Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to recover love

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to recover love

The prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel for love is very powerful and effective, if you find yourself in a somewhat difficult sentimental situation and you want to recover the love of your life, this prayer is the ideal one. You just have to pray with great faith and trusting that the loved one will return soon.

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel for love

Saint Michael the Archangel is known as one of the 7 powerful archangels that make up the heavenly choir, he is considered the chief of the archangels by the Catholic Church. The importance of this characteristic archangel lies in the fact that he was in charge of expelling Lucifer from heaven during the last celestial battle.

In white magic, the archangel San Miguel is highly praised and revered, since he is the greatest warrior to fight against all evil and also the one who is in charge of destroying all bad influence that is in the whole world, and that can harm others. each one of us.

Many people go to this powerful archangel through prayer to request his divine help in any situation that is presented in our lives. We especially go to him to ask him for love, for that loved one who has left our side and we want him to return immediately and of course loving us more than ever.

Next, we are going to describe a prayer dedicated to the Archangel Saint Michael to help us recover the love that we have lost for some specific reason, we only need to pray to him with great faith, devotion and always trusting that our pleas will be heard and the favor requested. will be awarded:

God save you, archangel Saint Michael victorious,

blessed and most glorious angel of God

and so specially favored by him,

today in my pain I invoke you, I call you with faith,

and I request your beneficial help and protection;

I beg you to destroy all bad energy

that may be affecting

cover me with your divine light

and with your incredibly effective and fast power

intercede for me so that I may see my wishes fulfilled.

Archangel Michael custodian of the gates of heaven,

I offer you my humble gratitude

for the service you always give me

and because I know you will help me in my love problems:

(say what you want to achieve).

O archangel Saint Michael,

heavenly prince, my guardian angel!

I humbly ask you to listen to my voice

and put in my heart the sweet peace that I long for.

I can’t live in peace

and my soul is full of restlessness.

I can only cure my ills and remove my sorrows

having the love of …….

(name of loved one). O archangel Saint Michael,

celestial prince, my guardian angel,

listen to my voice!

In the name of the Father,

in the name of the Son,

and in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Amen. (Recite, with all hope of achieving your desires,

la siguiente oración): “In the praise and honor of God and the benefit of the neighbor.”

They cried out to the Lord in fear,

where there was no fear.”Amen.

Oh, lofty and divine trinity of the Creator Father,

of the Redeemer Son and of the glorifying Holy Spirit!

¡Alpha y Omega!

Oh, mighty Adonai!

To your infinite goodness comes and prostrates humbly

this creature ……. (your name),

and wholeheartedly asks you to ……. always loved me

and be happy by my side.

Jahel, Ismael, Rosael,

O mighty angels of Love!

watch over my beloved

and make his soul be generous with me

and may your heart beat with love only for me.

Jahel, Ismael, Rosael,

listen to me and help me.

So be it. Amen

Accompany the prayer with 9 Our Fathers and 9 Ave Maria, the prayer must be performed for 3 consecutive days. And at the time of praying, a light blue candle should be lit for each day.

Prayer to think of me

Saint Michael the Archangel, you who are the prince of heaven and the warrior of all the angels, on this day I approach you with my heart in my hand because only you can give him relief and help him to heal my wounds. Lord, you who are right next to the one who is the maximum protector and you only want to give us love to take it to the whole world, I ask you to please intercede for me; I beg for your mercy and great help. Archangel Michael, right now I only have a great thirst for love and what I want most is that you help me quench it, I just want to create strong ties and relationships that are really lasting, real and where only love reigns in the first instance.

In this way, I ask you to help me so that (name of the person) turn his gaze towards me with love, that every moment of his life he thinks of me and in every moment, that he only wants to be with me always by his side. Lord, I ask you at this time to listen to my requests, today I speak to you from my heart and it does so from love in order to be worthy of a love that is good, pure and simple, give me the satisfaction of being able to be happy and have a good love Help me to reach and have little by little her heart so that he/she belongs to me,Amen.

Prayer for me to find

“(name of the person) I want you to look for me now, right at this precise moment, from wherever you are. Merciful Lord, I ask you from this moment so that (name of the person) puts his thoughts only on me, that he never manages to  think of anyone other than me, that his concentration is only dedicated to me and in this way he can understand that you need me in your life and that it will not be possible to spend another day without my love.

I ask you Lord to leave your pride, to come call me and look for me desperately and want to have me by your side for the rest of your days. In the name of Jesus, amen.”

 Pray to the Archangel Saint Michael

The archangel Saint Michael is considered the great protector of all of us who inhabit the earth, as well as our soul when we leave this life and travel towards eternal life. As already mentioned, this archangel is the chief of the other angels and archangels and in this way, together with his army, he is in charge of fulfilling each and every one of the creator’s designs.

Many believers pray to Saint Michael to ask for his shelter, his protection, as well as to request his mercy through some favor that is needed. It should also be mentioned that many believers pray to him not to request something, on the contrary, they do it out of gratitude; his kindness, his love and his mercy towards each one of them. And for having interceded for them before our Heavenly Father in the face of the difficult situation they were experiencing and requesting his divine help.

As previously mentioned, Saint Michael is highly revered in the practice of white magic, since by design of our Lord Jesus Christ he is in charge of fighting all evil that surrounds us, as well as destroying any bad influence that may be engulfing the whole world. The archangel San Miguel, being considered the greatest warrior of all the archangels, is in charge of taking care of the earth until its end.

Archangel Saint Michael

For the Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic and Anglican, Jewish and Islamic churches, Saint Michael is considered the most important archangel and is the most powerful among all of them, therefore he is the head of all angels and archangels. Because he is considered the most important among all others, he is recognized as the first among the 7 archangels of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The name of this archangel means Who is like God?, an aspect that is extremely important, since, as mentioned above, this archangel is the head of the army of God made up of the other archangels. The functions of this army are; guide, protect and protect all humanity from any harm or evil, as well as being in charge of combating and defeating each and every one of the figures that they recognize as fearsome and can threaten world peace, such as the Fallen angel according to the scriptures, Satan.

According to the scriptures, the archangel San Miguel will be part of those who will be present during the final judgment, for this reason in his hands a scale is observed in order to weigh the souls, this archangel is also in charge of cutting and freeing the souls of the earth when they withdraw from their carnal body, that is, he is in charge of freeing the souls of people when they die and also of accompanying them to the place where they will enter rest and in this way he must protect them all the way.

The most outstanding attribute that is attributed to San Miguel is to be vigilant, since he is primarily in charge of protecting and sheltering the innocent and the helpless. And with the sword that fills the fight against evil, it can be said that he is the judge in charge of exterminating it, another attribute that can be highlighted of Saint Michael is the guardian of the earth and the sky, since he reigns in both. worlds.

In addition to the attributes that were mentioned in the previous lines that are very important, it should also be mentioned and highlighted that this archangel is highly sought after in sentimental situations. He is invoked through prayer to recover the loved one who has been lost for whatever reason, and with faith and devotion towards the thousands of believers they pray to him and beg him to recover that love.

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