General Characteristics of Men and Women

General Characteristics of Men and Women

We are all human but gender differentiates us, that is how God wanted it. And with them we have certain characteristics of men and women , which from the beginning of human history to the present day are very distinctive, since each one fulfilled a specific role that evolved over time. These facts may pigeonhole us into two categories but the real issue is; by learning and understanding that we can complement each other.

Characteristics of man and woman

Everything has changed. From the moment the foundations of our history began to take course. The man had the role of protecting and looking for food for his family. The woman was in charge of procreating and taking care of her children in all her basic needs. And this did not mean that one was more important than the other. We are all children of our creator.

The characteristics of man and woman have become more physical in terms of differentiating. Since now they have been working together so that the mutual effort is equal. The important thing about being aware of these distinctions is that they will help us understand and accept all kinds of relationships; of family, of friendship and above all of couple. And this leads to strengthening those relationships.

Reproductive system

We are created by God therefore we are perfect beings. This means that everything fulfills its purpose. The first physical difference would be how these organs are arranged. The man’s is located on the outside of his body (the penis). The woman’s is located in the internal part (The vagina). These begin to develop at puberty and even differ in terms of age. Men between 12 or 14 years old. And the woman from 10 or 13 years of age.

physical structure of the body

As we mentioned before, in ancient times men hunted and women procreated, therefore their physical appearance was different and this has not changed at all. From puberty the body begins to make distinctions. The man begins to widen his back and improve the muscle mass that is in his entire body, taking into account that they produce more body hair than women. On average they tend to be taller and all the fat they accumulate is usually directed towards the stomach area and this has a purpose, it served and can still serve to protect the internal organs from any eventuality.

The woman begins at puberty to enlarge her hips in order to have the easier task of engendering. The muscle mass index does not develop very well. And the accumulation of fat is more evident throughout the female body since in ancient times she did not have to resort to hunting or hard work. They accumulate in the breasts, hips and lower part of the stomach, the belly to preserve the reproductive area.

reproductive capacity

Puberty is the one that influences all the physical aspects that we have mentioned. This also happens with the cells of the reproductive apparatus of the man (Spermatozoa) and that of the woman (Ovules). The woman has a limited capacity of ova from the moment she is born and when she turns 40 to 50 years old she is exhausting her capacity reaching menopause.

As for man, this is limitless. Sperm cells are constantly reproducing from the time they reach puberty until they die. Although over time its capacity decreases in terms of the quality of these and mobility reaching andropause but it is never completely exhausted.

Physical performance

The male body burns many more calories than the female body due to having a higher muscle mass index. And their internal organs like the lungs and the heart are bigger increasing the oxygen consumption. All these characteristics show that men, due to physical qualities, tend to have better physical performance than women.

skin resistance

Men’s skin tends to be more resistant to changes in temperature, such as cold. Due to the increase in collagen in the skin that gives it more firmness and the much more notable storage of sebum in men than in women.

sensory appreciation

As for the sensory part of the human being, multiple studies have already been carried out that have corroborated the differences between men and women in terms of the senses. Women perform much better in hearing and identifying color varieties. They also have better ability in night vision.

Men have more orientation. It specializes in looking at a distance and in depth at objects or landscapes, better identifying things. His vision adapts much better in the day than at night.

Variation of hormones in the body

The characteristics of the man have effects on his behavior thanks to the androgens that the body secretes such as; testosterone, responsible for the maximum productivity of red blood cells. Thus raising its condition to act. As we have already been mentioning, this is due to the behaviors that our ancestors had.

On the other hand, women are governed by progesterone, which is a hormone that regulates and conditions intellectual efficiency, surpassing physical action. And that this varies from the beginning of puberty to menopause.

Information Management

Sometimes we wonder how, for example, women can do so many things at once and remember every little detail of any situation. This is related to the fact that in women there is an area in the brain called the splenius, which is much larger in terms of size than in men. Responsible for the performance of brain waves.

Men seem to establish information in closed behaviors without any communication with each other. That is why they are not related to multitasking, but that they can, of course.

neural diversity

On average, the human brain has more mass in terms of its tissue and a high percentage of 4% of neuronal cells. In the frontal area of ​​the brain, much more active connections develop. This gives rise to specialized concentration on spatial practices, mathematics, and coordination of movement, thus in sports.

Women are not far behind either since in the right hemisphere of the brain, it is very active due to the connections that are formed there. Achieving superiority in the following areas; intellect, rational, retentive and perception.

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