Do you know how to talk to God?

Do you know how to talk to God? Learn the best way, here

Be surprised to discover how you can talk to God in an effective way, not only to be heard, but also to receive his answer.

How to talk to God?

The best method to converse with Jehovah is through when they cry out or glorify his name in prayer and we can apply this to any type of topic that we want to discuss with God, although in the scriptures there are some unique types of request, each One of the supplications that helped strengthen a partnership with God practically share the fact that they were made from the heart, that is, completely sincere. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

Since the beginning of time, people have always reflected on what the correct method is, well take note, the first thing to know how to do is pray and through our prayer it becomes very clear what we want to clarify, solve or the orientation that you want to receive.

In fact, even the followers of Jesus Christ asked him to show them how to do it and by pointing them out, he gave them a good example in the book of Luke and goes into more detail in the book of Matthew.

Many believe that when talking to God we should do it just like the prayer that he taught his apostles, but this is far from the truth since when evaluating his words it can be seen that he only gave a model or order of how it should actually be done. do.

You should talk with God just as we do with a partner or friend that we love very much and who really knows us, knows all your desires, joys, afflictions and your heart.

When we talk with colleagues or family, for the most part we welcome them first, and then we get information about their welfare or different things, showing a real enthusiasm for their prosperity and as the discussion progresses, there is interest on both sides.

This is essentially what God expects when we converse with him, in prayer. Be that as it may, following an organization is not equivalent to repeating the same thing every time we converse with someone, right? After all, God does not need us to do it with him either, to tell the truth, Christ himself warns us not to use vain reiterations in his name when we speak with the Father. (See Article: The power of early morning prayer )

As we find in the different stories of the Bible, when a child of God reserved time to talk with him, the most normal thing is that they do it on their knees since that position represents that we surrender to Him and to His will.

Be that as it may, we can also do it standing up in the bible there are many examples of how various characters did it, in fact if you prefer to do it very comfortably in a chair you can follow the example of King David and also converse with God comfortably seated .

In fact, there will be certain drawbacks in that when you have to pray and seek God you will not be able to kneel, in those cases the act is not significant, what is really significant is the state of mind with which we go to God, it is substantially more imperative for Him, when we pray in the serenity of our homes and in the time that we have reserved explicitly for Him, the most correct thing is to do it on our knees, it is a posture that shows respect. (Be sure to read the interesting article of how many prophets wrote the bible

The step-by-step instructions to approach God and talk with him through prayer and as has surely happened in his daily life, the more we know an individual, the easier it will be to talk with him and that is the most important thing, we must know goodbye; and it is made known through his sacred word in the Bible.

Satan, the incredible traitor, needs to make us imagine that God is a severe, inflexible being whom we must obey and fear, who is waiting for us to fail to send us to hell, nothing could be further from the truth, because it is not so, he is the best shelter and direction in bad times.

For the most part, our first conversations with another partner regularly seem to be limited, as if no one realizes what to say immediately, when we start a conversation with our brilliant Father, we will most likely feel the same, either way, you should not stress.

God realizes that we are simply figuring out how to talk to him, he will listen to us no matter how reluctant or unreliable we are in communicating our needs or those of others, we should figure out how to converse with God the way we would with a Father kind and caring, because that’s really who he is.

Any time we go to beg, we must seek a confined and quiet place, Jesus Christ told his faithful followers that they should ask in a room with the entrance closed, to speak with God in private, in addition, we must ensure that we have peace of mind by turning off all sound devices or televisions that may be nearby and interrupt that moment.

Some people get their life in order and just like King David and the prophet Daniel found time to ask and talk to God even three times a day, we should just be extremely grateful for the way we can turn to God anytime we need it. we need

We should just start talking, will it be that easy to talk to God? In fact, in a way it is, there are arguments in which the other individual consumes all the talking, despite the fact that God needs to hear what we have to say, he also needs us to hear him.

In the Old Testament, God spoke face to face with Adam, Noah and Moses, to give a few examples, while others received their messages through holy messengers, the gospels of each of these prophets have been safeguarded for us in the Bible. furthermore, the people who were with Christ during his service on earth also recorded his words in the scriptures.

God, having spoken ordinarily and from numerous points of view to the prophetic guardians, God speaks to us through the Bible, his compound word, accessible for us to examine and think about.

After you have asked, look for the solutions to your questions in the scriptures, our area of ​​study of the scriptures will be valuable to start doing as such talks with God is that simple. (Also read about the article  high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

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