Prayer to the Lord of Mercy to Ask for a Favor

Prayer to the Lord of Mercy to Ask for a Favor

The Prayer to the Lord of Mercy to ask for a favor is a kind of prayer that is used or recited in order to obtain the favor of God and Jesus for the things we need in life. So in the following article we can learn how to make this type of prayer and why it works.

Prayer to the Lord of Mercy to Ask for a Favor

This is a prayer to the Lord of mercy to ask for a favor , whatever it may be, if you ask from the heart he can help you grant it, for this you can pray the following:

Oh great God of infinite mercy!, of enormous goodness, from the abyss of what is their dejection, all human beings implore your presence and mercy today, Your compassion, Oh God!; and they cry out with a loud voice of misfortune.

Most Gracious God, do not ignore the prayers of this man in his earthly exile! O Lord! Kindness that tends to escape our human understanding, that you come to know the misery of humanity from the bottom, and you know very well that with the human forces that it possesses I cannot rise to you, so I implore you :

Progress with your grace and continue to increase your mercy in me, so that we can faithfully fulfill what is your holy will, throughout my life and at the hour of death when it comes.

May your great omnipotence of your mercy shield me from all the arrows that the enemies of my salvation tend to throw, so that, with all confidence, as your true children, we can await your last coming, which only you know the day exactly the same.

And I hope I can get what Jesus promised me despite my mesquite. Because Jesus is my hope: Through his great and enormous merciful Heart, as it is in the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

Recommendation: You should ask for the favors that you want to achieve by divine mercy and at the same time pray the creed, the 3 Our Fathers and the Glory. You should also repeat the prayer with great faith and hope over the course of about 3 days in a row.

Divine Mercy of Jesus Prayer to Request an Urgent Favor

Today we venerate you, Lord of Mercy, who I offer you this prayer for all those people who require a job, in addition to people who are sick in body, mind and soul, also this prayer is good for those poorest and most needy people, also for the mothers and babies who are in the womb so that they never become aborted, and for each and every one of the needs, Amen.

Prayer Merciful Jesus in you I trust

For this sentence we can say the following words which are:

I am prostrated humbly before your feet, which I come to ask you, my sweet Jesus, to be able to constantly repeat that:


If trust tends to be the test of tenderness to said test of love which I long to give you even when I find myself mired in complete bitterness, I can fully say:


During the saddest hours of my life when all the people leave me Oh my god! and my soul finds itself in combated sorrows can confidently say:


If I contract a holy alliance with you and give you my heart and love and also all my free will, I can fully say, how can my hope be frustrated? If I know for sure that:


And he came to feel a kind of confidence in such a way that without any fear of anything, my Jesus, I can be sure to repeat until death for which:


You expired, oh Jesus, however, the source of life came to sprout immensely for all souls and also for the ocean of great Mercy it came to open throughout the world. Or the source of Life, Oh the Infinite Mercy which reaches to encompass the entire world and which you always poured out on each one of us.

Oh Blood and Water, that came to flow from the Heart of the Lord Jesus himself as one of the Source of Mercy for all of us and also for the whole world, for what I can fully say:


For this moment you can make with a great amount of faith, the request that you want to obtain. Now you can repeat the following words:

Eternal Father, today I offer you the Body, Blood, Soul and also the Divinity of Your Beloved Son our Lord Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of all my sins and the sins of the entire world. For the painful passion you suffered, have mercy on all of us and also on the whole world. Oh holy God, Strong Saint, The Immortal Saint of heaven, have mercy on all of us and also on the whole world. Amen….!

Discover The Powerful Prayers of the Lord of Mercy

If you require divine help or ask for a great miracle urgently, with this prayer to the Lord of mercy to ask for a favor, he is the one who will help you solve your problems that require divine help.

History of the Lord of Mercy

The Prayer to the Lord of Mercy to Ask for a Favor, consists of a kind of Christian devotion which is promoted by the Catholic Church itself that comes to focus on God’s mercy and his great power. Divine Mercy wants to make the person understand that God’s mercy is about the price paid for all our sins and that, if there is full trust in the Lord Jesus, sins will be forgiven.

In order to render a devotion to said figure, different internal acts such as prayers and external acts such as venerating the image of Divine Mercy, attending the festivities of mercy and performing acts of mercy with him must be performed. neighbor.

This kind of devotion came to be distributed by the Polish nun named Faustina Kowalska through her own diary where she narrated the mystical conversations that she would have had with Jesus Christ himself.

Images of Jesus of Mercy

When the devotion to Divine Mercy began to spread, a kind of image was unveiled to the nun Santa Faustina in 1931 and that the Lord Jesus asked her to paint. Starting from that moment, some 3 very significant images were painted. The first became a commission from Santa Faustina herself, which was made by a man named Eugenio Kazimirowsky in 1934.

The 2nd was made by order of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Mother of God of Mercy during the year 1942 and was painted by the renowned artist named Estanislao Batowski. These first 2 paintings were consumed by fire during the Warsaw uprising.

Later, after the occurrence of the fire, the famous painter named Adolfo Hyla was the one who arrived at the house of the Congregation with the proposal of painting a new painting of Jesus in gratitude for him having been saved from the war. The painter finished the painting in 1943.

Prayers to Jesus of Divine Mercy

Below we are going to present you some 3 popular prayers to Divine Mercy as a protection prayer from the Lord of Mercy to ask for miracles even in the most difficult moments of your life.

3 o’clock prayer

This kind of prayer to what is the Divine Mercy of the Lord Jesus is the one that will serve you for any kind of request you want to make to the Lord Jesus. The same must be prayed for the course of a period of 3 continuous weeks at 3 in the afternoon, in order to obtain the required help. The sentence tends to be the following:

Oh Blood and Water, that came to spring from the Heart of Jesus as a kind of Fountain of Mercy for all of us, in which I trust! You expired, oh Jesus, however, the source of life sprouted enormously for souls, and also for the ocean of Mercy which opened throughout the entire world.

Oh Jesus, you came to give yourself for each and every one of us to such an amazing passion which was backed by the sole reason of love for the human being. The eternal justice of God your father would have come to be expiated with just 1 breath of yours and all annihilations tend to be the acts of your full mercy as well as your inconceivable love.

When you were dying on the cross of Calvary, at that moment you came to donate your own life to us, by simply allowing your most sacred side to open, through which you opened to us a tireless source of mercy; that he comes to offer us the greatest and most valuable thing that he could have, this means, that it is about the Blood and also the Water of his heart.

Therefore, behold the great omnipresence of your mercy from which all grace comes to flow to us. Oh Jesus, who is the eternal Truth, our Life, came to beg you and the beggar of your mercy for all those poor sinners. Your oh Lord who has a sweet Heart, which is full of pity and also of unfathomable mercy, came to beg you for the poor who are also sinners.

Oh Most Sacred Heart, the true source of mercy from which the same rays of inconceivable graces tend to sprout over the entire human race. I implore you for the light of all poor sinners. Oh Jesus, I ask you to remember the bitter passion you went through and not allow the souls that were redeemed with such great preciousness to be lost, the most holy blood of yours, oh Jesus.

Oh Jesus, when I came to consider the high price of his blood, I came to rejoice greatly because just 1 drop of water we can rejoice in its immensity because and with the help of the discipline of the students.

Prayer of the Lord of Mercy to Ask for a Favor

If you want to get to ask the Lord of mercy for help in the most difficult and complicated matters of your life, you can pray this prayer to the Lord of mercy to ask for favor during the 3 nights in a row and you will get the help you require, so the sentence goes like this:

Oh great God of enormous mercy, I ask you at this moment for your favor and your help in all the things I do on this day, also, oh holy God, I ask for your complete protection at every moment of my life, in order to be able to give you all my complete adoration, you oh holy Jesus Christ great and powerful son of God, I praise you and bless you at all times of my life, only you are worthy of taking my adoration, I ask you at this time for your help with each of the problems that present during my life and day.

Because I can be fully confident that you will be by my side at all times from the beginning of my days to the setting of the moon and rest in my bed at night, even your protection is over me when I sleep. Amen….!!

Prayer Jesus in You I Trust

This is going to be another of the most powerful prayers of the Christ of Mercy that will help you find what peace is and also clarity in the face of all the most difficult and complicated moments of our lives.

If you are going through one of the hardest moments of your life or you want to send a kind of positive energy to a person who is sick, depressed or who is also going through a very big process, with the help of this prayer to the lord of mercy to ask for a favor will be able to send good positive energies to the people who require it.

Now, close your eyes and begin to imagine the following: Jesus stands in front of you, is watching you, and asks you the following question:

Why do you get confused and agitated by the problems of life?

For what he then mentions: Leave me in charge of all your things and I assure you that everything will be fine. When you truly rest in me, all the things that trouble you will be resolved with total tranquility according to my purposes. Do not worry or despair, do not start saying a prayer to me that is agitated, as if you were going to demand that I fulfill all your wishes. So I urge you to close the eyes of your soul and tell me calmly:

Jesus I trust you!

I command you to forget about worries and anxieties and also about thoughts regarding what may happen next. Do not go to ruin my plans with you, wanting to impose your plans, since my thoughts are not your thoughts and my purposes are not your purposes. Let me be God and let me act freely in your life.

Surrender completely to me, come and rest in me, let my hands guide your life towards your future. So you should only believe in one thing and this is:

Jesus I trust you!

What mostly comes to do you a lot of damage is wanting to solve things and situations in your own way. When you get to say the words: “Jesus, I trust in You!”, Do not be like that patient who asks the doctor to heal him, but at the same time suggests how he should do it. Let me carry you in my arms, don’t be afraid… Because I love you!

Now, if you come to notice or believe that things started to get worse or that they are getting complicated anyway, do not be afraid, keep trusting. She closes both her natural eyes and those of her soul and repeats at all times: Jesus, I trust in You!

I need you, I need your presence, that your grace and your favor completely surround me until I feel that you are by my side, I want your hands to work in my life. Don’t let my worries tie me down uselessly. Since the devil only wants to distress me, take away my peace and shake me. So my answer and my help is only found in you, fully resting on you oh Jesus.

So I can not worry without worry, since I can trust you with all my worries and sleep peacefully. Since I can say with total certainty that:

Jesus I trust you!

And I will be able to see your miracles in my life. I know because of your infinite love for me. So I can confidently place all my hopes in your power, mercy and infinite love, oh Lord Jesus.

Other Catholic Miraculous Prayers for Difficult Cases

If you have come to like these prayer classes to the Lord of mercy to ask for a favor, you can also recite some of the following prayers which can be of great help for some moments of your life when you need them:

  • First: The Prayer to the Lord of Miracles for Urgent Requests

This is treated as another kind of miraculous prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ with which you can ask for the divine help of Jesus at times when you are in very serious trouble.

  • Second: The Prayer to Jesus of Great Power for Difficult Cases

If you have a problem that is very big or difficult to solve, this tends to be another of the prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ so that you make him listen to your requests and get divine help from our savior.

  • Third: The Prayer to the Miraculous Hand to Ask for a Miracle

The so-called miraculous hand tends to be another of the figures of the Catholic prayer book that is generally highly revered by Catholics themselves because of its effectiveness in achieving what is asked of it in prayer.

In the same way, leaving this topic of Catholicism, you can sincerely, from the heart and truly with faith, make a prayer to the Lord Jesus which can be dedicated by any kind of person regardless of religion or belief. From an evangelical Christian point of view, prayer to Jesus Christ is the answer to any of the problems that people in this world go through.

And only God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, are the ones who can truly help us face our difficulties, problems and afflictions, always under his protection and infinite help as long as we do things truly for him and from the heart.

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