How to get the blessings for the children?

How to get the blessings for the children?

Blessings for children are a way of showing all the love that parents feel for them, they can be through prayers and requests to God, learn through this article how to do it.

blessings for the children 

In many of the countries of the world, there is a tradition that consists of blessing the children, in some cases the children address their parents requesting the blessing, in others it is the parents who come to give them the blessing or whatever same blessings for the eyes.

There are cases where only the mother or father give the blessing throughout the day, in any case, the important thing is that this action represents an act of kindness and love of the parents towards the children, and these show their submission to God, accepting the blessing or requesting it in other words the blessings for the children.

Prayer to bless the children

The complement of the demonstration of love towards those beings that the parents have given them life is established through Christian prayer for the children, it is a spiritual connection that is made to ask God not only to bless them, but also to protect and love them. , let’s see:

“ My son, I bless you, my son, you are a son of God, you are capable, you are strong, you are intelligent, you are kind, you achieve what you set out to do, since the life of God is within you.”

“My son, I always see you with the eyes of God, I love you with the love of God, I bless you with the blessing of God, Infinite thanks.”

“My son, You are the light of our lives, You are the joy of our home, You are a gift from God, you will have a bright future, Since you were born blessed by God, and you are growing in the blessing, and the love of our home, thank you son and may God bless you”.

Prayer to children in any situation

This prayer to protect my children is a complement to the daily blessing, it is recommended not only to use it when there are complicated situations but in order to protect and bless them, this beautiful prayer goes like this:

“Our Father, in your name I seal and protect… (The name of the children is said) I ask you Father Lord to send the blessing of your mother, the Virgin Mary and her husband Saint Joseph, to all your angels and archangels so that take care, protect and bless my children (the children are renamed).”

” My Father, guide them on their paths and do not allow them to receive any bad advice, any mistreatment, or anything that hurts them and damages their hearts, Holy Jesus, I put all the being of my children … (The names of the children are said ) in your hands, so that you are the Holy One who guides their path and their steps, allow them Lord to win all the battles against evil, whether spiritual or physical, make yourself present and make them invisible in the face of danger.” Through Christ our Lord, Amen.”

Parents have the obligation to protect our children, they must take care of them and ensure that they follow paths of faith and justice, teach them to fight for their Christian values ​​and defeat the actions of negative force that invade our world, so a prayer for praying for the children  helps to give them that divine protection that they need so much.

The blessing of the parents towards the children, serves to approach them, know them and understand them, so that they can know when they need our help, the prayer for the children presented in this article tries to promote the union between the family and improve the relationship of parents with their children.

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