The Christian Prayer to God for difficult times

The Christian Prayer to God for difficult times

What better synonym of love than the name of our heavenly father God? because it does not exist, in the following article a  Prayer to Ask God for Help in Difficult Times will be exposed , this prayer is loaded with great force because help is asked directly from the Most High.

Prayer in difficult times

My God, Lord and King of my life, there are many difficulties and challenges that appear in the window of my life, many gray feelings emerging from the afflictions that I carry and which I have a hard time containing. Come Lord, help me with the strength of your truth, illuminate every corner of my thoughts and give clarity to my actions to be able to fight in the difficult moments of my life.

I put all my illusions in you. You are my true joy, the saved hope that revives faith and does not make me faint. You are my shield, my strong and saving rock, the eternal rest of all my burdens. I want, at all times, to feel protected and loved by your side. Come and neutralize all evil, all difficulties, all difficult situations or things that are disturbing my mind, my heart and my soul.

You are the one who can do everything, you are the God of blessings and no situation, however complicated it may be, escapes your control. Anything is possible for you. Nothing resists You and nothing is too complex and difficult for You. You always come to the rescue of your children in times of greatest need.

That is why I call on you. Come and touch my heart, Lord, make it strong and capable for combat. I need you, I trust you. You are the friend who does not fail. Come and transform me with the power of your love and mercy. Come into my life, take control of my worries, take away from me melancholy and sadness, all feelings of guilt and anger, failure and depression, phobias, fears that don’t let me move forward.

I trust that only You can lead me in the right direction and get me out of these dark circumstances that surround my life and keep me stuck in empty and desperate situations. Come to me, oh Father of goodness, come to my home, come to my heart. Touch me with the light of the Holy Spirit and fill me with understanding and advice so that peace dwells in me and that all restlessness and fear disappear.

Come Lord, with your renewing power and as a healing balm, relieve my burdens and make me a new creature in your love. My whole being now praises you and glorifies you Lord, knowing that I was rescued by you and feeling the powerful presence of your faithful company. I now give you my problems, these difficult times, traumas, complexes and discouragements, so that you come with your light, illuminate my actions and make me walk towards You, confident and protected.  Amen .

Reflection and analysis of the Prayer

Having read this prayer we can see how clearly they are strongly linked to the faith of that devout practitioner who uses it, it is quite noticeable how in them we crown God as our lord, we place ourselves fully at his service and declare that our actions will be in his name, that’s why it’s important to be careful with what we do, all acts in the name of God have to be pure.

In the same order of ideas, if a person declares that the actions he performs are in the name of God, but these are vile, he does not really carry God in his heart, he is a person who is empty inside and can even be considered blasphemous. , the name of God cannot be used lightly, that is why in prayer he is asked to enlighten us and lend us his strength to have clarity when carrying out any action.

By carrying God in our hearts we can put our actions and our destiny in his hands. Talking about God is not something that can or should be done lightly, because in prayer it is clearly seen how we ask him for wisdom and help to act based on his values, acting like God implies that we give our hearts to him and that In turn, we eliminate the evil that we carry inside due to the fact of being human and being imperfect.

In this prayer you can see how we decree that God is omnipotent because he can solve any problem we have in our lives, no matter how difficult a situation is or seems, God has a plan for all of us, thanks to him everything is possible and If we ask with a heart full of faith, the reward obtained will be great.

In this prayer we not only invoke God directly, we also ask him to please touch our hearts and strengthen us against all the evil that may be willing to affect us, we decree God as a faithful friend willing to take care of us and never fail us, we invoke a protection very great in the name of his love and his mercy.

Prayer of encouragement in difficult times

Beloved God, on this new day, I ask you to fill my soul and my being with your clarity and transparency. Bathe my being with honesty, may my life be a radiance of righteousness and happiness, according to the principles of your love and your grace.

Dear Lord of mine, stay in my heart, with such an intimate union with the truth and with daily dedication to my brothers, that I can serve them with pleasure and passion, whatever your will may be. May my actions be true to my essence of integrity and may those who come into contact with me feel your presence in me, to your glory.

Beautiful father, I am willing to receive your help to free me from the defects of my character, which I now realize are an obstacle in the way of my salvation. Help me to be an honest person with myself and to act with serenity and justice in all the decisions I make in my life.

May my thoughts be consistent with my feelings and may you be in the midst of them. Help me radiate the light that comes from your holy spirit, keep me away from corruption, envy, rivalry, resentment and anger. Lord, in these moments of anguish, I want you to be the one to act in my life, and solve these problems that I have not been able to solve:

(This space is used to talk to God and ask him to give us back our breath through his powerful help)

Hear my prayer, oh Lord Jesus, because in my strength it is not possible to resolve my conflicts, instead when you are the one who acts in my life, everything turns out much better.

Lord, I know that sometimes I am distressed because in the world every day there is violence, insecurity, and other harsh situations that make me fear, that fill me with despair, sadness and anguish, but today I know that when you are by my side, life change, because with you I can have peace of mind, good sense, patience and charity, in the face of things that I cannot change.

Help me to forgive and forget the offenses that they do me and to reach harmony, faith and peace that surpasses all understanding. In the same way, I beg you to fill the hearts of my brothers with love and they can forgive me for my offenses, those that I do consciously or unconsciously, but that to some extent hurt their being.

Forgive me too for my sins and allow me to listen to your voice, to do the right thing, to get out of my selfishness and give myself to others constantly and without reproach, because I know that it will fill me with true happiness. Eternal Father, guide my actions and my words, so that my life may be to your liking and be for you, a sower of hope, sincerity and joy. Amen.

Sentence Analysis

As is customary in this type of prayer, you can see how you start by praising the deity from whom you are asking for the miracle, in this case you see that the figure of God is exalted while asking that those characteristics positive are imbued to whoever is praying.

You can see how he expresses love for God and in turn also promises to love and serve others just as he says. It is requested that the acts be consensual with the personality of the one who prays and that the presence of God be felt in him to be able to give it to others. Then would come a part in which repentance is expressed for the personal failures that we have and we ask God that through his grace he makes us act with more wisdom.

Everyone who prays this prayer has to recognize that their thoughts and actions go in opposite directions, which is why it is requested that through the grace of God all those moments that fill us with anguish and pain can be annulled, it is requested May God the Father give us the encouragement we need to continue. Later there is a space in which we make the request to God.

After the request that we have to God, we also contact Jesus, recognizing that he can help us to communicate with the Father. The prayer has a fragment in which it is recognized that dangerous situations in everyday life make us feel unprotected, but with the support, guidance and care of God the Father, all this can change for the better.

This prayer requires a pure and honest heart because in it we reflect our repentance for the offenses we have done with or without intention, also to accept and forgive the offenses that have been done to us. The prayer ends with a heartfelt apology to God for all our sins and a sincere hope that our lives every day that we pray this prayer will be more to his liking.

The most beautiful prayer to ask God for help

This prayer is quite special because in it from the heart we ask God to sustain us spiritually and emotionally, we recognize all the goodness that he has had in our lives, we also recognize how he has healed the sick, therefore, we ask him to Heal us, we recognize that the burdens we carry are too heavy, so we ask him to help us carry them.

In this prayer, the most important thing is that we ask God to get rid of all those negative emotions that stop us and make us be in constant agony, we beg for his support because he has the power to leave our soul in peace. We ask God to teach us to live according to his image, thus giving us back our breath to be able to live without selfishness or fear, we ask him to give us the joy of living.

We ask him to give us a little of his spirit because thanks to that we will grow as renewed people. The prayer ends with the prayers of three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories. This prayer asks whoever makes use of it to have an honest heart, they all ask for it, however, the prayers in which we communicate directly with God are the ones that demand the most faith from us, he always listens, that’s why he knows if a person is honest or not

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