Reflections on the Christian Family

Reflections on the Christian Family: What is it?

In today’s article we bring you the best  reflections on the family  according to Christianity, to apply them to your day to day life and teach them to your Christian family.

Reflections on the family

The  reflections for the family  are short phrases that help us remember the great and valuable treasure that we have around us: our beloved family. Christ teaches us to love our relatives unconditionally, with respect and honesty. We must not harm them and we must always trust them.

In almost all cultures and religions, the family denotes great importance and value, prioritizing the relationships between all the members that comprise it. As we have mentioned, the family is a very important part of our lives and within society in general.

The ties that unite family members are very strong and almost indestructible. However, sometimes problems can arise that affect our family relationship, causing fissures that could become insurmountable ravines if we do not solve our problems with love and honesty, as is the Will of God.

The reflections on the family consist of stories about the type of situations that we mentioned, those that can end a good relationship between family members. These reflections tell us that every problem can be solved, nothing is important enough for siblings to get angry or children to stop talking to their parents.

It is also important to teach these reflections on the family to children , if there are any at home. Well, from a young age, they will know that the family always comes first and that no conflict should be placed on family ties. These ties go beyond blood. They are also based on respect and honesty, on love, compassion and empathy. All of these values ​​are important in keeping a family together. Additionally, listening and being heard within our family nucleus is a key element to understand each other and at the same time be able to help each other, alleviate our sadness and fix our mistakes.

Some reflections on the family talk about respect and union between each member that makes up the family nucleus. Emphasis is also placed on creating our own traditions, those that we enjoy as a family, making the union and love between family members grow more and more.

The family can always grow, but mostly it grows when the children make their own family, by having children and by getting married. Regarding traditions, family reflections comment that having things in common unites us, because we share and increase our ties through something that we enjoy and love to do together.

One of these reflections says that the family is the bosom where spiritual beliefs are fostered. Therefore, we must teach our children and other family members about our Lord, his commandments and all that he has done for us. According to the works of mercy, it is our duty to lead our brothers away from the ways of sin. As family members, it is our responsibility that each member who joins the family knows who our creator is and learns to differentiate between good and evil.

In turn, those who wish to have been born into another family reject themselves. That is why we must strengthen our love for ourselves, show ourselves that we are valuable enough to receive the love of others, pray for it and in this way, we will love our family as it is, because God placed us within it. for a reason. And we should honor our parents, siblings and children.

When we feel that something is missing, whenever we return home we will find it in our family, in their love, acceptance and kindness. The man who feels that something is missing, when he goes around home he will find it. Because the family is our main pillar, the one that sustains us as people and as a society. Our relatives know our defects and accept them with patience and love, they know our sorrows and alleviate them, they know our torments and advise us whenever we need it, always guiding us on the path of good.

Family is the greatest treasure

Family is our greatest treasure, as well as our place in the world. We are human, real, we make mistakes, we apologize, we fight and we give second chances. At the same time, we are loud, we have patience and above all, we love each other deeply. Our family is our home, it is that immense place where we know that we can always go and return if we need to.

On the other hand, the family is like a handkerchief that dries our tears, caresses our souls and alleviates our pain. Our home shelters us from the cold, it gives us both childhood and maturity, because we have grown up in it. There we learn from our mistakes and overcome them as a team.

Hugs and kisses from our family members give us the answers to all the questions of what, why, how and where. In our family, we forge new values ​​every day, with which we shape our feelings, ways of acting towards others and increase our kindness.

All our secrets, our best smiles and our greatest efforts belong to the family. In them we find the love and calm that our hearts need, unconditionally and at any time. Family love is the purest and most honest.

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