The Effective Prayer to the Miraculous Virgin Mary

The following article has the purpose of presenting and making you aware of everything related to the Miraculous Virgin Prayer , or also known as the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, which can make you fulfill the favors that are implored, especially the great and impossible ones. .

Prayer to the Miraculous

This Prayer of the Virgin Mary is well known for attributing thousands of miracles to her over the years, so if you are now in a difficult moment, which requires a miracle, this is the prayer for you.

«Miraculous Virgin, you who have the power to intercede before me, attend to my request

I need your divine help so that you intercede for me before Our Almighty Lord

The affliction and the problem that brings me before you need an urgent solution and I resort to your kindness so that you listen to my request.

(Now we make the request and the grace for which we want the Miraculous Virgin to intercede for us)

I know that I am not worthy of your help as I am a great sinner but at the mercy of our Father and Lord

You, how many miracles you have performed, how many impossible causes you have resolved by your divine power

O Holy Virgin, please listen to me and help me.

I ask you all this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and that surely his mother does not deny you anything».

(This prayer can be accompanied by three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys, ending with a Glory Be).

Prayer to the Miraculous Virgin for urgent cases

The Miraculous Virgin or the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, according to tradition, appeared on a July night in 1830, in Paris, before the eyes of Sister Catherine, who was still a novice, who was sleeping that night. , but states that she was awakened from her sleep by a child, possibly an “angel”, who asks her to accompany him right to the chapel to pray. When she arrives at her chapel, she is totally shocked to find the precious image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which communicates to her that she has been entrusted with a mission, which would be revealed to her only a few months later.

Specifically on November 27 of that same year, the young novice again had a vision of the Virgin Mary, she was standing on a kind of white balloon, while in turn crushing a snake, with her delicate hands she carried some spheres of gold with her image on it, she was dressed in a white tunic and a veil of that same color, which covered her head to her feet and on her fingers she had rings with precious stones from which light rays emanated. At that moment the Virgin sees Catalina and tells her:

“This globe that you see (at the feet) represents the whole world, especially France and each soul in particular. These rays symbolize the graces that I pour out on those who ask for them. The pearls that do not emit rays are the graces of the souls that do not ask”.

After that, Sister Catalina had another vision, where this time an oval shape appeared around the Virgin, her arms began to extend until they were completely open, while they emanated some rays of light that continued to fall on the white globe Before his feet, and around him there were exactly 12 stars that represented the apostles, but the most surprising thing is that in that image, in this case, it was surrounded by a description, which said the following:

“O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who turn to you.”

The apparition of the Virgin turned around and thus revealed that on the reverse of the gold medals were also present the 12 stars which surrounded an “M” which had a kind of cross with it, which crossed it. Below this were the heart of Jesus, surrounded by a crown of thorns, and the heart of the Virgin Mary, pierced by a sword, these symbolized their love for humanity.

The commission that Catherine had was to have this medal minted as she saw in her manifested visions, since in this way, everyone who wears it would receive thanks and favors, the latter being mentioned by the Virgin Mary herself in her last vision. Catherine complied with her instructions, and the medals began to be minted and distributed throughout Paris, initially these had the name “of the Immaculate Conception”, but as soon as they were immediately distributed, the blessings began, such as health, peace and prosperity, they decided to call it “The Miraculous Medal”.

The Miraculous Medal is an instrument which is recommended to use in prayers to bring our Prayer much closer to the Miraculous Virgin . Below I will show you some that you can use for these cases.

  • Consecration Prayer to the Miraculous

The act of consecration is about our own salvation so that when the time comes for us to leave, we have a guaranteed place in heaven, together with our God Jesus and our most holy Virgin Mary, it is also ensured that after doing it we will feel a great sanctification and happiness in our hearts. The prayer that accompanies this act is as follows:

Prostrate before your compliance, O Virgin of the Miraculous Medal!, and after greeting you in the august mystery of your sinless conception, I choose you, from now on forever, for my Mother, Advocate, Queen and Lady of all my actions and Protector before the majesty of God. I promise you, most pure virgin, never to forget you, neither your cult nor the interests of your glory, at the same time that I also promise to promote your love in those around me. Receive me, tender Mother, from this moment and be for me the refuge in this life and the support at the hour of death. Amen.

  • Prayer to Obtain the Healing of a Sick

The Healing Prayer of a sick person, is about that prayer, which is made to our holy Virgin, when we have a health problem present, whether it is a family member, friend, acquaintance, partner or even ourselves, which says So:

O Mary, conceived without sin, whose immense goodness and tender mercy do not exclude relief from this bitter fruit of guilt called disease of which our miserable body is often the victim! Oh pious Mother, whom the Church confidently calls Health of the sick! Here I am imploring your favor. What so many afflicted people obtained through the word of your Son Jesus, this dear sick person obtains, which I recommend to you, through the application of your Medal. May its effectiveness, so many times proven and recognized throughout the world, be manifested once again: so that all of us who are witnesses of this new favor of yours, can exclaim gratefully: The Miraculous Medal has cured him.

  • Prayer to Obtain the Conversion of a Sin

As its name indicates, this Prayer is for us to be free from all sin, and thus be able to be fully children of Our Lord Jesus and Our Lady Mary, which we will present to you below:

O Immaculate Virgin, true ladder by which sinners can reach the kingdom of God! Show yourselves such in the conversion of this unfortunate that we effectively commend your patronage; illuminate his intelligence with the rays of divine light that your Medal projects, so that he knows the dangerous life he leads, the immense misfortune in which he lives far from God and the terrible punishment that awaits him; and, above all, let your influence be felt on his heart so that he weeps for the ingratitude with which he looks at God, his loving Father, and at You, his tender and affectionate Mother. Extend your hand to him, oh Most Pure Virgin! uproot him from the captivity of sin, take him out of the darkness in which he lies and lead him to the kingdom of light, peace and divine grace.

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