Prayer of the meek little lamb

Prayer of the meek little lamb: attract, dominate and tame

The meek little lamb is a symbol of faith for those who want to keep certain people or situations “under their control”, being quite effective according to its devotees.

It is usually very similar to the prayers, prayers and petitions to San Marcos, who dominated the dragon and the lion.

However, his image is directly related to the Lamb of God, who sacrificed himself by dying on the cross, to save man from sin.

Learn about the prayer of the meek little lamb for each intention and much more information by reading this article.

What is the meek little lamb?

The lamb is an animal that, according to ancient scriptures, was sacrificed and consumed by the Jews during the celebration of Passover, every year.

The Passover festival commemorates the liberation of the Hebrew people from Egyptian slavery.

It was celebrated by the Jewish people sacrificing lambs to cleanse the sin of the world. Later it coincided with the passion and death of Jesus Christ, which occurred at the time of Jewish Passover.

The lamb symbolizes meekness or docility, in Christianity the term meek lamb or sacrificial lamb, is usually associated with the sacrifice of Jesus, the lamb of God, who died on the cross after being tortured to cleanse the sins of the world.

From this ancient symbology comes the well-known prayer of the meek little lamb, which many of its believers consider an act of faith, which can do impossible things.

The meek little lamb is a symbol of the combination of magical-religious beliefs, which combines a symbol present in the bible from the ancient scriptures, with the idea of ​​spirits that dominate, tie and conquer loves.

Therefore, when your mind associates the meek little lamb with the Lamb of God, it is not wrong, since it is a symbol that represents the sacrifice that cleanses the stains or sins of the world and to whom the popular imagination entrusts some unusual tasks and requests.

The iconography of the well-known meek little lamb consists of a lamb that wears a halo on its head, with a white flag with a cross as its background.

Prayer of the meek little lamb

They are prayers addressed to the figure of the meek little lamb, which are usually recited with the intention of bringing down, frightening and driving away enemies or simply to dominate a rebellious soul,

What is the prayer of the meek little lamb for?

This prayer has different uses, which is why you can find the prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate, tame and tie people against their will.

It is important for you to understand that when sentences are used to influence and coerce others, it can lead to consequences for you.

The faithful believers of the meek little lamb affirm that this prayer has a lot of power and therefore must be used with great sense, discipline and respect for the spirit and other people.

There is also one where the power of the holy death and that of the meek little lamb are combined, which they say can be quick and effective in fulfilling the pleas of its faithful.

To tame, dominate and tie

This sentence is often used to hold a person against their will, usually for romantic purposes.

It begins by invoking the three Divine Persons: “In the name of God the Father Almighty, of Jesus his only son
and of the Holy Spirit”.

Subsequently, the prayer focuses on the person who is the object of your interest, to disarm his willful personality and reverse the disinterest or antipathy he has for you.

“I declare useless and useless all arrogance of (name and surname of the person to dominate).

I bend his pride, I bend his rebellion and I bend his haughtiness. May everything against me be reduced to ashes and present before me submissive, like a meek little lamb.

In addition to bending, prayer allows to tie and dominate:

“ I tie it and subordinate it to my desire, binding it with all the power that the word allows me. It is done, now and forever that way.

I disqualify him from all arrogance and his behavior will be according to my wish. at this time I declare him/her in total domination.

I declare it subordinate to me, I declare it dominated at my whim.
His eyes will see what I want, his mouth will speak what I want and his steps will not attack me.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

to dominate a man

The prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate a man , is as its name says, a prayer that is recited to bend and keep the knight by his side.

Generally used to keep a husband by your side or make him return to you immediately, it is recommended to repeat it constantly to see the expected results.

It is recommended that the prayer be reinforced with a ritual that you can find a little later or simply light a white candle.

The prayer begins by invoking the name of God the Son and the saints:  “In the mighty name of Jesus and all the saints, I place before you the life of (your partner’s full name) and offer this prayer to make him submit to my wishes. .

The meek lamb is begged for the prompt return of the man and his total submission: “O meek lamb given as a sacrifice to God, I implore you that (name of the person) return to my side.

May your soul find peace, that you cannot sleep peacefully if it is not by my side, that you act according to my orders and that your ears only listen to my words. That the words that come out of your mouth, are only to please me and make me happy.

I dominate it to my will, I tame it like a sacrificed lamb,
so that my soul has the necessary tranquility.

I do not want to suffer more pain, I do not want  to suffer anymore, I want
him back, totally meek and with a peaceful spirit,
for the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

My God and great Lord, in your hands is my joy, I am in them then because I want to live in happiness and I will be eternally grateful and committed to you.

I venerate you Lord you are the king in my life and my heart, your arms are my refuge, blessed are you forever,

We praise and bless you, ever grateful for your love and mercy. 

Holy Lord you are, we honor you, we give you power and we glorify you because without your presence we are nothing. 

You are king of kings and lord of lords, I venerate you and glorify you and I ask you to grant this favor that I implore you today, help me to have this man by my side, so that we form a beautiful family. Amen.

For the loved one (Man or woman)

Below we present the  prayer of the meek little lamb for the loved one, which serves to twist the will of that person who is the object of your love, who becomes rebellious or detached with you.

As is always recommended, think carefully about whether it is the right thing to try to retain that person, perhaps their detachment is a good time to start the path again with other perspectives.

However, if you still insist on breaking your crush or partner, we present the appropriate prayer for that:

O meek little lamb! Magnificent creature that you were submissive at all times, even when you were sacrificed by the Jews.

I invoke you and cry out to you to tie the heart of (name of the loved one), so that he never leaves me, so that he always stays by my side and never feels the need to be unfaithful to me.

I ask that your eyes do not see anyone but me, that your mouth does not kiss anyone but me and that your hands never touch another body and that you do not want anyone but me.

May (name of the beloved) return as a meek lamb to my life, just as the lost sheep returns to its flock.

Bend his soul and his will so that he is always with me and never leaves me, enter his proud heart and make him value my feelings more.

O my meek little lamb! Calm down and tame his willful and rebellious being, return him to my side. I want to manipulate him/her so that he/she does not deny my whims.

O meek creature! I hope and aspire that (name of the loved one) dedicates time to me and is by my side without distractions that take him away from my life.

I summon you meek little lamb! So that the love of (name of the beloved) never ceases to be mine

That he loves me and wants me, that I am always in his mind to remind him every day that he loves me.

I conjure you for being ungrateful (name of the beloved) through the meek little lamb you will never leave me again.

God the Son Jesus Christ, that pronouncing your sacred name implies a supreme force, kind son of God the Father who was crucified to save man from his sins, you are power and divine light that guides and enlightens me eternally.

Under the intercession of the meek little lamb, I beg you to bring (name of the beloved) back to my side, because without him/her I feel sadness and emptiness in my life.

Tame him like San Marcos de León dominated the dragon and tamed the lion. Be you the force that brings him to my side repentant, humiliated and in love. Amen.

There is also a slightly shorter one that allows you to subdue or subjugate the object of your affection, we recommend you continue reading this prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate a loved one:

I (say your full name) right now and in this place cast a spell on you (say your crush’s name) in the mighty name of Jesus.

With these blessed words I (say your name) enchant you again (say the name of your lover) in the mighty name of the meek little lamb.

May (name of the lover) come to me meek as a lamb and may his love and love be only for me. May his encouragement only be for me for life.

I (say your name) cast a spell on you (Say the name of your crush), in the powerful name of the spirit of total dominion, so that only I am in your thoughts. so that you are full of love for me and thus remain subjugated and bowed to my love, both in the present and in the future.

I implore you meek little lamb, that when I feel it, hear it, see it and touch it, your senses are also in the same frequency and respond only for me, that we be a single feeling of love. In the name of God the Father Almighty. Amen!

For the love

It is a prayer that attracts, preserves and binds that love that you want so much and that is not reciprocated. Many of the devotees use the rituals and prayers of the meek little lamb and the holy red death, claiming that they are quite effective in love affairs.

However, if your devotion is to this symbol, here is the meek little lamb’s prayer for love:

O meek lamb of mine! Creature of good feelings and great nobility, who kept silent when her time to sacrifice herself approached.

At this time and on this day I come to implore you for the arrival of a true love in my life, who knows how to value my feelings, who loves my way of being and my heart.

Please me! May the soulmate enter my life to light the fire of love, which at the moment suffers from a prolonged lethargy.

God the Almighty Father, who blesses the lamb and his entire flock forever, make love come into my life to stay.

That I have no more moments of loneliness and that my time is filled with a pleasant company that is always with me, whether they are good or bad days, days of illness or health. In the successes and in the failures.

May this love be with me in all the stages that are celebrated the most, when the person you love is by our side. In the name of Almighty and everlasting God. Amen.

for unfaithful love

This prayer is usually used for those who suffer from infidelity and do not want to let it go:

Generous meek little lamb! You who were given in sacrifice every Easter and also simultaneously when Jesus Christ suffered on the cross at Calvary.

In the name of that ordeal that I suffer every day, I beg you, I implore you that (Name of the couple) come back to me.

I suffer that abandonment in the worst way, my heart full of sadness does not want to know about other loves, only him/her, who has marked my life.

Generally, the prayer is not usually to forget that love, remove it from the heart and move on, but so that your new relationship or adventure fails and you return repentant:

Oh dear meek lamb, at this moment and at this hour I come to you, humbly bowing before your powerful and warm image, with the firmness to conjure (name of the unfaithful partner), because he has been disloyal and unfaithful to me, disrespecting me and committing baseness in the name of my love.

Today I beg you, I beg you, to fail in your relationship attempt. Intercede powerful meek little lamb so that I may be present in her thoughts at all times. May his new relationship fail and return regretful and on his knees in front of me.

Under the meek lamb I conjure you (name of the unfaithful couple), to the meek lamb I cling, by the great meek lamb I tie you up and don’t be happy and happy with your lover for playing with my love who was always loyal, honest and without Bookings.

Oh holy lamb! that all the love plans and purposes of (name of the unfaithful partner) that are not with me collapse, for having played with my feelings and my love, for not valuing what I felt for him/her.

Come back to me, come back to me, come back to me sorry for having ended this relationship. Bend and appease his pride, make him understand that only with me can he be happy.

O Lamb of God, meek and submissive animal! Make that submission that you always showed, pierce his heart and dominate him/her, so that he/she never leaves me again, so that he/she never leaves my side again.

Return (name of the couple) to my life, meek and submissive as the lamb, so that he will never leave me, so that he will never let him escape from my capricious will. Amen.

The meek little lamb Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte is a Latin American belief that has nothing to do with the Catholic religion. It is usually associated with the meek little lamb for work of domination and mooring generally, they say that this duo is very effective in attracting people, both men and women.

However, many of the connoisseurs of this type of subject indicate that they are usually very powerful rituals and prayers that imply great responsibility and serious consequences for those who take it lightly.

Do not use this type of rituals for no reason, remember that everything that goes comes and when it gives is irresponsible and negligent you can suffer consequences that you could have avoided with a little good sense.

In this prayer of the Santa Muerte meek little lamb, both figures are asked to do what is necessary so that a person returns against their will with whoever wants to and cannot capture their attention: 

Oh Holy Death and meek little lamb, magnificent and spectacular powers! I invoke you at this moment, because I require your supreme power to favor me in this particular case.

Today I hope to enjoy the pleasures that your virtues give, genuine and wonderful holy insignia.

Grant me the favors I request in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, whose powers are divided into three magnanimous persons.

Oh holy death of mine, submissive lamb of my soul! do not forget my request to conjure (name and surname of the person) so that he does not have a moment of peace and tranquility.

At this point you can understand what the connoisseurs of this type of “work” indicate, disturbing the life and mind of a person is extremely delicate, so consider if it is worth doing.

Mortify your mind, so you don’t stop having me present in your thoughts. That he does not eat well and that he does not sleep to pleasure, because in his mind I will always be, until I return to my meek as the lamb.

Oh most holy and majestic death! that with your scythe you have conquered hundreds of devout followers, just like the meek lamb sacrificed by the Jews in their festivals, I call them.

I call on you at this time to dominate the body, mind and spirit of (name and surname of the person), so that they do not have a moment of peace until they return to me begging for forgiveness.

This prayer seeks the return of a specific person as soon as possible and that while it does not happen, the holy death is asked to disturb his mind, body and spirit, so that this bends the will of the interested party.

I want to see him in front of me, on his knees at my feet, kissing the ground I walk on. When I pierce the needle in this candle, your will will be at my mercy. You will be submissive and docile like the lamb, I will subdue you and do my will with you.

In the same way that the needle pierces the candle, it will also be a pang in your mind that will make you remember me constantly and forever. Your rebelliousness and ingratitude will be reduced to nothing through this spell.

I beg you powerful holy death, who, together with the meek little lamb, help and fill their devotees with emotion with their infinite powers to tame and bend.

On your behalf, I wish to dominate and subdue (name and surname of the person) so that he is under my power, submitted to my desire and fulfills my will, completely dominating his.

May you not have a single second of peace until you return to my meek and docile side, completely hypnotized thanks to your names full of glory and I can dominate over all areas of your life.

Come back to my side, come back to me, to adore me and fulfill my will, and let no one else occupy your thoughts.

O most holy death, mighty queen of darkness! With your powers that transcend to mediate with the meek little lamb sacrificed in times of Easter and resurrection, I ask for your protection and assistance at all times, do not put aside this request that I present to you today

Intercede in the thoughts of (name and surname of the person) so that they can only think about me and dedicate their time to making me happy. It interrupts his sleep, that he can only fall asleep if he is with me.

May your peace and calm only find it when you share your moments with me, may I be your temple, your refuge, your home and your mind be my own mind.

I implore you to comply with each of these pleas and petitions, oh most holy death queen of the supernatural, my holy death and great meek little lamb! Amen.

To dominate enemies

The meek little lamb is used par excellence to subdue and dominate enemies, no matter if they are threatening or very insignificant, this prayer is usually effective.

They generally recommend that it be associated with the prayer to San Marcos de León, also used against enemies.

Here is the prayer of the meek little lamb to dominate enemies :

O victorious Jesus Christ! You who suffered the worst humiliations and pains on the cross for the salvation of all, sinful children.

You who are an example of kindness and nobility, the meek little lamb, I ask you on this occasion to unceremoniously defeat and bend (name of the person), since I cannot. Make him stand before me humiliated and begging for my forgiveness for all his offenses.

Lamb of God! You who achieve the impossible, dominate all my enemies, whether defenseless or dangerous, because they all seek to harm me with their evil.

Dominate their hearts and minds so that they do not fulfill their purposes if these are to harm me, that in their minds there is only the possibility of falling at my feet, kneeling in front of me to humiliate them.

As Saint Lazarus defeated death thanks to Jesus, protected by his power and that of the meek little lamb, I defeat my enemies and adversaries, until they return repentant to whip them.

Two needles here, three ties there, from this moment (name of the person) I want to tie you up, so that you do my will and thus be able to humiliate you as if you were the most powerful enemy I have. With you I want to finish, just as you wanted to strike me down.

From your intrigues, insults and discord, I want to be free. For the offenses, jealousies, persecutions and lawsuits that you have wanted to look for me without having any need, I want to punish and tie you up. Bring it with me, so I can enjoy an enemy begging for mercy.

O meek lamb! Completely bind and bind the minds of my enemies, so that their wickedness never fulfills its objective. May justice intercede, so that the evil of those who wish my ruin cannot affect me.

Blessed meek little lamb! I beg you to remove from me all the temptations that each of my enemies present.

Deliver me from the vices and crimes that they try to offer me to fall into sin. Take far away from me the rumors that spread to damage my image in front of my loved ones.

Scare away those who seek to break my peace, my family relationship, partner or friendship, because with their discord they only seek to create quarrels.

I ask that all the evil that my enemies wish me, come to me converted and multiplied into blessings. May your power let them know that their wickedness will make their final judgment implacable.

Meek little lamb of my life! Forgive those who want to harm me and keep them away from my life forever. May their evil deeds not affect me any day.

Oh gracious lamb! Oh pious lamb! I implore you to listen to each request and my humble prayers and at the time that corresponds to me, take me to live rejoiced in the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

To placate negative people

It can be very common that in our environment we do not have much sympathy or affection from others.

In the family, at work, in the gym, among neighbors, it may happen that we get along badly with some of the members or that they simply do not like us, be it because of envy or simple antipathy.

In some cases, this type of energy can negatively affect our lives and it is important to protect ourselves from its influence.

Therefore, to cut off bad vibes, it is suggested to pray responsibly for three consecutive days the prayer of the original meek little lamb and at the end of it, pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories.

Here is this powerful prayer that will help you cover your back:

O meek Lamb that art on the altar! Today I ask you to dominate the opponents who are against me, that my feelings incarnate in his, as Jesus Christ incarnated, and sent Saint Lazarus and death won. How can I not win? If you are with me?

With two I look at you, with two I tie you up, with three I grab you, with the blood of Jesus Christ in my heart I give birth to you. 

Father, Son and Holy Spirit that whoever envies and despises me may come submissive and serene as Jesus Christ went to the tree.

I see my enemy approaching, with his arms tied and his eyes blindfolded, unable to attack me.

I implore you meek little lamb to bring him closer to me and bring him to me stretched out at my feet, meek, dominated, docile and serene.

You have the power and the tools to beat him if this enemy tries anything against me. 
Avoid their triumph if they go to justice and if they seek defenders they will refuse.

Jesus Son of the Father, as a Lamb you are in me, so seeing me, all those who want my evil and defeat, will vanish, their bad desires will not affect me at all. Amen!

for the boss

This is a prayer to the meek little lamb especially for a superior at work or boss, whatever you want to call him.

The intention of it is to ask your superior to be docile and complacent with you, generally when he is an unfair and despotic person with you.

It is a prayer that you can complement with the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to find a good job, so your boss learns to value your efforts, knowledge and talents.

Read below the prayer of the meek little lamb for the boss and hopefully it will be useful to you:

Almighty God the Father, creator of everything on earth, including what is invisible to our eyes, may my prayer be heard in favor of the meek little lamb!

Oh holy lamb! Soften and soften the heart of my boss, tame his character so that my work environment is suitable for carrying out my duties and functions with diligence.

I ask that the workload not be a terrible weight with the attitudes of my boss, oh meek lamb! help him to be more gentle, warm, attentive and cordial with his employees.

Tame his character and will like Saint Mark did with the lion that wanted to attack him. Let him know and understand that, to be an excellent boss, he does not have to be arrogant or overbearing.

Help me, O Lamb of God, who forgives sins and purifies souls, so I don’t have to leave my job in the face of harassment, mistreatment and work pressure.

O my meek little lamb! Listen to my requests and prayers, you who can do everything, grant me your favor. Amen.

meek little lamb and holy death seven powers

This prayer of the meek little lamb is widely used by ladies to tie up a man who has lost interest in them, but who are still the object of his affection.

It is done in conjunction with the prayer to the Holy Death 7 powers, because both forces are considered infallible together.

If this is the type of resource you are looking for, here are both sentences:

O meek, gentle, and mighty lamb! I turn to you because I feel frustrated, sad and devastated for not having the man I love by my side.

On this day and time I request your power to tie up (name and surname of the man) who has let me down, leaving me aside. Make him return to my side meek and humiliated by the offense he did me and the pain he caused me. Make him beg me for forgiveness, so I can forgive him.

You who know everything, are sure of how much I love him, that’s why I want to keep him in my life forever.

O meek little lamb! I tie him up, I dominate him, I tame him and I want to have his will in my power to handle him as I wish. Amen.

Prayer to the Holy Death of the 7 powers

Holy beautiful death, you are queen who illuminates our path, oh girl who with all respect and love I thank you for what you give me, I turn to you to beg that the things I desire, for which I strive and work come out as I want.

May the 7 powers of God and his heavenly archangels allow me to fulfill all my desires, be with the people I love the most and achieve success wherever I go.

Holy death that guides me, thank you for your protection and kindness, today I entrust myself to you dear patron saint and with the seven powers of God I am sure that you will continue to guide me and take care of me, you will hug me and give me your love.

Eternal glory to God who is always with me. Thank you Holy! Amen.

How is prayer done?

As in almost all the prayers that are performed for these purposes, the prayer generally must be accompanied by some type of ritual. Therefore, to make the prayer of the meek little lamb, it is very common to place an altar with flowers and a bush of rue.

When the ritual is for the purpose of taming a person, you must have a photograph, so that you can direct the prayer to the face you want to bend or force.

They recommend that this altar be located in a dark, ventilated and spacious room, where the only light is that of the candle that is offered. Many believers do not emphasize the color of the candle, however, white is usually used.

Try to make it a quiet place, where only you access to pray and place your candles, flowers and other offerings.

Rituals of the meek little lamb

The figure of the meek little lamb is, according to its devotees, powerful and effective, its prayers are a resource used to get rid of enemies, tie up people of interest, among other purposes.

However, these are usually accompanied by some rituals that give it strength and more effectiveness, when it comes to achieving its goal.

These rites allow to tie, attract or move away a person, drive away dangerous or difficult enemies to fight.

The prayers of the meek little lamb and its ritual for those who profess their faith and trust in it, has no limits, it keeps away the bad vibes from relatives, acquaintances, friends, enemies and even from their relationship.

With an effective ritual of the meek little lamb, he can tame and subdue whoever he targets, especially those who want to harm him. The meek lamb is appropriate when it comes to dominating an adversary no matter how powerful or strong he may be.

Materials needed for this ritual:

  • Candle, preferably white.
  • Table where you will place what is necessary for the ritual.
  • Photograph of the person who is your target is necessary, if you do not have it you cannot carry out the ritual.
  • Rue branches.
  • Prayer of the meek little lamb for the required end.

The steps to follow are those:

  • Assemble the altar in the corresponding place.
  • Turn on the candle
  • The photo must remain on the left side of the white candle throughout the ritual.
  • Take the rue branches and stand in front of the photo.
  • Repeat the prayer of the meek little lamb that is appropriate to your need and hit the photo with the branches while reciting it.
  • Blow out the candle at the end of the prayer and save the photo.

There are some rituals where some extra materials are also used, for example:

Meek lamb oil

This powerful Manso Corderito oil is frequently used in those “works” and rituals to tame and subdue your partner,

It is generally used in a simple way:

The photograph of the person you are interested in is placed in a jar. You can write the full name on a piece of paper, but it is more effective if you have a portrait.

Place valerian root, passionflower leaves, a little rum or brandy, and Corderito Manso oil in the same jar. It should be covered well and light a candle daily for a week, then leave it in the moonlight to receive the serene.

They recommend that, during the time of the ritual, try not to contact the person, surely after that week the situation will be a little smoother.

These meek little lamb drops are ideal for appeasing relationships, especially when there is willingness on one side. The intention is to lower the level of hostility, tame and subdue, this without causing any damage, just neutralize it.

With this meek little lamb essential oil, many try and say that situations and people that become difficult become smoother on a day-to-day basis. They say that when you start using it you will perceive its power to remove bad energies and negativity from your environment.

Meek Little Lamb Powder

The well-known meek little lamb powder is widely used in the esoteric world, being widely used to tame and calm a person, trying to get them to accept even if they do not want our requests and wishes.

Normally it is used to break difficult couples, unfaithful, etc. Using it with amulets and candles to achieve a better result in certain rituals.

Perfume of the meek little lamb

Yes! There is also a meek little lamb fragrance, but what is meek little lamb perfume for?

Well, this very exquisite fragrance for some people, serves to dominate and awaken the desire of the person we like, concentrating it only on you.

Many indicate that whoever uses this perfume makes their partner fall in love, that they only have interest and passion for her, without interest in any other.

It is used after performing certain rituals that allow us to cleanse the aura, this with the intention of removing bad vibes and attracting good energies.

Above all, it is important to have enough time to carry it out without haste and haste, since this does not allow you to attract something positive.

The person must take a bath with some mixture that favors their objective or purpose, with essences of love, money, pathfinders, strength and energy, etc. This bath should be taken while repeating prayers, prayers, or simply holding positive thoughts.

After taking the bath, the water should run off the body and when it is almost dry, remove the remaining moisture with a soft cloth, without the need to rub. Then place the meek lamb perfume and all that remains is for it to do its job.

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