Losing Earring – What is the Spiritual Meaning?

What is the spiritual meaning of losing an earring? A lot of people have been asking us this over the last few months, some of those questions are: What does it mean to lose a silver earring? What does it mean to lose a gold earring? Losing jewelry, what does it mean? What does it mean to lose an earring in dreams? What does it mean to find an earring? 

In view of these questions, we consider it necessary to clarify them below:

What does it mean to lose a silver earring? minus sign 

It is important to note that silver represents tenderness, psychic abilities and mystical visions. It also symbolizes mediation and unconditional love. In the esoteric world, there is a belief that silver draws negative energy from the body. It replaces it with positive energy and an aura filled with gratitude and abundance.

Based on this explanation, we can establish that losing a silver earring is often considered a bad sign. Especially if the jewelry was purchased with hard-earned money. This could mean that there might be some consequential problems at home related to your social standing or your health. If this happens, try to replace the lost earring with a silver one as soon as possible.

What does it mean to lose a gold earring? 

Throughout history, gold jewelry has given its wearer absolute power and certainty over any situation that is beyond their control or understanding.

Gold is associated with meanings of wisdom, love and magic. As a precious metal, it is the color of wealth and luxury. Gold is identified as an emergency reserve and an integral part of society. So, if gold is associated with these precious things, then losing a gold earring means you have to be careful with the economic aspect so that there is no wastage on superficialities that you might later regret.

What does it mean to lose an earring made of semi-precious stones?

If the earring is made of semi-precious stones, especially quartz, turquoise or jasper, this is a sure sign that someone has cast an evil eye on you, but it cannot harm you, as the object has absorbed negative energy and therefore has been lost.

What does it mean to lose an earring (in dreams)?

You will go through a difficult period during which you will question your faith and dedication. But, you will get over it and get up even stronger. From their experience, you will learn the most important lesson in life: trust only yourself.

Sometimes this type of dream can be interpreted as a warning sign for you to keep an eye on your finances. Your reckless spending can easily get out of control and jeopardize your savings.

What does it mean to find an earring? 

If you lost your earring and after several days you find it, it is a positive symbol. However, due to the fact that it may have been lost due to being charged with negative energy (especially if it is made of semi-precious stones or silver), it is necessary to leave it for five minutes under running water and place it outside ( terrace, patio, etc.). ), but not directly hit by sunlight or moonlight.

What does it mean to find an earring on the street (from someone else)?

If you can’t find the owner of the earrings if it’s gold, it’s better to melt them down and make them into a cross with the addition of a little more gold, then take it to the church, to be consecrated. This is due to the fact that it can be charged with negative energy from the previous carrier.

What does it mean to find an earring (in dreams)?

Finding an earring in a dream bodes well. When success comes unexpectedly, we like it even more. To dream that you find an earring means that all your problems will magically disappear and you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Finally, everything seems to fall into place.

Finding an earring in a dream could also represent finding yourself. Through the dream, you are trying to discover your personal worth and your hidden potential. And you will like what you find.

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