Prayer for a deceased father on his anniversary, for the comfort of the family

The Prayer for a Deceased Father on his anniversary must have beautiful words of thanks, must be solicitous of the mercy of God the Father and ask for resignation for those who suffer his loss. Here we give you some prayers for a Deceased Father on his Anniversary.

Prayer for a Deceased Father on his Anniversary

To make a prayer for a deceased father on his anniversary, it is important that our attitude is focused on request and our soul won to receive God’s consolation. In the name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Time passes inexorably and it still seems like a lie

Today is a special day for all of us who love you

And even knowing that you are in a better place

Leading a life of peace and love, we miss you

It is our desire to make a prayer in your name, beloved father.

We ask you Lord for the soul of our beloved Father

Give him, Lord, the eternal life in which he always believed,

Our beloved Father in life was an example to follow

His words were always reflected in each of his actions

He followed with love and respect your word and teaching, Lord

He was a supportive and loving man with his neighbor, attentive and kind

He always loved and protected his family deeply

Today when marks an anniversary of his departure

Your children, wife, grandchildren, friends and other relatives

We miss your presence, but we have the consolation of knowing it

In your kingdom, full of light and eternal love

Under your coat that gives him a rest of eternal peace

If he is not yet by your side, because you consider him our Father

We ask before you of your infinite mercy

So that you forgive their sins and allow our beloved father his rest and eternal life

Please receive our Father in your Kingdom

Because in life he was a good son and he made an effort to be like you, a Father of love.

Allow us, Lord, to honor your legacy.

Give us the strength to continue and honor his life

Fill us with virtue and wisdom to replicate its virtues

To be us like him, an example of love and kindness

Help us Lord to follow your path, for when you decide to be able to

Meet our Father in your Kingdom and live together in peace.Amen

Other Prayers 

Oh God the Father Almighty, you brought us together we are your creation and your desire

For you he received us, and was our beloved Father

From him we learned to love you, respect you

Through him we know that you lost him first and after fulfilling his mission he had to return to you.

Today we pray for a deceased Father on his anniversary

We pray to you Lord for having received him in your beautiful Kingdom

He was a good man, a loving and protective father.

From him we learned that there is eternal life, his transit through life

He was always attached to your word, to receive from you the fulfillment of your promise.

Oh Lord, today we ask that your soul be at peace,

under your coat, in the warm home where love is immortal,

death does not exist my Lord.

Our relief at his departure is strengthened in the reunion,

Thank you Lord for giving us that beautiful promise of love,

that allows us to follow the path that you marked

to be with our beloved Father and with You.

Prepare a special place so that your wait is full of light, peace and love

My God, my Lord, merciful and loving, we pray that you forgive all their sins.

Allow us who miss your presence, dry our tears

To see beyond the physical absence of our beloved

Father and to be able to look at his beautiful life by your side.Amen

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Join hands, bow your head to begin this beautiful prayer for a deceased father on his anniversary: ​​Oh Jesus, only son of God the Father Almighty, give me the consolation to overcome the physical absence of my Father, whom I miss, whom I continue to love. and by whom I learned to love you Lord Jesus. These days without him it seems that there are too many and he is barely celebrating his anniversary today. Oh your Lord Jesus who knows about pain and sadness, you who knows about mourning for the loss of loved ones, give us the necessary comfort to honor your words and remember what pain makes us forget Lord.

Your Most High beloved, give us the strength to go through the time that separates us due to this momentary absence of our beloved Father. We ask you Lord to receive him in your arms and comfort him with your love and shelter, give him your promise of eternal life and allow us when it is time to meet him in heaven, to live eternally together by your side Lord.Amen  

Beloved God the Most High Father, we ask you for our beloved Deceased Father, we thank you my Lord for receiving him in your beautiful home, full of light, full of love. In your hands was his path that in his life showed to continue without leaving your mandate Lord. In life he felt your presence and company, so he let us know.

He has left this world to reach your Kingdom and it is our consolation that everything he has lived has served to be by your side. For us, we ask you, Lord, for the consolation of knowing him living in peace, that you have forgiven his sins so that he is worthy of your presence, accompanied by your smiling angels who will make him feel loved, cared for and always accompanied.

We ask you Lord for eternal rest for our beloved deceased Father, Thank you for the joy of feeling your love here always with us, for eternal love, so says your word Lord and today from the pain of his departure, we verify your promise and word . Give Lord eternal rest and shine for him perpetual light.Amen

How to understand the loss of a Father?

There is only one condition in human life to meet death and this is: to be alive, it is natural for human beings to have a finite life on earth, but we must always maintain faith and hope of the existence of a life eternal after this life.

When we lose a Father, it makes us very sad, we feel that we have left many things to do, but we must understand that the moment of his departure occurs when he has completed his mission on this earthly plane, therefore, God the Almighty Father, who at the time I let him go to be by our side, he claims it for himself again.

After the departure of a Father, we must understand that although we would have liked to have lived more by his side, to do more things together, to create new moments and memories, we must console ourselves with the knowledge that everything we have lived through is what we should have lived with him, because that is how it is. written and not feel the pain of his departure, but the consolation of knowing that our Father fulfilled his mission.

We must seek comfort in knowing it on a higher plane, in a place of peace, light and eternal life in the Glory of the Lord. Therefore, we must ask for his soul to receive the promise of eternal rest, that God forgive his sins and perpetual light shine for him.

Saying a prayer for a deceased father on his anniversary will comfort our soul, strengthen our sincere desire that our deceased father find rest in the Kingdom of God. We then ask our Heavenly Father for the soul of our Father and we say his name, we ask for the forgiveness of sins, for the purification of his soul, we acknowledge our affliction for his departure and we ask God to receive him and recognize that he was a Good man. (See also: Psalm 91 a prayer for protection and mental and physical healing )

It will make us feel better, although he knows how to remind God the Almighty Father that he was a man who loved his family and his neighbor and allows his eternal rest. This prayer will be heard by our Father, who will receive our love through it and God will hear our requests, so we will feel more comforted.

How to overcome it?

The only condition to die is to be alive, therefore, death is something natural in living beings, however, death can be assumed differently by each person, which we can perceive in different ways and the way of Facing the sudden loss of a Parent is not a situation that everyone can handle adequately and we must be aware of this.

The pain of the death of a Father will always be a very sad and painful fact, but if that death is unexpected, the impact on the lives of the mourners is much greater. Human beings are aware that at any moment we can lose a loved one, however, we are never prepared to accept the death of any of them.

When this death is imminent, we probably handle it in a less shocking way, but when it is unexpected and it is also our Father who passes away, the emotional effects can be devastating.

The mourning that each person suffers is different, the relationship that has developed between the Father and the Son will be different, even when they have loved us, raised and educated us the same, we have grown up under the same roof, the paternal relationship will never be the same. Therefore, we must assume that the ways of assuming mourning will be different for each of the family members, and this must be accepted with great respect.

It is therefore recommended that each of the mourners identify their personal way of managing the pain caused by the physical and sudden loss of their father, sometimes it can work to talk and say goodbye to your loved one, some people feel that they have left things unsaid and it is an internal burden that makes the pain of loss stronger.

In this situation, it is advisable to identify the way that makes them feel more comfortable, that makes them feel that they can let go of all that inner burden and communicate to that Father who is no longer on our plane, everything we want to tell him.

They can write a letter and then put it in a balloon and make it fly, this will make us feel that the message reaches the place where it is and we take away the feeling of not having said it, therefore, our grieving will be a little less painful.

Another way that may help us deal with the loss of our Father is to put on a garment that belonged to him, a jewel or a piece of clothing, this allows us to feel him close at least in some way, our pain is compensated.

Let’s not isolate ourselves, it is not advisable to stay alone, avoiding talking to anyone who can support us in such difficult times is not healthy. We must let them know the bad time we are going through, how we feel, this will allow our family and friends to know or recognize how to support us. If we do not make our feelings known, it will be more difficult for them to try to reduce the weight of sadness.

Receiving comfort is important, you yourself will know how to recognize that person who will make you feel better, who will comfort you with his words, you must let your needs be known and they will be a fundamental part of overcoming the moment.

They say that time heals everything, this can be relative, we must of course give time to time, but it is also important to take the time to say goodbye to our Father, and it must be remembered that each of the mourners has their own grieving process . Time is necessary to understand our loss, that life will be different, therefore, it is vital to take the necessary time that allows us to close the mourning in the healthiest way possible.

We must beware of thinking that we do not deserve anything that we are experiencing, we cannot fall into the search for answers that we do not have, because this only feeds confusion. It is possible that this internal dialogue even makes us feel guilty about what happened, making the mistake of thinking that it would not have happened if we had intervened in some way to change what happened.

Before the death of a Father unexpectedly, of course the questions multiply, to face this situation you must simply tell him what you wanted, write him a letter, very from you to him and forgive his loss, which is not your responsibility. (See also: Prayer when a mother dies )

It is important that a peremptory time be resumed the usual routines, although it is true that our life will never be the same, because our interior meets with the inevitable memory of the loss of our father. But we must seek spaces where we can feel comfortable and that allow us to keep our minds busy away from pain.

Currently the use of social networks allows a space that can be used to make our emotions known and receive from many people who are even far away, words of encouragement, comfort and advice to help us overcome grief. People who have gone through or are going through the same experience can also be identified, allowing us to share the ways in which they have overcome it, which can also be very helpful.

In the event that we feel that none of the above recommendations is having any effect that allows us to feel comforted and we also identify that the duel is being stronger than even my own intentions to overcome it, it is advisable to seek professional help.

We must never forget that one of the ways to find consolation for the loss of a father is to pray for a deceased father on his anniversary, this will not help to feel that we are doing something for his soul and that it is a way of communicating and let out the pain.

Why is so difficult?

Why does the death of a Father become an emotional earthquake? , the reason why we momentarily lose the north, the control of our emotions when we suffer the loss of our Father is because we suddenly stop being the protected children, that we unconsciously continue to be even in our adulthood when our parents are alive.

Therefore, in a sudden way we feel orphaned, abandoned, the security and identity that we had collapses due to the loss of one of our pillars and we must rediscover ourselves and relocate you in a generational position. This abrupt change is reflected in an emotional impact, which is accentuated when we recognize that the next in the generational line are us.

However, this does not mean that we are the next to die, this fact of being now located at a higher level in the generational line must be assumed as a change in life by having new perspectives of life and new responsibilities.

We also feel mixed feelings, because we can think about everything that we wanted to do with our Father and we did not do, the plans that did not materialize or how much we stopped saying to each other, all this influences the feeling of pain.

But pain can also arise in those people who did not have a good parental relationship, it is generally believed that the only ones who suffer a loss are those who loved their parents and this is not true, also those who may not even love them never feel a mourning for the death of the father, which is born from what could have been, from what they wanted to have lived and can never be.

It is important to take the time to think and make an inventory that allows clarifying the feelings and from that perspective face the real reason that is giving rise to the pain of the loss of the Father. Saying a prayer for a deceased father on his anniversary is a way to release and open up our relationship with him. (See also: Prayer of Protection for Children )

Among the questions that we must answer are those that allow us to identify with what we want to stay forever from our relationship with our father, what I want to discard, what I would have liked and it was not, this will help us to recognize where that comes from. grief underlying the loss.

How to continue with life?

Overcoming the loss of a Father can be something that takes us a while that we ourselves are not able to estimate, but definitely considering how difficult his loss may be for us, life goes on and we must lead it in the healthiest way possible. Therefore, we must talk about the death of our Father, not to talk about it is to deny it, it is to isolate ourselves and this will not allow us to understand what happened and overcome it.

We must accept our feelings, it is logical to have mixed and changing feelings, to feel that we have no real control of our emotions, it is completely normal, so if you feel anger, pain, sadness, you must allow yourself the moment and overcome it to change it for other types of emotions.

You must understand that you have to take care of yourself, surely the pain makes us feel loss of appetite, but we must consciously accept that we must feed ourselves, therefore, let us not refuse to eat food when it is offered to us, in moments of deep sadness.

Possibly you are a person resilient to the pain of the loss of a loved one, therefore, your emotional condition is very possibly better than that of a family member who goes through the same loss and the same pain, helping these people who go through for a bad time can help you feel better. Remembering our Father, honoring his memory, remembering and celebrating his life is also a way to overcome his loss.


After the death of a Father, we are aware of the effort and work they have done to raise and educate us, we begin to recognize the sacrifices and obstacles that our father must have gone through, this definitely gives us a new point of view and if before we consider him a hero, now we place him on a higher level.

You may also begin to recognize your mistakes and mistakes, but remember that these were all part of your life. If you have the opportunity that your mother is alive, she takes advantage of her experience with him to get to know your father better, she surely knows a lot about him that you did not know in life.

We can be aware that losing our parents is part of the law of life, however, this does not prepare us to overcome grief, therefore, we will be starting a journey that may be long, to overcome their absence.

When we heal, we will be in the final stage of the journey, we will have already learned who we are now after the loss of our father and we will also know better who our father was in life and this will allow us to live with his absence, because he is still present in our lives, it has only changed places, it is inside, in our essence, in our heart.

Without realizing it when we begin to heal, we put aside the pain and invest all that new energy that begins to emerge in continuing to live. We learn to honor his memory, we begin to laugh at the memories.

Love remains intact and now we have a new relationship with our now deceased father, an omnipresent relationship, now we have a father who accompanies us everywhere, who is always present in our hearts.

Let’s never stop raising a prayer for a deceased father on his anniversary, this will honor shared life, let’s always remember to thank, ask God the Almighty Father for our father to have a life of light and eternal love.

How to help children?

It is true that we are going through a difficult time due to the death of our father, but we cannot forget the children, they will also face the loss of a loved one, however, the age of the children plays a determining role. in the way we are going to deal with the news and explain the situation to them.

It is necessary that there is an atmosphere of trust so that children feel free to ask any question that worries them, we must make children understand that what they feel is okay, that it does not matter if they feel like crying. We can also help them by explaining that there is a beautiful place where our loved ones go.

If children are between 5 and 6 years old, they have a frank and transparent way of understanding, therefore, we must use words that they understand and refer to the condition of the situation they are experiencing. .

It is very difficult for children to understand that they will never see a loved one again because they have passed away, so be prepared to answer several times that the person will not return. It is not advisable to tell them that they have gone away, or that they are sleeping, because the children will understand it literally and instead of helping them they can generate fears that can affect the development of their life in a normal way.

In older children from 6 to 10 years old, it is a little easier to explain that a loved one has died, since at that age they understand a little more about death and can understand that it is something definitive. (See also: Prayer of the Blood of Christ to protect the family ).

Already when they are adolescents, young people begin to understand that all people can die, however, they can still be very impressed and affected, we must be attentive to clarify their doubts, teach them about the meaning of life which they recently begin to understand, and Always accompany your pain.

Do not forget that it is important to let them decide if they want to accompany us at the funeral and burial of our loved one, after explaining what happens in each of the places where honor is paid to the life of our loved one and where his body will rest. They will decide and we must respect their decision.

If we find ourselves very hurt by the death of our Father, let us ask our relatives or friends for help with the children, someone with whom they feel comfortable, that is the right choice. If they see us cry we should not get upset or hide our pain, they should know that it is natural to cry and feel sad for the death of a loved one.

After the death of our Father we cannot lose sight of our children, it is possible that their reaction to the loss becomes visible in changes in behavior and behaviors different from the usual ones, we must remember that they do not know how to express pain as do Adults.

If we notice emotional or behavioral changes in children or adolescents, it should not be taken as a way to get their attention, pay attention to the changes and if necessary seek professional help to help you overcome grief.

Do not forget to pray and ask for the guidance and help of the Most High, to overcome your pain, remember the wonderful world and the promised eternal life in which our loved ones find themselves, this comforts us and helps us heal the soul.

After the time of mourning for the loss of their father is over, it is good that the children of the house be taught to create with their own words and feelings a prayer for a deceased father on his anniversary, this starts them on the path of religion and it is also a healing act.

Phrases for a deceased Father on his anniversary

To finish after delivering a prayer for a deceased father on his anniversary, we leave some phrases that can help you honor his memory:

You are no longer by my side beloved Father, but today on your anniversary I feel your love for me intact as always.

Father, your life as a man is over, but you live eternally as a son of God.

As long as I live, your Father will live forever in my memory.

When the sky is clear, I imagine you smiling at me from sitting up there.

Today on your anniversary only the best memories that I built by your side come to me.

I learned not to miss you beloved Father, because I understood that you are always by my side.

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