Learn how to say the prayer to start the new year, and give your firstfruits to Christ

Today we will teach you how to pray to start the new year, the first thing you should do is give thanks for everything received in the year that ends, ask forgiveness for sins and then offer the new year to God, being solicitous of everything that bring us closer to his word and teaching.

How to make a prayer to start the new year?

Whenever a new year approaches, we are full of expectations that this new year will be better than the one that is leaving, and this is not bad, but we cannot forget that we must receive it with God. That is why today we will teach you how to pray to start the new year.

The first step for the prayer to start the new year should be with words of thanks for everything received during the year that is ending. Many times people say thank God that this year is over, but they say it in the sense of being unsatisfied.

We must always be grateful, many times situations happen to us that we consider to be unfair or undeserved, but we must know that everything has a purpose, we may not see it right away, but surely something good arises from it.

Depending on the fact that something good will arise, we must then be grateful to God for everything, the good and what we consider is not so good. Then we must recognize our sins before God our Lord, we cannot perform the prayer to start the new year, if we do not make an act of contrition in which we are sincere before God.

This will also allow us to identify what were the causes that led us to make those mistakes and therefore, we will be aware of them and we will be able to avoid them in the coming year. Acknowledging our sins and asking God the Almighty Father for forgiveness will help us start a new year, healthy with a clean soul and ready to receive and above all aware of the mistakes made.

As a third step we must include in the prayer to start the new year, words of gratitude to God for these new 365 days that will begin in a few minutes, since it is a new opportunity that the Most High is offering us, to achieve everything that we do not we were able to achieve in the year that is ending.

After we thank God for the new year, we must put with great humility, faith and hope and leave everything in his hands, all our wishes, plans we must deliver them to him, architect of creation, King of Kings. (See also: Prayer to God to get pregnant )

Fourthly, the prayer to start the new year must have our requests, but we must be very careful not to be materialistic and forget the words of God our Lord. We must ask to be better people, more worthy of his mercy, to allow us to identify the needs of others and to help us identify how we can meet them.

So knowing that we must give thanks for everything received, forgiveness for our sins, gratitude for what is new, we can then build the prayer to start the new year.

Do not forget that a prayer is the safest tool to communicate with God, as we relax and fill our hearts with love, faith, hope, we will be heard. Our transparent and sincere conversation with God will allow us to have the best attitude to receive the new year.


“My Lord, my God, your creator of Heaven and Earth, recognizing you as the owner of time in the past, today and tomorrow, we want to thank you for everything we have received this year that culminates from you.

We want to thank you for the health, the love, the prosperity that has been reflected in our family and in our beloved friends. We thank you for all the opportunities you put within our reach, we deeply appreciate all the times you allowed us to help a neighbor, for never abandoning us and keeping your promises.

Also beloved Lord, we want to ask your forgiveness, forgiveness for all the sins, for all the mistakes that we may have made consciously or unconsciously. We forgive if we complain and at some point show disagreement with what we received, which is always blessed by you, my father, my Lord.

We forgive if at any time we do not praise you enough, we do not serve you enough, due to carelessness, due to forgetfulness, forgive us Lord. We thank you, Lord, for this new year that is beginning, for this new opportunity to achieve, to build, and to make up for my mistakes, Lord.

Today I ask you Father for my family, my friends and for me I ask for joy my Lord, the joy that is born of kindness, understanding, love, tolerance, take it everywhere in our hearts. Take us Lord, guide us Lord along the path of good, may our spirit be filled only with blessings. Amen .

A prayer is never enough, prayers are blessings that come from our sincere love for Jesus Christ our Lord, so we leave here another prayer to start the new year, which can help you build your own prayer.

Lord and Father, first I want to give you the Glory and honor,

Because only you my Lord are worthy of praise.

We thank you for this new year that you put before me

I receive it as a new opportunity to be better and more worthy of you

If I have to ask for something my God, it is that you direct my steps and my destiny as until now

I do not complain my Lord, your blessings have always been present Lord.

May your hand be my guide, to provide me with what I need

And may it come in abundance to help those who need it

Make me worthy of your love Lord

Let me serve you my Lord and be better

May your blessings spill in my path to recognize your Glory

In the name of Jesus Christ,Amen.

Receive God’s Blessing

There are many opportunities and there should not be a special occasion to raise a prayer to God, however, on this date in the family reunion it is a special time to raise a Prayer and request a Blessing from God for the New Year. The special thing about this moment is that we are closing a year and welcoming a new one, therefore, it gives us the opportunity to thank and request blessings.

The new year is a renewal, it brings us new opportunities but also new challenges, so it is convenient to reflect and ask for God’s blessing for the year that begins, so that everything it brings is blessed and is for the well-being of all. .

Glory to you Lord

We thank you for filling our days with love and mercy

Today we ask for your blessing God for the New Year

Lord we ask you to remember us, Lord, You have given us the wonder of life and you have always blessed us my Lord and that is why we do not doubt that today you will also listen to us. Lord bless the last times of the year that culminates and bless this new year that begins fill it with hope, love and health, you who live and queen forever and ever.Amen!


After having made our prayer to start the new year, we can incorporate into the daily routine some tips that come in handy to achieve our goals. As we did well in the construction of our prayer thanking God for everything received during the year that is ending, this balance will help us to be very aware of the situation and moment of our life in which the new year will begin.

Making the balance of the year that culminates is a positive and healthy action, when you do it you must be very honest to identify all the positive and negative aspects, also identify the causes, make a reflection that allows you to advance and grow as a person, this It will help to be better in the new year that begins. (See also: Night Prayer Psalm 4 )

It is important to set realistic and achievable goals, although in the requests that you have made to God in your prayer you have put all your faith and hope that God listened to you and will grant your requests, you must also be aware that if they will be granted but the times in the ones you have planned and the times that God considers to be when you need them, may be different.

When what we plan and the goals we set for the new year are unlikely, we get discouraged, we even take unchristian attitudes, since we come to doubt that we were heard, when in reality the times are not real.

Remember as we recognized when we made our prayer to start the New Year, we are facing a new opportunity, it is very possible that we find ourselves exhausted, but the best thing you can do is to receive the new year with a good attitude and a lot of energy that you will get precisely to know and be a grateful person for this new opportunity that God gives us.

It is possible that during the course of the year situations and losses have happened to us that make us feel a little sad, this is often unavoidable, but what if you cannot allow yourself is to stop having faith and hope.

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