the greatest fervor that I feel,

You deign to engrave in my heart

True feelings of faith, charity and hope

Will and sorrow of my sins

That it truly has the purpose of never offending you

while I,

With the pain and compassion that I feel 

Go reflecting on your five wounds,

Taking into account what he said about you,

The holy prophet David:

They have pierced my hands and my feet

and you can count all my bones»

With this prayer an indulgence can be achieved as long as it is said before a Crucifix after the moment of communion. If it is to the taste of the practitioner, he can kiss the Crucifix.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola was a great man, a notary by profession, an eminent jurist, who gave his soul to God, giving an example of piety, love, dedication to all around him, just as he always tried to transmit his devotion and devotion to his nine children. love for the crucifix

Take, beloved Jesus, and receive my freedom,

my memory, will, understanding,

everything I own and have

You gave it to me, Lord, to you I return it. It’s yours.

Decide, Lord, according to your will

Give me your love along with your grace

And I’ll be pretty rich

I don’t want anything else.

With this prayer the spiritual exercises or prayers of Saint Ignatius of Loyola culminate. It is a good custom to repeat these prayers at the time of Mass, and after communion, as well as to reach an indulgence with it and offer it for the souls in purgatory, a deceased person or for the same person.

Prayers for after Communion

After the moment of Communion, it is time to give thanks to our Father Beloved God for so many graces that he grants us, for his mercy and unconditional love, some of these prayers are the ones that we show below.

Lord stay with me

This prayer was made by Padre Pio for the moment after communion, as we mentioned before.

you come to visit me,

as father and friend.

Jesus, don’t leave me alone.

Stay, Lord, with me!

Through the world within shadows

I am a wandering pilgrim.

Give me light and grace.

Stay, Lord, with me!

in this precious moment

hugged I’m with you.

May this union never fail me.

Stay, Lord, with me!

Join me in my life.

I need your presence.

Without You I have no strength and I fall.

Stay, Lord, with me!

Falling is the afternoon.

I go fast like a river

to the deep sea of ​​death.

Stay, Lord, with me!

In sorrow and in joy

Be my support while I live,

until I die in your arms.

Stay, Lord, with me!


I thank you, my Jesus, for the favor you have done me by coming to me.

If when I receive any gift, I give thanks, how much more will I give to you, who have given me yourself in person!

Thank you Lord given for such a great benefit. I can say that I am yours, and you are all mine.

In response to this benefit, I will try to have a more holy, pure, pleasing life for you. Amen.

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit: to a God in Three Persons I bless and sing.

Psalm of love for Jesus


I love you as the Angels and Saints love you, who are with you in Heaven.

Oh Jesus, I love you and I want all men to know you and love you.

I love you for so many infidels who do not know you and so many impious who blaspheme.

I love you for so many heretics who deny you and so many bad Christians who offend you.

I love you for the damned in hell, who will never have the joy of loving you.


I adore you, Jesus, within my soul, because you are my Creator and Lord.

I adore you, as your Angels of Heaven who are in your presence adore you.

I adore you as the Angels that are around your altars adore you.

I adore you as your Mother adores you; I adore you inside my heart.

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit: to a God in Three Persons I bless and sing.

prayer of mercy

On my knees at your feet, O Jesus, I address the following prayers to you with all love:

Eyes of my Beloved Jesus, Look at me: Now that you are in me, look at my soul and save me.

Lips of Jesus, speak to me. Tell me what I must do to be sanctified. 

Oh! feet of Jesus, follow me: I don’t want to go anywhere bad from now on.

Hand of Christ, Bless me: With your blessing it is easy for me not to commit sin.

Heart of Jesus, Love me: I know that you love me, I do not want anything else or desire anything else.

Arm of Jesus, Lead me: Guide me on the right path and separate me from evil.

Take me to Glory: Yes, to Heaven with you, with the Virgin Mary, the Angels and Saints. Amen.

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit: to a God in Three Persons I bless and sing.

prayer of trust

Heart of Jesus, I trust in you and I hope you grant me the graces I need to imitate you and be truly holy.

Through your Heart, united to mine, I ask you not to allow me to ever separate myself from you because of mortal sin.

Through your humbled Heart, make me meek and humble.

For your Heart, so sad, give me strength to move away from me everything that puts me in danger of offending you.

Through your obedient Heart, make mine obedient to my parents and superiors.

By your pious Heart, grant me the spirit of piety towards God, and that I do my devotions perfectly.

For your heart so pure, give me the gift of purity and chastity. Amen.

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit: to a God in Three Persons I bless and sing.

Prayer of refuge in Jesus

Soul of Christ, sanctify me. Let us ask Jesus to make us saints and not sin.

Body of Christ, save me. We have a soul; we must save her from all sin.

Blood from the Side of Christ, intoxicate me. We must be filled with his love.

Water from the Side of Christ, purify me. Let our soul always be pure.

Passion of Christ, comfort me. Let us pray to Jesus to help us in temptations. 

Oh good Jesus, hear me. Jesus hears our prayers.

Within your wounds, hide me.

Do not allow us to be separated from You. This is the greatest misfortune.

From the evil enemy, defend me. Our enemy is the devil.

At the hour of my death, call me. And bid me come to You. We must go to Jesus and be with him.

So that with your Saints I praise you, forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer of fear and hope

O Jesus, answer my prayer:

I’m afraid of going to hell; but, I trust you.

I fear sin; but I know you will give me grace not to fall into it.

I fear to be in front of you; but I know that you will give me salvation.

I fear worldly scandals; but I know that with your grace they will not deceive me.

I fear bad company; I know that you will help me to separate myself from them.

I hope, Jesus will go to Heaven. help me go

I want to always live in the grace of God.

I want to appear before you clean.

 I don’t want to let the world fool me.

I want to get away from bad company.

I see you, my Jesus, adored by angels, Shepherd Kings.

I admire you in the arms of your mother Mary Most Holy and in the house of Nazareth.

I see you preaching and performing miracles, died on the cross and risen.

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit: to a God in Three Persons I bless and sing

prayer of resolutions

I just received communion: I just received you, Jesus, inside of me. Listen to my purposes.

Do I get upset easily? Does pride kill me? Do I have a bad temper? I will correct myself.

Do I not behave well with my relatives? Do I upset my parents? I will change my attitude.

Do I see indecent books? I will not do it anymore.

Do I have a friend that does not suit me? I will stay away from her. Jesus will always be my best friend. 

Do I not fulfill my obligations? I will comply with them for my love of Jesus.

Do I talk to God? Do I stop saying my prayers? I will pray every day.

Am I a fan of the game? I will play, but I will control myself in time.

Do I have any defects that they have told me? I will try to make amends.

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit: to a God in Three Persons I bless and sing.

The conversation with Jesus

JESUS: Are you happy to be inside me?

Young man: I cannot deny it my good Jesus; I feel within me joy and happiness. 

JESUS: Would you like to always be my friend?

Young: Yes, I would like that very much.

JESUS. All up to you; I love you.

Young: It’s true; There is something that hinders me to be with you.

JESUS: Tell me, which one is it?

Young: The passions of my heart.

JESUS: One of the intentions of Communion is to calm those passions.

Young man: Oh my good Jesus, I will receive Communion frequently and fervently.

Jesus, keep my soul from sin.

Jesus, give me virtue.

Jesus, allow me to imitate you.

Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: I bless and sing to a God in Three Persons.

virgin mary

The conversation with Maria

MARIA: You received my Son. As I had him in my arms, you have him in your heart. Thank you for visiting him.

Young: Yes, my goodness, I want to thank you: how will I do it?

MARÍA: Loving him very much and treating him well. 

Young man: This is what I ask of Jesus: that nothing separates me from Him.

MARÍA: I feel sorry for the young people who receive it, but then turn their backs on it!

Young: Could that be? Receive Jesus and then abandon him?

MARÍA: Yes, they do that in the morning, and then they go to bad companies and bad places.

Young: Well, I promise I won’t be one of these. Help me fulfill it.

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, to a God in Three Persons I bless and sing.


You have said, O Jesus: Ask and you shall receive. So I come to ask you:

may you be everywhere known, loved, adored;

that you bless, support the Pope of Rome, your representative on earth

that you increase the Priests, Missionaries who work for the salvation of souls;

that those who are in the grace of God do not faint in sin and that sinners know you and are not condemned;

that you bless, sanctify my friends, parents, relatives, brothers and my enemies, relatives, to serve you on earth and enjoy you together in Heaven;

May you bless all my superiors and those in charge of my education.

And for me I ask you these thanks:

do not commit mortal sin…

give me a good and holy death…

When I die, open the gates of Heaven for me.

Glory to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; One God in Three Persons I bless and sing.

The words of Jesus

Jesus speaks to the heart of the one who has just received Communion and tells him:

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world if he goes to hell?

Learn from Me, who am humble and meek of Heart.

Blessed are those whose hearts are clean from sin, for they will see God.

Be  attentive and pray, so that you do not fall into temptation.

He who takes my Body in Holy Communion lives in Me, and I in him.

I have power in Heaven and on earth. Trust me. I have overcome the world.

I am the good shepherd, and you are my sheep. Listen to my words.

If you ask me for something, I will grant it to you, if it suits your soul.

I have come into the world, so that those who believe in Me do not walk in darkness.

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit: to a God in Three Persons I bless and sing.

I adore you devote

I adore you with passion, hidden deity,

that you are under these hidden forms;

to you my heart surrenders whole,

and everything faints if he looks at you.

The sight, the touch, the taste are deceived in you.

But your word is surrendered faith;

what Jesus has said, I believe;

for there is no truth like divine truth.

On the Cross the deity was hidden.

here humanity is hidden;

and both believing and confessing,

I ask what the repentant thief asked for.

I do not see, as Thomas saw, your wounds,

but for his God my soul praises you:

always do, Lord, that I believe in you,

that I wait for you, that I love you without measure.

O memorial of the passion of Christ,

oh living bread that you give life to humanity:

allow my soul to live from you,

and enjoy your celic delights.

Jesus Amado, pious pelican,

wash my impure chest with your blood,

that of such blood a droplet can

save everyone from their malice.

My Jesus, whom I now see hidden,

fulfill, Lord, what my chest desires:

that with an uncovered face contemplating you,

forever enjoy your clear view. Amen.

stay sir with me

Stay, Lord, with me, I need you present so as not to forget you, because you know how often I abandon you.

Stay, Lord, with me, I am very weak and I need your strength not to fall into temptation.

Stay, Lord, with me, you are my life, without you I often fall in fervor.

Stay, Lord, with me, you are my light, without you I am in darkness.

Stay, Lord, with me, let me hear your voice and pursue it.

Stay, Lord, with me, show me your will.

Stay, Lord, with me, I want to love you very much, live in your company always.

Stay, Lord, with me, my whole being is consecrated to you, you belong to me.

Stay, Lord, make my heart a prison of your love from which you never walk away.

Stay, Lord, with me, I want to be faithful to you always. 

Stay, Lord, with me, because although my soul is very poor, I want it to be for you a place of comfort, a closed orchard, a nest of love.

Stay, Lord, with me, make your love fill me so much that its loving flames consume me.

Stay, Lord, with me, it’s getting late and the shadows disappear, life passes, the count approaches, eternity, and it is necessary that I redouble my days, my efforts, that I continue on the path, that’s why I need you.

It is getting late and night is coming, darkness attacks me, temptations, obscurities, sorrows, crosses, dryness; and you are necessary to me, my Father, to encourage me on this night of exile, how much I need you Jesus!

Stay, Lord, with me, in this night of life and dangers, I want to see your clarity, show yourself and allow me to know you as your disciples in the breaking of the bread, that the Eucharistic union be the light that illuminates my darkness, the strength that keep and the joy that intoxicates my heart.

Stay, Lord, with me, when death comes, I want to be with You and if not really through Holy Communion, at least I want to have my soul with You through grace and a burning love.

Stay, Lord, with me, I do not ask you to feel your beloved presence and divine gifts that I do not deserve, but your presence in me by grace, oh, I do ask you!

Stay, Lord, with me, because I only seek you, your intimacy, love, heart, spirit and grace. I seek You for Yourself because I love You; and I ask for no other reward than loving you solidly, loving you only, loving you with all my heart on earth to continue loving you perfectly for all eternity.

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