Discover the Prayer to God to forget a love that does you no good

Love is known as the faithful perfect link. Therefore, it is recognized that it should not harm, change, or desist. It is important to recognize when a love is indicated and when it is only harmful. In this Post you will know this and much more. In addition, the Prayer to God to forget a love that does not do you good and how to do it.

Prayer to God for a love that does not do good

Before praying for someone who hurt you or praying to God for a love that does no good, you need to get rid of any resentment, anxiety or unforgiveness that you have and understand that praying lightly is better than walking with burdens. Here is a pattern of prayer about these people:

Heavenly Father, Loving Father, I favor you, acclaim you and thank you in light of the fact that out of love alone you gave us Jesus. Very grateful to you Father, with the argument that in the light of his Spirit, we understand that you are the light, the reality and the great shepherd, that you have come so that we can have life and have it fully.

Today, father, I need you to listen to my pleas and that you please answer my pleas. You know better than anyone by name, you know who I’m talking about in mind and spirit. I present him to you, Lord, so that you can put your eyes as a Father who loves his life very much.

You know his heart and you know the wounds of his story. You know everything he has needed to do and hasn’t done. Plus, you realize what hurt him and what he still doesn’t want to let go of. You know your limitations, your mistakes and your transgressions.

You know the injuries and sorrows of his life. Today, Father, we ask you, for the love you have for your Son, Jesus Christ, to pour out your Holy Spirit on this being so that the shine of your mending affection can infiltrate the depths of his heart and come to you at the moment you want it. (See Article: prayer for my alcoholic husband)

You, who recover broken hearts and bind wounds, repair this being, father. Come into that heart, Lord Jesus.

Help me to move forward without remorse, teach me to show your love above offenses, above betrayals. Today I recognize that this love is not for me, it has not done me any good and I am sure it will not either. I recognize that your plans are better than mine, so help me to firmly and wisely overcome this process of forgiveness.

Teach me to love the one who hurt me, who was only justified by his bad attitude and not by his violence. I thank you, father, for what you are doing in my life today. I thank you with everything that is in us since you recover us, since you free us, because you break the chains and give us the opportunity.

Very grateful to you my God, Lord, since we are sanctuaries of his Spirit and that sanctuary cannot be pulverized with the argument since it is the House of God. I thank you, Lord, for the trust. I am very grateful to you for the love you have placed in our souls.

How extraordinary you are, Lord!

Favored and forever everlasting, Lord.

In the name of the divine trinity, Amen!

What happens when we pray for someone who does us no good?

– You offer yourself the opportunity to vent and do it with someone who is omnipotent and can heal things. Leaving under God’s control what you cannot control or cure is for reasonable individuals.

-God makes you see that discouragement, punishment, lack of forgiveness, contempt, are not Christian reactions, and that you must discover how to leave it behind little by little. A being like God is with us: rich in kindness, ready to reliably apologize (despite the fact that he doesn’t deserve it), tolerant, persistent, caring.

For this he exclaims: “Forgive them, father, since they have not the slightest idea of ​​what they are doing” (Lk 23, 34) “Today you will be with me in Paradise”. (Lk 23, 43) These were the words of Jesus before bidding farewell to this world on the cross.

– The Holy Spirit begins to form your heart like crystal, cleanses and purifies it. You will see that this resentment that you have inside is an intoxicating poison, a vinegar that disenchants life, and that as you refine yourself and supply it with the nectar of Christian philanthropy, life will be much more bearable for you.

– And do not have the slightest uncertainty that, on the off chance that you beg with confidence. Try not to anticipate quick results, just hold with absolute certainty that God will act when and in the way that He sees fit. (See Article: Prayer for a seriously ill family member to heal )

What does the Bible say about Love?

We must remember that the Bible is the best scripture inspired by the Father of Heaven himself. In it the word love is contemplated in multiple passages. For example: in the book of 1 John chapter 4, verse 8 clearly states:

“He who does not love, is because he has not known God, since God in essence is pure love” 1 John 4:8

When we consider love as anything, much less will it be easy to value positive feelings. However, genuine romance is not based on emotions, it goes much further. It is related to something substantially more than what can be felt for someone, a sentimental love, an individual in my family, a partner, a collaborator.

Love is frequently given and obtained with the expectation that you will get something as a result. However, from there some questions arise: What do I do when I have a hard time giving love to someone? What does the Bible say about this? 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 expresses it:

“Love is bearable, it is kind; love is not jealous, love is not proud, love is not puffed up; he doesn’t do anything wrong, he doesn’t seek his own, he doesn’t get upset, he has no resentment, he hates injustice, but he appreciates reality. Everything endures, accepts everything, expects everything, sustains everything. Love is constant, predictions will end, tongues will stop, and learning will end. But, but love will never cease to be “

In any case, at that point, what is love? When I do each of the things without giving meaning to my emotions or autonomously from the activities of others, this is love.

Sometimes we feel powerless to love when we are tempted to be indignant, to be distressed, to seek our own benefit, to feel resentment or to give up any pretense of something.

In any case, when we deny each of these feelings and arm ourselves with tolerance and patience, we begin to feel the other’s need as our own, I persevere through all things, that’s when we show love. Love gives life, love brings answers and allows you to see things even from another perspective.

For this reason, God in The Book of John expresses the following: “No one has a more remarkable love than this, that one risk his life for his companions.” John 15:13. It has no measure, it is not conditioned, it is not something obligatory. It is more an act of self-will and Identity.

Without condition

Love begins with the crucifixion of Jesus, it is the greatest example of this feeling. It is not that we have always loved God, and yet he loved us and sent his Son to be the appeasement of our bad actions, it is one of the reasons why you should raise a Prayer to God to forget a love that does not Whether it benefits you or not, and also for each person who needs it.

God loved us before we loved him and, could it be that we have done something to deserve such a gesture? The answer is no. That is why the true and only love begins with God, from there we will be able to spread this feeling to the rest of the people, by doing so, we will remember that regardless of whether they fail us or not, if they criticize or qualify us, we must love the same.

What happens if someone has betrayed you? Should you give him love or does he not deserve it? The answer is yes, since true love does not love by condition, but by obedience. Love gives, and not exclusively to the individuals who love us.

Unconditional love also includes loving those who hurt us:

“In any case, I declare to you: Love your enemies, favor the individuals who rebuke you, do good to the individuals who oppress you and ask God to use you, so that you may be the children of the Father who is in the world. paradise, which makes its sun rise over abhorrence and the great, and rains on what is equitable and what is out of place. Matthew 5: 44-45.

Nowadays, instead of trusting others to transform, we need to locate our own faults and work on it, otherwise we will be unable to recognize when a love is genuine or harmful.

Given the possibility that we refine ourselves under the circumstances, at that moment we can transmit charge, accept, stay still and endure everything because of other people. We love and accept them for the love of God as they can be, and we can ask God for them with genuine love and deal with them.


Given the possibility that someone says: I appreciate and exalt God, but without a doubt someone despises his brother, he is an effective liar. For he who does not appreciate his brother whom he has seen, ultimately, how could he worship God whom he has not seen? What is more? , we have this instruction from him: whoever worships God, let him also love his brother. It is expressed in 1 John 4:20-21.

Something that is important to highlight is that love towards God is not more remarkable than the love we show for others. Since that feeling is not hindered by consequences or conditions. But love towards others is mobile and changing, even dependent.

As people, we will generally need others to change. We feel that it is difficult to feel love for someone as it seems to be, and we lean towards the unique. This is verification that we are more and more concerned with our own joy and comfort than with giving love to other people; We seek our own great benefit.

What loves are harmful?

It is pointed out that love should be without drama, without conditions, without problems. We speak of a solid and intelligent love that knows no regrets, does not keep track of mistakes. The famous clinician and scholar Walter Riso in his new literary acquisition “In love or enslaved”, expresses a declaration for affective freedom despite having an accomplice.

It expresses that the person he loves should direct his own feelings together with that or that only partner. In addition, each one is considered to make the most of his space in this existence with respect, without ties and without oppression. Riso says that the true demonstration of love must be “light of baggage, free and vital”.

That is the reason why, in its pages, it shows the sign that individuals who let themselves go and feel an affection that is destructive for the relationship and for the next never reach full happiness.

In addition, he offers his recommendation and reflections to face those feelings that can harm a couple until they are pulverized. The analyst thinks that these are the most damaging loves for a relationship. They are broken down below:


An obsessed love where love becomes insatiable in the relationship does not do well. One of those involved in the relationship is always unhappy with it, cannot do anything without his accomplice and shows extraordinary confidence, explains the great analyst Riso.

An adoration for these qualities is purely cloying and has no restrictions, which creates misery over time. One of the vibrations that the person who has a relationship like this will feel: finally she will be forced to give what she needs or cannot offer, to worry about what she asks for that so dear relationship and even to feel annoyed.

Individuals who love obsession cannot bear to be away from the person they claim to love for a moment, a division of days becomes a trial for them, which can even cause general symptoms and compromise Health, says the creator of the beautiful literature.

That implies that they want to spend more and more time together with the other; have exaggerated contemplations, for example: what will you do now?; amplify the ethics of the adored and accept that it contacts perfection; and even to exaggerate the recurrence and power of sex.

Riso expresses that, on the basis that a relationship must take into account a greater number of things that go beyond what is wanted: correspondence, kindness, basic tastes, agreement and above all consideration.


This type of harmful love includes a completely merged couple, it infers that they have lost their personality, they lose their trust. An individual cannot give up what he is, Riso clarifies. Loving aims to give the other the opportunity to be as he is and act naturally as he seems to be. Do not copy gestures or simulate behaviors.

Numerous admirers of this type end up receiving similar signs, jokes and even the method of dressing becomes the same as their accomplice or loved one. Be that as it may, you can progressively achieve: even the intuition of ownership, like saying: you are mine! And feel that one is part of the other individual.


Fear of losing the relationship is believed to create an unstable individual who fears disappointment and abandonment, says Walter Riso. That equivalent fear carries with it many others: the fear that the partner will fail, that the affection will rot without a clear reason, that he will be unfaithful and that they will abandon us. This is the fear that most portrays enthusiastic neighborhoods, says Riso. (See Article: Prayer for a terminally ill person)

To deal with each of these feelings of fear, the analyst suggests tolerating and staying alert that in true love there are no guarantees, that it is important to expect vulnerability.

that oppresses

For Walter Riso, love must take into account the Charter of Human Rights, in the sense of taking into account the opportunity for everyone to have freedom when it comes to doing something. It is one of the basic standards for a solid and intelligent love as indicated by this analyst.

Also, that is to consider that both parties have their own partners, exercises, their own inclinations, tastes and assumptions. To put it plainly, that everyone considers the advancement of free character, its standards, qualities, fundamental and crucial goals. Each one is free to make decisions about their circle of friends, since it is not a prison-type relationship, but rather dedicated to genuine and reciprocal appreciation.

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