Effective Thanksgiving Prayer For Friends

Effective Thanksgiving Prayer For Friends

There are very particular individuals in our lives. That fill us with joy, gives us another perspective of life and with whom we share many moments, good and bad of this. Prayer for friends is very important to give many things to those special people for us. And it can be the prayer for friends for children who have known each other from an early age.

prayer for friends

Dear soul friend. It is quite true that I love you in many ways and that your welfare concerns me. That is the main reason why I pray for you. Asking God who sees, listens and feels everything to take care of you when I can’t. That in every situation of life protect you from all evil. I implore our Lord to give you the necessary peace so that you face the future in the best way. May he cover you with his eternal heavenly light; only if you feel surrounded by that darkness that is only trying to hurt you and fill you with his evil. And that you want to possess everything for which you have fought and that you love.

Holy father. Grant my wonderful friend much of your peace. Teach him that you will never leave him aside. That you will always be in every moment. Since you have it prepared for something special that only you know. Overflowed on my friend your holy spirit. May the angels always meet him on whatever path he chooses, however hard it may be. May your divinity heal all kinds of disease. Even those that are buried deep in the soul, no matter how old they are. Heals his body, his spirit, his mind. Grant him the gift of a blessing from you, my god. So that I never doubt you.

My father. I thank you with all my heart for the brother of life that you have sent me. And that he has still stayed by my side. Since every day that passes, the union becomes stronger. Just like with you. In the name of God. Amen.

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