Do you know what the will of God is?

Do you know what the will of God is? Learn all about her here

The will of God is part of the belief in the existence of God as a being with divine attributions related to his personality, memory and intelligence. His will is focused on the need for us to know him better and to be children who love him and serve him wholeheartedly. A good way to carry out a divine good will is to study the life and teachings of Jesus, who occupied himself in life with speaking and fulfilling said will.

God’s will

There are three aspects related to the will of God, framed in the Bible. One of them is the sovereign and hidden will of God, this is considered the ultimate will in God. This focuses on the fact that God is the one who orders everything that happens.

This assumes then that there is nothing that happens outside the will of the Lord with us. This remarkable element of the will of God can be visualized in the verse Ephesians 1:11 and Job 42:2. His will is based on the fact that God is a sovereign being and his will is impossible to be frustrated, since nothing happens beyond his control.

On the other hand, there is the perceptive or also the revealed will. It directly relates to what God chooses to reveal in the Bible about his will. This is the declared will of the Lord, which tells us what to do and what not to do.

The revealed will allows us to know what God wants for us, as is the case of not stealing, on the other hand, we must love our neighbor, that in turn we repent of our sins and in turn that we are saints, as is the case of the Lord.

God has written his moral law on the hearts of his children. These are linked to our lives. It is important to know that we have the ability to disobey the commandments of the Lord but we do not really have the right to do this.

This means that there is no type of excuse to commit sins, therefore we cannot believe that we commit sins by God’s decree, no type of sin is justified even though it is a fulfillment of God’s will.

The last aspect related to the will of God can be visualized in the Bible as the permissive will of God. This attitude indicates that it is pleasing to the Lord. Common examples relate to God not being pleased with the death of the wicked but if he decrees their death.

On the other hand, God wants his believers to be saved and to know about the elements related to the truth that he has to offer. Our creator wants his children to recognize his sins and in turn repent of them.

man acceptance

According to Christian belief, everyone who correctly carries out the will of God will be rewarded with the full happiness that human beings yearn for throughout their lives. On the other hand, this allows God to lead our souls to the best eternal destination.

This means that when we are voluntarily submitted to the will of God, we demonstrate the trust we have in our creator. Well, he is a loving father who wants to walk by our side and guide us to a good path, full of protection and eternal happiness.

Therefore, from the point of view of Christianity, doing the will of God is related to our freedom and anyone who does not do his will is a slave. Christianity is a wonder related to God, this is an incomprehensible aspect for those who are not religious.

In addition to this, what is related to the will of God is related to the decisions that allow us to be full and happy along the path that leads us to the kingdom of God.

For Christianity the will of God is a free choice that is part of a divine process caused by God. This allows us to understand then, that for religion to do the will of God is good to purify the soul. In addition to this, it allows us to exercise the Christian virtues of humility, obedience and faith in our Creator.

God’s plan from the vision of faith

For the Christian faith, God’s plan is considered the path that leads us to infinite love, this is considered traced for each person even before birth. His will is a manifestation of his divine love that allows us to fulfill the missions of each person.

In addition to a particular plan for each person, we have general plans related to holiness. That is why God’s plan is intimately known with the intimacy of the Lord.

For example, according to the Catholic Church, the saints and blessed are people who fulfilled the will of God and that is why they are part of the arena of importance in the kingdom of the Lord.

How can one know what the will of God is?

The will of God is part of the duties that must be kept in mind. It is necessary then that we try to be at least like Jesus in life. It is important that we accept the will that the Lord has with us. Among the actions related to God’s plan are the following examples:

  • The ten commandments performed by Moses.
  • The precepts of the church
  • It is also the will of God the duties related to our state of life, obedience and civil authorities, related to the family and the ecclesial aspect
  • The commandment transmitted by Jesus that indicates that we should all love each other.

It is advised to make use of the scriptures, which allow us to understand in many simple ways what the Creator wants for us. All aspects of the Bible relate to manifestations of the Lord’s will. Among the elements that help achieve the will of God are:

  • Love even those who are considered your enemies. It is important that you do good to people who hate you. It is also good that you bless those who curse and pray for those who do not treat you well.
  • It is important that you be compassionate as the Creator is with your neighbor. You should not judge others nor be judged. Nor should you condemn so that you will not be condemned either.

Ways to know the will of the Lord

God communicates with his children, it is in this way that he manifests his will. However, many do not believe that this solution is possible, this is due to the lack of faith that many people have. (Be sure to see the Jesus story article )

If the Creator is able to communicate with everyone who wants to connect with him, you simply have to say what you want to hear about the manifestations that God wants for you.

There really aren’t many written elements of how we should listen to the Lord. However, the church does make keys that allow us to focus in a positive way on how to be part of God.

When listening to God, it goes to another level in our lives. In addition, it should be clear that the Lord has a variety of ways to communicate with us. The really important thing is to develop faith in order to achieve a better connection with the Lord.

Pay attention to the teachings of the Lord

The words that Jesus imparted are living proof of what God has for us. At the time when you want to know the Lord’s will, all the teachings written by the words that Jesus said in his life are used as the best option.

Jesus wanted his followers to obey the teachings that God allowed him to impart to those who believed in Him from the heart. It is important not to have against any element that has been taught by Jesus, because one of his missions was to highlight what the Lord wants for us.

It is Jesus who gives us the simple guidelines as believers. However, there are no instructions for all the circumstances that occur in our lives. It is then considered that there are other ways to continue outside the will of God, apart from those implemented by Jesus.

Pay attention to your conscience

This process is extremely important as well as the teachings imparted by Jesus. God is able to speak to us directly in the form of conscience through the Holy Spirit. It is extremely important that we do what the Lord asks of us.

Despite this, in many cases a conscience can be trained through the manipulations of the evil one or also influenced by any act that is not considered positive for his life and does not make him develop positively as an individual. (Be sure to read the information in the article faith in god )

For this reason, the teaching of Jesus is needed to train our conscience to the path of good. God does not want to command you to do something that goes against the teachings imparted by Jesus. That is why it is advisable to correctly handle the use of the words taught by Jesus, which comes directly from God.

As you research and study about the teachings of Jesus, you will be able to understand what our Savior was talking about about his Father. The Holy Spirit, on the other hand, will be part of our conscience and allow us to understand what Jesus has truly said as a teaching for us.

It is important that you obey the Lord, because the arguments of Jesus is part of what must be done correctly to be part of the kingdom of God.

Heed reliable advice

It is extremely important that you listen to the advice of reliable people, such as those who wrote part of the Bible and those who have shown that they are healthy people for your life and offer you good advice, healthy for your life.

It’s so easy to want to do things right to please God, without really caring if your own way is better. You should hear about the advice towards the will of God from positive people, called as testimonies that God offers as a will to carry out in our lives.

This is the easiest way to get to know the will that God wants, because he looks for reliable people so that you can trust. It is the people chosen by God who offer you advice.

It must be understood that it is extremely important that the advice does not go against the teachings that Jesus gave us as his children. When some type of act is carried out against what Jesus taught us, we must curse that element against and guide ourselves exclusively in what is correct for our lives.

Pay attention to direct disclosures

God has the ability to speak to us through dreams, visions and also prophecies. It is important that we take the time to listen to what God wants to inform us.

It is recommended to ask God to give you dreams at the time you go to sleep and also at the time you proceed to pray, seek to empty your mind of all your unimportant thoughts, to give the Lord the opportunity to communicate more easily. with the.

It can be through images or even words, which will flash in your mind, or it can be through your dreams while you are still awake, without creating any awareness.

When God makes direct revelations to you, he is able to speak to you in a parable. This allows him to give you messages even from which you resisted. It is simply important that after the revelation, you ask God to give you the correct way to understand the message that he gave you, which allows us to seek a correct application of the election.

The truth must be accepted, without buts, seeking to put the lesson into practice, it is also important to know that God always wants to communicate to us what we are truly willing to receive and resist.

The bad thing about this type of revelation is that sometimes we confuse it with our expressions of the subconscious and in the case of dreams it can be produced by Satan to deceive us. God’s dreams give you a solution and not irrational fear.

God does not give us a spirit of fear, rather He gives us power, love and also a sound mind. Sometimes the visions will not give you a clear interpretation and you have to put it aside until God gives you his will clearly.

God usually gives visions to several reliable people of the same or even similar message, in addition to that, God’s message provides a lot of confidence.

Pay attention to the circumstances

God is able to create circumstances in search of you doing the right thing. Open or closed doors are often considered signs that offer the will of God.

What can be considered a weakness of this way of communication is that sometimes what God wants is for you to continue to persevere for all that you want, battling against the difficult circumstances set up by Satan in search of you giving up. That is why you cannot depend solely on the circumstances because you will always end up doing the easiest thing. (See: New Testament )

Pay attention to chance

Chance is similar to circumstance however these are more subtle. They are more about opportunity. Circumstances when triggered do not have the same meaning for us as chance.

On the other hand, it is very easy to be distracted by coincidence. In some cases people seek God’s will for their entire lives. Looking for supposed coincidences in everything they do. Matches should not be triggered, they just happen on their own.

pay attention to wishes

God sometimes communicates with us on an emotional level, through the Holy Spirit. It can be done in a subtle way, as is the case of private interests. God wants us to enjoy everything we do.

This method has its similarity to consciousness but is much more passive. The weakness towards this form of communication is that satan tends to tempt by causing sin to be believed to be enjoyable.

That is why we must be extremely aware that our interests are pure. Desires should be followed when they do not contradict God’s word and want us to communicate with Him.

Pay attention to miracles and signs

God can use a supernatural experience to deliver his will to us. On many occasions that people ask for signs, the Lord gives them and in this way confirms his will with his children.

This type of practice is somewhat delicate because it is a way to tempt him if it is not done well and there are people who have been punished for it. Normally when he gives revelations by signs it is related to elements that go very against natural reasoning

How to put it into practice?

When you find yourself thinking about what God is trying to communicate to you. Seek to connect with his presence. Listening to the Lord is an action completely carried out by faith, however, certain actions leave room for doubt if you do not have great faith.

One must be honest and sincere when seeking the will of God and we must be willing to interpret revelations that the Creator sends us, no matter how difficult it may be to understand it. (See: The Bible )

The important thing is to get a general idea of ​​the commandments that God wants us to carry out. Jesus said that if we ask God through the Holy Spirit it is very similar to the way children ask their parents for things.

After knowing what God wants to communicate, it is extremely important that you put it into practice. If you don’t do things this way, you may even fail to listen to every revelation that indicates God’s will for you.

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