What is the Message of the Temptations of Jesus?

What is the Message of the Temptations of Jesus?

During his earthly transit our Lord was subjected to a series of physical, emotional and supernatural arousals that tried to change his mission as shepherd and spiritual guide of humanity. So the temptations of Jesus is the central theme of this article that we invite you to read.

temptations of jesus

A temptation can be defined as trial or seduction. But, it is also conceptualized as the seduction or deception that leads to sin. This is the case of Jesus who, like other biblical characters and even the faithful of the church, have been tempted to commit some sin.

In this sense, the temptations of Jesus refer to the different situations to which our Lord was subjected during his life on Earth. Which tried at all costs to divert him from his mission that had been entrusted to him by God, our creator and father of Jesus.

With regard to the temptations of Jesus, it can be said that the son of God was tempted in such a way that he had to resort to the liturgy to avoid freeing himself from the incitements that could lead him to commit impure acts that would distance him from the great mission entrusted to him. for the remission of the sins of every man on the face of the earth.

On the other hand, it is worth saying that angry people and the devil himself refused at all costs to accept Jesus as Messiah and savior of all men on Earth, so they devised many ways to tempt him to commit acts that prevented him from complying with the imposed task.

Among the temptations of Jesus we can highlight:

Temptations of Jesus by the devil in the desert

The devil or Satan made several attempts to induce Jesus to commit acts that would divert him from his divine and spiritual mission to lead him to the earthly and human plane.

There were three temptations of Jesus propitiated by the devil in the desert, whose main objective was to get the Messiah to lower himself to the human plane to act in his favor and benefit, rather than as an omnipotent being and spiritual benefactor of humanity. Such temptations to Jesus are referred to below:

Temptation to turn stones into loaves

Satan tempts Jesus to commit acts of man and not of a Messiah, so he asks him to turn the stones into loaves, pointing out that after such an extensive fast he must satisfy his hunger.

The devil urged Jesus in the following way: – Jesus, you who think you are the son of God, why don’t you perform the miracle of changing stones into bread and thus we can all satisfy our hunger.

But in this one of the temptations to Jesus, our Lord replied: – Truly I tell you, that man does not live by bread alone , because love for our father and living under his laws is the most sacred act for humanity.

Temptation of Jesus to vanity and pride

Another of the temptations to Jesus was to induce him to vanity and pride, here the devil asks our Lord to ask his father God to grant him a miracle where no one would doubt that he was the son of God.

In this case, he seeks to make Jesus feel vain by trying to gain prestige at the cost of the divine intervention of the creator. So he motivates him to jump from the highest point of the temple so that God will save him through a miracle.

Political power

Political power over the kingdoms constitutes one of the temptations offered to Jesus by the Devil. Thus, Satan offered our Lord to become the ruler of the entire Jewish kingdom.

But, Jesus with all his kindness that characterizes him as a son of God, flatly denied this possibility, on the contrary, he responds to the Devil in the following way: – Go Satan, you are not welcome here and I do not need a kingdom, to know that my father is the creator of the entire Universe.

The temptations to Jesus executed by the Devil, will arise along the earthly path of our Lord, the son of God, but he remains pure at all times, without deviating from his divine mission that the father had assigned him. as messiah of men, whom he had to save.

In this aspect, the temptations to which he was subjected had to be avoided because he was, on the one hand, the Messiah of humanity and, on the other, he would have to maintain his belief, his Christian faith and everything that this implies, even the sacrifice to which he was subjected to achieve the fulfillment of our Creator’s plans.

Temptations of Jesus by the Pharisees

Other temptations to Jesus were those induced by the Pharisees, who asked the son of God for a miracle, that is, a concrete fact as testimony and faith that he was the Messiah, although their intention was not to believe in him, but to make him fall. in temptation As quoted in the Bible in the book of Matthew, chapter 12, verse 39.

Among another of the temptations to Jesus, incited by the Pharisees in union with the followers of Herod, was to try to get the Son of God to assume a political position when they asked him for an answer about Caesar, in the aspect, that if he should or not pay taxes.

In this sense, they invited him to become a political leader, adopting a position in that social context. The response offered by Jesus to this temptation is quoted in the Book of Luke, chapter 20, verse 25, where he states that: “ Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” .

Such phrases offered by Jesus show that there are two planes, one earthly and the other heavenly, where the relationship between state and Church must exist in complete balance.

However, the salvation that he offers to man is divine, good and spiritual. Therefore, his actions are not framed in any way in a political order.

make him king

Other temptations to Jesus can be visualized when the people motivated by the multiplication of the loaves that our Lord had made to calm everyone’s hunger, considered that this fact was a miracle and therefore, he was the Messiah.

They tempted him by pointing out that he would be an inexhaustible source of happiness for the Pharisees for all of humanity, that is, they offered him political power.

In this aspect, King Herod is also tempted to invite him to do something wonderful that no one has done, even the relatives wanted him to manifest himself with spectacular works.

Jesus flatly refuses all these offers, because he knows that his mission on Earth is to fulfill God’s plan, without wanting to assume a reign that, far from being an earthly aspect that falls to man, being a politician in this case would be a vain deed unbecoming of a heavenly being.

temptation of the disciples

When Jesus is tempted by his disciples, he makes them understand that he is not the earthly messiah, but the son of God. Therefore, when they invite him to save himself, he makes it clear that his mission is to save humanity. Therefore, saving in another way is the work of the Devil, not of God.

temptation on the cross

One of the most difficult temptations for Jesus to overcome by the son of the Creator due to the attacks he had suffered in his earthly transit, even more so in the last moments, was on the Cross, when according to the Book of Matthew chapter 27, verses from 40 to 43, he is tempted in the following way: “ If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross and we will believe”

Despite the total humiliation suffered by Jesus on the Cross, the unbearable pain that only he, being the messiah, was able to accept. Christ, omnipotent being full of light, without forgetting his earthly mission endured until death to teach the human being to act on the path of good.

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