Translation of Reels in Instagram: text on video, descriptions and comments

Not so long ago, Instagram added a new and now mainstream video format to its platform called Reels . Users from all over the world have the opportunity to share their video in full screen size for phones.

Since Rils videos come to our feed from all over the world, they often have a commentary or signature of the author in a foreign language, such as English, Spanish, German and other languages. And of course, I want to translate and understand what the video is about or follow the author’s train of thought!

How to translate Reels

It should be noted that there is no built-in translation of Reels on Instagram now (it is available for stories, comments, profile descriptions).

But there is a way to quickly and efficiently translate Rils on your phone and computer.

Translation of Reels on the phone

In order to translate the description, caption or comment to the video, you must:

  • Go to Instagram using a mobile browser such as Yandex Browser or Google Chrome ( Usually one or the other must be preinstalled on a smartphone );
  • Next, find the video we need and open it;
    Translation of Reels from English to Russian
  • In the lower right corner, click on the three dots and select “Translate page”;
  • Ready! The description, comments, nicknames and even the text on the Reels video have been translated.

Translation of Reels from a computer

On a PC, the translation process is almost the same as a telephone one:

  1. Open the web version of Instagram on the official website through any of the browsers mentioned above and go to your profile;
  2. We are looking for the desired Reels video and select it;
    Text to Rils and comments in English before translation
  3. Right-click on the area with comments (from the author, etc.);
  4. From the menu that appears, select “Translate into Russian”;
  5. Done!
    Description and comments to Reels translated into Russian

It happens that the translation does not work when translating through the Yandex browser and you additionally need to choose from which language to translate.

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