Delight in knowing the wisdom of God, and the understanding of the Holy Spirit

Delight in knowing the wisdom of God, and the understanding of the Holy Spirit

The wisdom of God has been obvious since our beginnings, learn through this article, how to ask the holy spirit for understanding, to be able, more than understand, accept the wisdom of God.

Search for the Wisdom of God

The beginning of the questions about the wisdom of God began nothing more and nothing less than at the beginning of the world, that is, in the paradise better known as the Garden of Eden, Eve and Adam were given everything they could need, however , the main thing restricted was the tree in the Garden of Eden, God warned them not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and as we all know the story, they did not take into account the expressions of God and ate from the forbidden fruit.

We get information about all of everyday life, why terrible and insidious things happen on the planet; however, as a result of the misdeed of Adam and Eve’s insubordination in Eden, we are on the whole subject of these things and can be considered to be a legacy left by our forerunners, since that time there has been no individual that he has not transgressed God. (See Article: The Power of Prayer )

The intelligence of God is exhibited again in the book of Genesis in the story of Noah, when Jehovah saw how men were in sin throughout the earth and that their thoughts were full of evil and he repented of having created man and wanted erase all his creation but nevertheless God in his infinite wisdom looked at Noah and his family who lived according to the will of God and that is how they were chosen to repopulate the earth.

Would humanity be able to understand God? There are numerous verses that reveal that God truly blessed us with his intelligence, perhaps no one is known for his cunning like King Solomon, furthermore, God gave Solomon exceptionally extraordinary insight and reasonableness, and a heart as wide as the sand that it is by the sea.

Without intelligence, life can be hard, our human intelligence can lead us to fall into more difficulties, life can seem extremely out of place, in the event that life had perfect fairness, each of us would suffer endlessly for our imperfect lives, seeking God’s intelligence is the answer for every person, in the event that we can transmit our hearts and allow his word to guide us, we will continue with a real existence totally covered by the worship and cunning of God.

There are incalculable biblical supplications in which the Lord is asked for light to understand his contemplations, his directions and processes for man.

God’s endowment of wisdom is a weapon, a powerful propensity injected by God with blissful elegance, through which the devotee’s understanding, through the Holy Spirit, infiltrates his life with superhuman clarity and in a most divine manner. heavenly, beyond the human way.

The endowment of understanding lives in this moment, in the psyche of the devotee, The endowment of understanding and the wisdom of God aims to capture facts of daily life by a deep instinct, but without judging them, the researcher, once again, under the exceptional movement of the Holy Spirit, he makes an adequate decision about the things done, for a definitive end, what is more, in this he is recognized by the endowment of cunning, whose capacity is to make a decision to follow christ and be wise and remove bad things from your life. (See Article: Psalm 91 of the bible a night prayer  )

The endowment of understanding and wisdom is what Saint John of the Cross calls unadulterated trust, it is the reflective trust of spiritualists that, as we will find in the holy people, infiltrates deeply into their souls with an amazing revelation or reflection in them and their attitudes. .

When we want to find the wisdom of God, we must mainly have faith and trust in God, so that his will is well accepted in us, after this, having firm confidence in the Lord God means that we have a good relationship with Him, which allows us to acquire God’s wisdom of what is right or wrong for us to do in our lives.

The challenge of finding her

The blessings of the Holy Spirit, particularly that of understanding, shine in the Bible constantly, so great that it cannot be attributed only to human characteristics but rather it was the power and wisdom of God that was passed on to each of his messengers so that today we all have at our command the wisdom of the Lord through the Bible.

That book is full of all the knowledge of God and it is incredible but it has an answer to each of the questions that have been, and for that matter, this means that God wants us to have his wisdom and trust our spiritual intuition, when we are full of the wisdom of God our spirit is strengthened and our faith in the Lord God is greater.

So if you want to know, understand or find the wisdom of God and everything that it brings to our lives, it is necessary to delight in the Lord God in his works and above all to read the sacred writings found in the Bible.

In this way you will have a better understanding of the world and practically you will have a better reasoning before activities, situations and everything we will be able to see from a different perspective in the Christian religion it is called having spiritual eyes and the dissent of God.

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