Christian prayer for my husband to love me according to his will

Many people will have wondered in a moment of marital adversity, will it be necessary to make a Christian prayer for my husband to love me? The answer is yes; because praying according to the will of the Lord is necessary; especially when these kinds of difficulties arise; that in the worst case can fracture a marriage. If you want to know everything about these prayers; keep reading this post.

Christian prayer for your husband to love you

Marriages are not something that can be handled easily; for there are countless tests that occur in times of adversity; which leads many to consider this Christian prayer for their husbands to love them; as a solution to those problems that afflict your peace of mind; Especially when it is the husband who goes, he loses interest in maintaining all that marital stability. Among all the prayers that can be used to fulfill this purpose, we have the following:

God, you who can do everything and know it, protect my husband and guide him along the path of good; Well, only your beloved Lord Jesus Christ has the power to keep your heart free from impure thoughts, oh Lord! Listen to my prayers, give me that tranquility that afflicts me so much; For only ” God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” Psalm 46:1

Lord make his heart be filled with grace, so that he can return to your glory; forgive him and free him from all ties that prevent him from returning home. “  Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am in distress; my eyes are consumed with sadness, my soul also and my body” Psalm 31:9.  Oh God! he trusted that only you will bring relief to my soul; in the name of christ, amen.

Who can do it?

The prayers can be performed by different people close to the couple; from relatives, to friends; however, in this particular case, it is advisable that it be the wife; because she is one of the most affected in that relationship; Of course, she’s not the only one either, especially if there are children of hers involved; where marital conflicts have greater repercussions.

By creating toxic environments; in which they may be involved; since it is unlikely; that the discussions, loss of affection and false attention, between the parents go unnoticed; Well, despite the fact that many believe that children ignore this type of situation; In the end, they end up being the ones that handle the most information about said conflicts.

What over time can generate a series of repetitive behaviors; where the children follow the same patterns as the parents, with respect to relationships; Well, there are many times that we have seen failed marriages; due to these learned behaviors.

When to do it?

Although the Christian prayer for a husband to love them is usually done in times of crisis; they can also be carried out during prosperous periods; where prayers are part of the daily routine.

Well, you don’t have to go through a divorce precisely to ask God that our husband loves us; since any moment and circumstance are appropriate to pray; especially in these times; in which people seem to believe that prayers are only directed to the bereaved in times of crisis.

This being a completely wrong idea; because stable relationships can also be governed according to the word of the Lord; asking because that husband who until now has fulfilled his duties continues to act in the same way, in order to continue enjoying that happiness that has already been achieved.

Highlighting the fact that very few enjoy this privilege; for happiness is something that should not be taken for granted; since life tends to take many turns; taking us from one extreme to another; where what satisfies us today may not do so tomorrow to the same extent; because there are no guarantees to ensure marital stability; in which both parties are equally committed.

Coming to the conclusion that there is no exact time or place in which this type of prayer should be performed; because any moment will be appropriate, if the intention is correct; since it is not possible to demand and ask for the affection of our partner; if before we do not respond in the same way that we demand; what would end up being the most successful; because we would be giving everything for everything; thus justifying such requests.

Well, there is nothing worse than demanding undeserved affection; in which the wife, she responds in the same way as the husband; and yet she continues to demand affection. Which is illogical; for both parties must be equally dedicated to that relationship; committing to maintain their marital stability. (See article:  How to Pray for my Husband to Protect Him from all Evil and all Danger)

Why are these types of prayers performed?

At present the marriage has been losing part of its credibility; due to the growing rate of divorces, which occurs more frequently every day; by showing an alarming rise that makes us question the purpose of these links; Well, although it is true that many of us believe in marriage; it is difficult not to question their objectivity, given such figures.

Which brings us to the next question, why perform this prayer? Turning to God to save our marriage is not something unknown or unreasonable; Well, his influence is well known in terms of all the aspects that make up our lives; where his word is the guide that allows us to orient ourselves, by giving us all those keys, which in many ways provide us with all those solutions that we ignore or forget due to anger or frustration.

Yes, it is natural that marriages go through different tests, with the aim of strengthening relationships; just as it is also a fact that various solutions can be presented with which they can be avoided; the word of the Lord being one of these; thus giving an answer to our question; since prayers are the means by which we can somehow get closer to God; putting our faith in him first, to achieve all those results that have been longed for for a long time; remembering that before our Lord there are no barriers that can limit him.

On the other hand, the purpose with which these prayers are made must be taken into account; because if your objective is none other than that your husband loves you according to the will of God; then you must and have to consider your participation in the relationship; since you cannot pretend that these give solutions to all your problems, if you as a woman, do not do your part.

Well, although it is true that God can give you all those answers by answering your prayers; your collaboration is also necessary, and even more so your commitment to marriage; since relationships are agreements not of one, but of two people; where both have the same responsibilities.

Another aspect to highlight are the causes that lead a wife to perform this type of Christian prayer so that her husband loves her; because it is not easy to remain oblivious to all those internal and external factors, which affect relationships; by giving rise to all those uncertainties that all they do is harm a marriage; by putting into question the affection received by our life partner.

Sometimes these doubts are responsible for the distancing of our partner; by having a toxic behavior that brings nothing good to the relationship; especially when problems are seen where there are none; in which there are only a set of unnecessary conflicts, which at first could be avoided.

Carrying out a Christian prayer for a husband to love them; it is and continues to be a means by which couples find a solution to their bad relationships; especially when those practical measures that in the first instance lacked all these contributions were exhausted.

Of course, in order to pray and make these types of requests, one must first know the word of the Lord; Well, if you are praying for your husband to love you according to his will; it is because he is failing or neglecting his duties, according to what is established in the bible; reason that leads you to turn to God.

In addition to keeping in mind the word of the Lord; you must analyze your contribution to the proper functioning of that marriage; because you cannot ask your husband to love you; if you as a wife, do not give everything for everything in that relationship. (See article: Prayer for my alcoholic husband to heal his vice)


That you can ask God, through these prayers, that your husband loves you; it ends up being a priority for all those women who want to be treated in the best possible way; having a Christian relationship according to the will of the Lord; where the responsibilities of the husband; are of equal relevance to those of the wife. Well, despite the fact that in this post reference is made to the affection given by the members of the male sex; should be mentioned in the same way those of the feminine.

Since marriage is a commitment made by two people; in which the promises take on greater importance; so it is understandable that these prayers are carried out; with which they seek to strengthen marriage ties; that on certain occasions they may be exposed to quite compromising situations; since all relationships, even those made up of the most Christian and devoted people to the Lord; they are just as likely to face these types of trials.

That they do not necessarily have to imply infidelities; because despite this being the main reason for these marital breakups; it’s not the only one; since there are other factors that in the same way manage to fracture most relationships; such as jealousy and the lack of demonstration of affection; which work silently; little by little affected these unions; bringing all kinds of doubts, which only lead to insecurities.

The importance of Christian prayer for your husband to love you is beyond any discussion; because this is one of the best ways in which we can approach God; not only to ask for the affection of our husband; but also to thank; Well, not all couples make the decision to pray to the Lord to solve these problems; since only the bravest recognize their failures.

It is worth noting that these prayers have no credibility, if you do not have faith in their effectiveness; because it is useless to pray to ask our husband to love us; if deep down we believe that this request is far from materializing; Which brings us to the next point which is responsibilities.

As a wife you must be aware of your role in the marriage; Just as you must analyze yourself to answer the following questions, have I fulfilled my duties? Have I put in enough time to make this relationship work? How much have I been carried away by insecurities? The answers to these questions are very important.

Well, sometimes the treatment of our partner depends on these; since the jealousy of any person, without any reason; or argue about the least logical things; they are triggers that promote this lack of contribution in the marriage.

So it is necessary that as a wife you are committed to correcting any failure, which induces all these results to a certain extent; since praying encompasses much more than making a request; taking more seriousness than is credited by most people; Well, even if it seems hard to believe; there are still segments of it that question the veracity of the Lord; because they consider it an invention of a part of the population; which, as many already know, is far from being true.

Since its credibility has been demonstrated on different occasions; by solving all those problems; that for man have been impossible to explain; being known as miracles; which are interpreted by Christians as life lessons; which in my opinion is quite successful; because these bring with them all kinds of learning, which not only manage to reach society; if not they also give it greater veracity. (See:  Prayer to God to forget a love )

How to build your own prayer?

One of the things that has been referred to in the Bible is the marriage union; since special importance has been given to the need to have a life partner, with whom they can face all the problems that arise today; showing that two are better than one in a relationship designed to last into posterity; since it is easier to deal with problems when you have another person, who serves as a source of support; in joys and adversity.

Prayers continue to be a highly complex issue for the people who make up a society; for many believe that praying is the same as praying; what could not be further from reality; since praying requires greater commitment and sincerity; especially when a personal request is made; where the will the desire to send such a request, are necessary to have a remarkable effectiveness.

In marriages, prayers have a greater influence because of their remarkable credibility; since there are many who attest to its veracity; because they are not one, nor two couples who make use of this in everyday life; but there are hundreds and thousands of people, who put their faith in these prayers for the resolution of those mishaps characteristic of a marriage relationship.

Building a Christian prayer for your husband to love you according to his will; it constitutes much more than a personal request; because not everyone has the ability to design one, which is in accordance with the wishes of our God; described in the holy testament, used by the majority of society.

This being a key factor for this type of prayer, made for the purpose of safeguarding a relationship from the mishaps that afflict the couple in general; since we cannot ask for said stability; if at no time do we think of governing ourselves by the norms established in the bible, in terms of the functions of a husband and wife; in a Christian marriage union.

Within the essential parameters to build your own sentence; we have a series of steps; that they not only guide us in the difficult task of designing an effective prayer; but also they guide us, in an efficient way to direct us in a better way to our lord; for we cannot address him, in any way that seems to us; if at all times we are unaware of these steps that help carry out said purpose.

Knowing the above, and considering its importance in the design of these sentences; We can then describe these steps in detail, as follows:


Like all the activities that we carry out in the course of our lives; preparation is necessary; for we cannot start an action; if we have not prepared ourselves for it before; since if so; we would not obtain those results that could satisfy us so much; because we would go on talking without thinking, and acting without knowing.

Which frequently happens with some people who go to church; which ignore the purpose of this; coming to pray, without having any kind of knowledge of the word of the Lord; which is quite serious; since these same ones can guide new believers, in a completely wrong way; that could lead them down a different path than the one you want.

When we focus on preparing to build sentences of this particular type; we refer to the following steps described below; which can guide anyone who has the intention; and even more so the dedication to designing these prayers; Well, not everyone has the will and the commitment to carry out this preparation, which will guide them in such a way that they can address the Lord correctly.


The reading of the bible is one of the most relevant steps; since one cannot pray without first having read it; because the knowledge and mastery of this will greatly facilitate the design of these sentences; because we will know exactly why we are governed; something that leads us to consider all kinds of information that it has.

Reading and knowing how to interpret it is of vital importance, especially for the formulation of these sentences; because not everyone can understand the word of the Lord; because they lack the previous preparation that helps them to interpret it; as is the case of those believers who do not have someone who can guide them correctly; which gives rise to confusion among the same members of a church.

To perform a Christian prayer of this character; it is required to have read the bible in advance; since it is necessary to know it properly; to be able to formulate sentences that please the creator; Well, if we pray without having read it; we can make the mistake of addressing the Lord in the wrong way; because we will not know the way he wants us to act.

Reason why we cannot under any circumstances ask, without first acting correctly according to what is described in the scriptures; for it would be too impertinent of us to demand results; that we deserve very little; For this reason, it is advisable to study the Bible; so as not to be naive, in any of the moments that we decide to pray for a request.


After having read and interpreted the Bible, it is best to meditate; and in doing so we must consider everything described in the scriptures; above all that may be related to our request, which in this case would be that our husband loves us; because this testament is the source of a variety of content that could easily be useful to carry out said objective.

When we meditate considering our request and what we learned through our reading; we must do it from the heart; searching within ourselves for that reason that initially led us to turn to God; wondering if this really deserves such concern; because situations usually arise in which people ask for the wrong things that are unimportant; which is answered by the silence of the Lord.

And we shouldn’t blame him; because of so many problems that afflict society; it is unlikely that we ask for this kind of thing; that the only thing they require for their solution is our participation; what sometimes does not happen, due to the lack of commitment on our part.


Sometimes we have the tendency to ask and ask through our prayer; without coming at any time to thank the Lord; which is completely unacceptable; since the logical thing would be to thank him first for everything he has given you; it doesn’t matter if this is a lot or a little; Well, after all, the simple fact that you are still breathing is reason enough to thank him.

Even more so when this thanks is followed by a request. Of course, it is also understood that crisis situations may arise, which contribute to forgetting this step. However, it does not justify this fact completely; Well, we wouldn’t be so flexible if it were the Lord who forgot to answer our requests.

That is why we must remember to give thanks for everything he has given us; in order to have those answers that we expect from you; since as it happens in our daily life; we don’t keep solving somebody’s problems; if this is not grateful; then what purpose would it have; if in the end he would not value our contribution to the solution of his problems; albeit with a simple thank you from you.


Once we have prepared, read, meditated and thanked; we will proceed to make our request; which must be of an important nature; those that for the most part cannot be resolved by our own means; Of course, by this I do not mean that requests should be made only in times of crisis; since even in prosperity all kinds of requests can be carried out.

However, those that are formulated in adversity are more frequent; how are marriage breakups; in which one of the parties prays that the other can be just as committed to saving the relationship. Well, how many times have you not thought of making a Christian prayer for your husband to love you. This being one of the last measures to resort to, when all the previous ones have failed.

It should be noted that these requests should not always be made for personal reasons; because there are other external factors that equally afflict a large part of society; factors that deserve to be considered; especially today, in which everyday problems are the order of the day. (See article: Prayer of the blood of Christ to protect the family from all evil and danger)

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