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They compose poems about life and love, write poems, novels and wise stories. Sometimes it is very difficult to convey the deep meaning of love, to convey those emotions that overwhelm loving people. Below are love captions and quotes to help you do just that.

For you, we have prepared a list of 140 signatures and quotes about love, among which you will find meaningful, beautiful, short, sad to tears, expressions from movies and songs – suitable for posting on instagram.

Category Number of pcs.
1 With meaning 15
2 Beautiful captions 15
3 Short captions 15
4 Sad to tears 15
5 In English (with translation) 10
6 From songs 10
7 Movie Quotes 10
8 Quotes of famous people 10
9 About love for a man, a guy 10
10 About love for a woman, a girl 10
11 About self love 10
12 Quotes about love for children 10

With meaning

  1. Words of love are the most valuable, they inspire and give strength. Hearing them is like receiving a blessing: God smiled, sending the other half to the person and making him whole.❤️
  2. The stimulus of life, the taste of life, sweet and bitter, simple and complex, tears and joy – all this gives love!
  3. He did not live who did not pass the test of love!☝️
  4. Words of love are so precious that once you hear them, you can become the richest person on earth!
  5. Love is the most natural thing a person can experience and there is no need to resist it.🤗
  6. It’s amazing how love can make us strong and whole but so weak and dependent.
  7. Love is a complex feeling that you sometimes realize only after losing a person. There is no longer a longing than the longing for a lost love.😢
  8. Love does not need words, love requires deeds and accomplishments!
  9. As long as humanity is alive, as long as people feel, love will also be alive.😻
  10. Love is happiness. Mutual love is God’s gift. And unrequited love is the hardest test.
  11. Love allows you to see in a person what is not visible to others, and it does not matter how he looks!💜
  12. Love is worth living to fight for. Love is a priceless reward! Love languages ​​are the most sincere!
  13. There is nothing sweeter than mutual love, when the heart sings, and spring gardens bloom in the soul. And nothing is more bitter than disappointment in love.💔
  14. Love is expressed in forgiveness, wisdom, patience. There is no place for jealousy, empty insults and selfishness.
  15. Love is so different: one gives an incentive to live, and the second prevents you from living. Truly an amazing feeling, everyone should experience it at least once in a lifetime!🤔

Beautiful captions

  1. The silhouettes of the people you love are wrapped in magic, and their eyes are the color of happiness. They have a special aura!😇
  2. Do you know what luxury is? This is when you are loved, when everyone in you loves, unconditionally and without demanding in return.
  3. People who love each other are like two drops, as if God left coincidences in some plan only known to him.💏
  4. Love can be recognized intuitively, by the eyes, by the look – it glows with a bright, living flame.
  5. Do not drive love away from you, it is so rarely sent to us! If it’s hard, be patient! After all, true happiness comes from suffering!☝️
  6. A man’s love is irreplaceable. A girl wrapped in it is able to give many times more in return.
  7. What is love? Work, everyday work. There are no weekends, no holidays.😘
  8. In love, people must match, then it sounds like the perfect melody.
  9. Love raises immunity better than any medicine, gives strength and inspires! Therefore, be sure to love!🙃
  10. The secret of love is attention to each other, kind thoughts and sincere feelings.
  11. One day, love bursts into your life and pulls you out of the darkness into the light. And resistance is futile, she will always reach the goal.🎯
  12. Life sends us love always on time, filling the void, filling our hearts and lighting our eyes.
  13. A person needs love no less than air. With her, he is alive, enthusiastic, purposeful, different, almost perfect. With her, life is filled with meaning.🤗
  14. Love is when you are taken care of. They protect from betrayal, from insults, from pain and quarrels. Take care of your loved ones!
  15. In love, it is important to sincerely love a person with all the shortcomings and vices; there is no place for pretense and deceit in it.✌️

Short captions

  1. The more you resist, the more you love.💘
  2. Love will always be in fashion.
  3. Love is an experiment.👩‍🔬
  4. Love fills from within.
  5. Love makes us human.💕
  6. Love is the best impulse!
  7. Love happiness!💜
  8. We are happy when we are loved!
  9. Love is letting the other be yourself.😘
  10. I want to be loved.
  11. Love is a complex matter.🤔
  12. A person has 7 days in a week to love.
  13. It’s great that God invented love!🙏
  14. Love gives amazing lightness.
  15. Love is the source of confidence!😌

Sad to tears

  1. Unrequited love is pain and there is no stronger pain. To love unrequited is like a curse that has no end!😔
  2. Wounds from sick love never go away, they either heal or bleed again. There seems to be no cure for them. Maybe just time?
  3. The love story is over, and my tears, it seems, will never go away! Darkness and cold settled in my soul.😥
  4. Love at a distance is full of tears and worries about hopelessness, when you realize that nothing can be changed.
  5. Why don’t heart wounds go away like childhood abrasions? Why does it hurt so much? Is this love?😭
  6. My love is woven from tears, suffering and empty hopes, disappointments and resentments. Why do I need such love when I don’t want to live?
  7. On earth it became one unfortunate person, because my love is unrequited, and you are cold and indifferent to me.💔
  8. Why do I need this love if I only see you in my dreams? And it seems like we’ll never see each other.
  9. You realize love when you lose, when it’s too late.😢
  10. Tired of tears, tired of running from this love. It’s time to admit this unhealthy dependence on you!
  11. A man unrequitedly in love is a truly pitiful sight. He, like a homeless man, asks for at least a crumb of food, at least a little compassion, at least a drop of attention.😪
  12. Treating the wounds of unhappy love with another person is useless cruelty.
  13. There is nothing more painful than disappointment in love, and the first love is the most cruel, but you remember it all your life.🖤
  14. “I don’t love you” – these are the most cruel words for any person and there is nothing more painful than to realize and accept them. Yes, being rejected hurts!
  15. The disappointment and pain of love makes a person callous and cruel, cold and aloof like a stone. It is difficult for him to believe in love again.😞

In English (with translation)

  1. How can I live without love? How can people live without love? I will never understand it! How can I live without love? How can people live without love? I will never understand it!💁‍♀️💁‍♂️
  2. When we are born we have only one wing. And love gives us the second. “When we are born, we only have one wing. And love gives us a second.
  3. You are the love of my life! I’m so happy at last! I can’t even imagine my love without you! – You’re the love of my life! I’m so happy at last! I can’t even imagine life without you!😍
  4. I love you so much! We are made for each other! How nice to feel love in my heart! – I love you so much! We are made for each other! How wonderful to feel the love in your heart!
  5. Oh, I’m like a crazy! I love you, my darling! – Oh, I’m like crazy! I love you so dear!🤪❤️
  6. I love you! I adore you! I live for you! My love is more than all words in the whole world! – I love you! I admire you! My love is greater than all the words in the world!
  7. Love and addiction are the same for me. But I’m really happy! Love and addiction are the same for me. But I’m really happy!💕
  8. Love makes me stronger and happier! I can’t live a minute without this feeling! Love makes me stronger and happier! I can’t live a minute without this feeling!
  9. I’m totally in love and addicted! Nevertheless, I don’t mind! I am absolutely in love and addicted! However, I don’t mind!😊
  10. I have found my love! And I’m happy! I want to hug the whole world now! I have found my love! And I am happy! Now I want to hug the whole world!

From songs

  1. I love you so much, I want you so much, like air and water, I always need you.😍
  2. Everything will pass, you just need to believe that love does not pass, no.
  3. And our love has run out of batteries.🔋
  4. Love me Love! Hot fire, night and day, burning the heart!🔥
  5. I won’t talk about love, I won’t ask about anything, I’ll just lift you up to a distant star!
  6. You are my heart, sorry for the love, cooled down.🖤
  7. Why do I love this? I do not need her.
  8. You are my love, you are my sadness, and if you suddenly disappear, I will go crazy!❤️
  9. And the years will fly, draining the waters, carefully keeping an ode to our love!
  10. I will give you fragrant wine to drink, the nectar of love, I will give you sunset and dawn!💗

Movie Quotes

  1. “Sho is characteristic – they loved each other!” (film Love and doves)
  2. “So why is that, huh? “Probably the reproductive instinct. – Love. Probably … “(film Love and doves)
  3. “Do you love this person?” (film Love and doves)
  4. “What love?! “Such love!” (film Love and doves)
  5. “What is love? When I get out, I don’t have enough air. I can’t breathe!” (Love and pigeons)
  6. “Love is a divine feeling.” (film Formula of love)
  7. “Amor, so it happened to him. – What? – Amor … “(film Formula of Love)
  8. “You know, I can’t call love. Fear, delight, respect… I easily awaken in people. And love, alas. (film Formula of love)
  9. “If to love is to be powerless, then yes. I’m powerless.” (Black love)
  10. “I would like you not to forget me at all, so that in your eyes there was not hatred, but love and tenderness.” (Black love)

Quotes of famous people

  1. Not to be near does not mean not to love. (Omar Khayyam)
  2. We lift up those who are not worth us, but we betray the most faithful. Who loves us so much, we offend, and we ourselves are waiting for an apology. (Omar Khayyam)
  3. Whoever grafted a rose of tender love to the cuts of the heart, did not live in vain! (Omar Khayyam)
  4. Falling out of love with someone you love can be harder than losing weight. (Aretha Franklin)
  5. Love is always a promise, and I love making promises. (Nick Cave)
  6. My love is dangerous. And who wants safe love? (Freddie Mercury)
  7. True love, like gold, never rusts or oxidizes. (A. Kuprin)
  8. Only love helps in love. (A. Kuprin)
  9. Love requires a special talent, as for music, painting, sculpture, singing, poetry. (A. Kuprin)
  10. People today have forgotten how to love. (A. Kuprin)

About love for a man, a guy

  1. Without your love, my dear, I die every day! Why is it so hard without you? Why has life become hell?💔
  2. Outside the window is winter, but in my soul is spring! After all, you are with me, my beloved! I love your hands, your eyes, your smile – I love everything about you!
  3. Love lives in my heart! I love you, my dear! Thank you for your reciprocity!😘
  4. All I have left is broken love. My tears never seem to dry.
  5. Do you know what the look of love is? Love has a look in his eyes. When he looks at me, I’m happy!🤗
  6. Autumn and love for me will always be associated with you, my beloved. I will always remember that autumn meeting with you!
  7. You ask what is winter and love for me? It’s the same thing, because my love is unrequited, and he is cold to me, like a winter day.💙
  8. Much can be said about the meaning of life and love. And I will only say one thing: you are the meaning of my life, my beloved! I will always be by your side, I promise!
  9. Your love is not enough for me! I need your soul and thoughts, my love! I can’t get enough of you!😍
  10. Accept my declaration of love as a gift! I love you, my dear and only! Hope it’s mutual!💕

About love for a woman, a girl

  1. Happiness and love came into my life when heaven sent you to me, my love! I will be forever grateful to them!
  2. Is there everlasting love? Yes, sometimes. I loved, love and will always love you, my only one!
  3. You are my loved one! I will always be there!
  4. I love you more than life, I live only for you and breathe only for you, my love!
  5. My love for you, my love, cannot be expressed in words! Just know that it is!
  6. Your love is like air to me! I love you, my woman, my queen!
  7. I thank the Lord for blessing me with your love, my dear!
  8. Dear, the only, unique and most desirable – all this is about you, my beloved woman! All the stars are just for you!
  9. I love everything about you, your smile and look! You are the most valuable thing I have, my love!
  10. I bow my head to love for you, my dear! My heart is forever in your gentle hands!

About self love

  1. Love yourself, do not reproach and do not scold! Life is such a cruel thing!😬
  2. Self-love is expressed in self-improvement and versatility! Love yourself unconditionally! Remember, whoever loves himself loves life.
  3. No matter how much we love, but love for ourselves should be more! The world is like a mirror – it reflects everything. Love yourself and he will love you back.☝️
  4. Yes, I am selfish and I love myself! Finally and irrevocably!😅
  5. Loving yourself means respecting and appreciating! If you appreciate and respect yourself, then others will appreciate and respect you.
  6. Belief in yourself, self-love, self-respect – all these are important points of self-perception!😉
  7. If you don’t love yourself, then others won’t love you either!
  8. Sometimes attempts to change yourself are groundless and completely unnecessary. Sometimes leaving everything as it is is a manifestation of a higher feeling, self-love.❤️
  9. If you don’t love your reflection in the mirror, then you don’t love yourself! Call yourself the sun and shine! Call yourself affectionately, then life will be affectionate to you! Everything in the world is mutual!☀️
  10. Self-education and self-development are manifestations of self-love. Don’t stop learning and evolving!

Quotes about love for children

  1. Do you know what love is the most unconditional? Of course, this is the great love of a mother for her child! Only a mother loves her children, equally worried about them, only she will give her life for them without a shadow of a doubt!❤️
  2. Maternal love, like a cocoon, envelops and warms a person on his life path. And while the mother is alive, she loves her child! Moms are angels on earth!💛🙏
  3. Children are born already loved by their parents, or at least by the Lord!
  4. A father’s love for his children is like a wall, like a fortress: powerful and strong, laconic, but so valuable!🖤
  5. You know, there is only one man in whose love I do not doubt for a minute. This is my father! God bless him!😌
  6. What is stronger than mother’s love? Probably only my father’s! Every child who grows up in love is gifted by God.🙏
  7. Even the most severe man is transformed in love for his children!😍
  8. Fatherhood changes a man beyond recognition and there is no stronger love for his children! Only the father will hug, stroke his head and press him to his chest in a special way.
  9. A man is simply amazing in his love for children: he is transformed in his tenderness!🤩
  10. What is it, father’s love? Strong, strong, tender and so priceless!😘

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