The Effective Prayer to talk to God Praying I'm Going

The Effective Prayer to talk to God Praying I’m Going

You like to pray and you want to enter the world of technology, don’t worry, in this article you will be able to find the effective prayer to talk to God from the Praying I’m Going website, don’t miss it.

Who are Praying Voy?

It is a company created under the name of sjoficinadigital where they upload countless audio materials which are mainly focused on those who have visual disabilities, despite also being for the entire public who want to have audio on their computers as well as on their devices. mobiles. On this page you can find various sections where texts, music, reflections and different prayers will be exposed along with the section called praying I go children that gives simpler information for the little ones in the house.

Like any company, a large group of employees has always been needed to manage the company and in Rezando Voy it is not the exaction, since in this one a team will always be needed which helps to share each part of the religion and thus be able to lend a hand It helps everyone who wants to pray at every moment of their life. In particular, all prayers are usually proposals and lights to guide anyone who uses them to find God while having a completely busy, demanding and intense life.

In general, the offices are linked to the Spanish Jesuits, who are always in charge of coordinating and reproducing all the materials that are seen within the portal. Despite this, this group needs help from a large number of people and institutions that give their support at the time of making any you, idea, or give infinite materials.

World of Praying I Go

This small company, when found on the internet, can show a completely different life, since images, sounds and great content can be possessed virtually, with this praying I can demonstrate reality, closeness, isolation, truth, lies and the distance that can have a person. For today there is a cry towards Jesus where it is very important to understand that what the whole world would be is not just a small geographical or spatial illusion but an infinite understanding where people can develop through the internet.

So thanks to the internet this page has been the door for many people and more for those young people who are just getting to know the world and want to experience countless things. When this happens, various initiatives have been created which help many to share within religion, within what leads to the initiatives you can see a lot how poems, songs, forums, psalms, information blogs and reflections of the bible, among others.

On the other hand, the proposals for praying I go are inherited by the ideas that the English and Portuguese Jesuits began, so they looked for a way to launch an idea where every day of the week a new audio prayer will be uploaded in various languages ​​so that this way anyone in the world can download it and have it with them and listen to it whenever they want, and thus the generations that enter the page and spend it with their headphones almost all day can deliver the world of the Catholic religion without any problem and so find peace and love of God.

Intention of Praying I’m Going

Within the intentions of this company is the idea of ​​bringing all its content to as many people as possible in the world to bring prayers closer to people’s daily lives and help both adults and young people to de-stress through the prayers and meditations with the audios of the page.

So far today there are many people who are immersed in this world where they live different experiences, volunteering, celebrations and meetings among others but keeping a distance when praying in each place in order to find the word of the Lord in a way simple. This is why the initiative is taken to implement technology and different areas to deeply explore all the possibilities of life.

Jesuits Start a Website

Mainly within the initiative of this great page is given by the Jesuits of Valladolid but despite this at that time there was a demand in which the Spanish Jesuits and those of Latin America were involved, who wanted to be able to make a page in Spanish as those of other similar pages. When all this happened, the same Praying Voy page built another page for what would be the university world, which was promoted by the Jesuits of Castillas. This idea was realized, since within the universities there are certain spaces and time to be able to pray on a daily basis and thus learn a little about God as the days go by.

The Need to Have an Oasis

For a long time they have tried to create different pages with great similarities to Praying Voy, some pages that try to imitate it are from Poland and Portugal but despite this they have not had a great boom so it is always revealed that it is not easy to create a page in one that people can trust and keep coming back to see what they want. As far as the oasis goes, it has been shown that to reach God through these audio prayers, a place where silence exists is usually needed to be able to pray in peace and with a very passive rhythm to continue with our day to day. Therefore, by being very aware of this, it is possible to have a purpose to approach prayer in particular and give the necessary approach to see and feel God.

Twelve Minute Prayer

Within the world of the Jesuits, being able to make a prayer is very precise to last twelve minutes in which various paragraphs of the Bible, songs, silence, music and some questions to reflect are included, and with this they manage to be inspired in their day to day. In general, the main idea of ​​them within the page is to be united with the people who read them every week through prayers and prayers that are made every day and thus give the gratitude that God needs to embrace each person and take care of them. in every moment.

Importance of Music

Within what is the music on the page is taken in a way in which people feel captivated by the tranquility and clarity that they can see within it. This is usually achieved thanks to the collaboration of the institution called Vida Nueva, which gives the different musical proposals to the Jesuits and they are the ones who choose, not to mention that this same music can be of great value to the following generations who, in the Currently they have a mobile device in their hands and that when they need a space to relax or calm the discomfort they can listen to them with a single click and with their headphones.

It can be thought at times that this page is only thinking of young people, but this project is actually managed for all types of people and more so with those who have vision disabilities. If it is true that there are many young people who use the internet a lot and have great knowledge of it, for this reason it is easier for them to reach the page, but in an unequal way, each proposal implemented within praying I go is in the general public.

Why is Praying I Go Important?

Since its inception, this page has become a perfect example that has potential thanks to new technologies, this is because it is linked to the internet to give people religion without having to search a lot between books and other pages. Given this, the pastoral of religion is found in a very wide world and that generally remains to be explored, but even so, thanks to the page, great steps have been taken for the union between people.

Praying Prayers I’m Going

In general, despite the fact that there are various audios of prayers on this page, they also place the prayer so that those who want to read it can do so without any problem. In general, the prayers are divided into different categories such as praying I go Jesuits, praying I go children and praying I go special, in the same way there are also the most papal prayers to which some of these are:

Prayer to Ask for Faith

In general, most people at some point in their lives tend to lose faith in God, since they feel drowned and lost in the problems they have, but nevertheless there comes a time when a tranquility is felt that allows us to think and pray for him and ask him to return all the faith he had and ask for forgiveness for mistrusting. The prayer that is usually recited is as follows:

“Holy spirit of God, holy spirit I prostrate before your presence because I know you are listening to me, I beg you, my beloved, to protect me from all evil, allow my FAITH to be bigger than a grain of mustard, I cry out to you because you are the god who takes care of me loves me and who wants the best for me, bless me in all my ways.

I ask my God with this prayer to strengthen faith, help me understand the obstacles of life, allow my FAITH to overflow above all things, accompany me at all times, allow my beloved that my faith be strengthened every day May my life be more blessed, I confess that I love you despite not seeing you.

But as long as I feel your presence I feel satisfied, so do not allow people who want to overshadow my faith to approach me, who want me to stop trusting you, you are strength and defense against your enemies, herd in heaven and encouragement alive, Lord I ask you come move here in life, in my heart again holy spirit of God come move.

You are life, my God, I pray this prayer to strengthen my faith because you are a living God. I am proud to be called your daughter. Help me, my God, to strengthen my faith more and more. May my faith grow every day, Jesus Christ. You reign with power, you are a victorious sovereign, so without a doubt I know that you will give me that strength that I long for.

You are eternally worthy I say this prayer I leave it in your hands I will wait on you and trust your word I know that you will not leave this prayer in vain I will wait for your answer and I am sure that it will be so. Amen”

Prayer for My Birthday

For many, being able to have another year of life is something that should be thanked to God for allowing us to spend another year close to our loved ones in a unique celebration such as our birthday, therefore for most devotees on their day they always Pray the following prayer to thank God:

“Thank you Lord, for another year of life!

Lord, I thank you because you have allowed me to celebrate another year of life, and you have given me the grace to celebrate it with my family and loved ones.

Although this last year has been difficult, I know that they are tests that put us on the road; I only ask you for strength to always move forward. That my character is not tarnished by difficulties and can stand up to them.

I hope you give me more years of life, so that I can continue sharing with others the true meaning of love and the value of life, and that I can fulfill my work here on earth.

Let me be an instrument of yours to bring peace and comfort to those who need it.

I thank you immensely for this life so full of love that you have given me, because you have allowed me to help others and because everyone I love is full of life and health.

From the depths of my being, I thank you and appreciate the life you have given me. Amen.”

Friendship Prayer

Since the existence of humanity and religion, many people who are very humble and tend to give everything for their loved ones often pray even for the closest friends in their lives, since for each one a friend is part of the family and even more so if they found in all those bad moments of life. That is why most people pray the following prayer:

“Lord, how good it is to need people, others.

You made us limited, and friendship is a requirement of that limitation,

For limitation calls for friendship.

It is that human limitation by divine grace

What makes us walk to meet the other!

It is this human limitation by divine grace that makes us less selfish, self-sufficient,

And more humble!

You know, Lord, that in truth this feeling alone, helpless, incomplete, weak and limited;

This need for the other leads us inexorably to pure friendship: to you.

For You are dialogue, love, communication, donation!

In a world that becomes desert we need to find a friend

And what we need most in life

It belongs to someone who leads us to do what we can and should do.

And it is in this that the function of the true friend consists.

Thank you Lord for everything that is within us and our community.

Teach us to be for all a sign and an instrument of your friendship .Amen.”

Prayer for Parents

Within the world of religion, it can be said that the figures of a mother or father are usually of great significance to a person, whether it is the age of the parents, they are an anchor that keeps us stable in every moment we need them, Therefore, many devout and non-devout people usually pray for their parents at every moment they can to ask for them to be eternal and in good health, given this, the following prayer is made:

“Lord Jesus

You tell us that in heaven there is a Father. We also have parents on earth

they give us life and educate us; for them we pray today and promise:

be respectful and obedient, be grateful for their efforts and work,

cultivate the goodness that they planted in us, understand and excuse their limitations,

never abandon them when they are old.

Lord Jesus, you tell us that God has a human face, that he forgives the prodigal son, the frustrated one.

That is why we ask that our parents be more like that God-incarnate:

that they never deny or abandon their children, that they respect the identity of each one,

don’t get tired of supporting and waiting, don’t be ashamed of failed children.

Lord Jesus You know that life is difficult for the children of this time.

With the “Our Father” prayer we ask you for all human fathers:

that they can give bread to their children, that they know how to guide youthful follies,

that they know how to defend them from danger, that they avoid falling into temptation despite the fragility of the clay itself.

Lord Jesus Give peace to deceased parents.

Give strength to those who still struggle to keep fidelity, union, faith, love

with which you have loved us. Amen.”

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