The Baptism of Jesus, learn about it in Matthew 3:13-17

The Baptism of Jesus, learn about it in Matthew 3:13-17

Baptism is the first of the sacraments that any self-respecting Christian must fulfill, it is through this that we become members of the church. Enter this article where you will learn a little more about the baptism of Jesus , in the Jordan River, for children, baptism and more, do not stop reading it.

The baptism of Jesus

The scriptures say that John recognized that baptism was for those people capable of repenting of their sins. One day, while John was preaching and baptizing in the Jordan River, Jesus came to Galilee to be baptized. And as we all know, Jesus was the Son of God, and it was impossible for him to have any sin, which is why John did not understand that he motivated Jesus to want to be baptized and refused to do so.

It is then, when Jesus told him that this was the will of his Father, and that it was necessary for them to fulfill it faithfully. John then proceeded to fulfill God’s plan, and the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River took place . When the baptism of Jesus was finished and he came out of the water, the Holy Spirit appeared before them in the form of a dove, and from heaven a voice could be heard saying:

“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”

For Jesus, the fact of baptism meant the opportunity to show his obedience as a son to his Father God, to be able to connect with the sins of man and the necessary way to receive the Father’s forgiveness. It also meant being recognized before the people as the son of God, being touched by the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus and baptism: Why didn’t they do it as a child?

Most of us receive this sacrament when we are very young, so why was Jesus baptized so big? This type of questions about the baptism of Jesus, for children of our times, is somewhat difficult to believe since we were all baptized, hardly even knowing how to speak or walk.

Well, the reason is very simple, baptism for children was not practiced at the time of Jesus, this is a very new practice among Christians. By the time Jesus was very young, other rites were carried out, which were linked to the religious tradition of his people, and under the care of Mary and Joseph, absolutely all of them were fulfilled.

Who was John the Baptist?

This is a very simple story that allows us to understand who John the Baptist was. This was a cousin of Jesus, he was a great prophet, perhaps one of the greatest. He was in charge of preaching the baptism of conversion, on the banks of the Jordan River, hoping for the arrival of the kingdom of God, which he believed was already very close.

This is how John presented himself, baptizing in the desert and preaching the baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. All the inhabitants of the region of Judea and of the city of Jerusalem approached him. And when they confessed their sins, he baptized them in the Jordan River.

As you can imagine Juan. he lived in the desert, in the caves of Qumran, and used clothes that were made of camel skin, his diet was quite simple and because he was near the sea, it consisted mainly of lobsters and wild plants. Juan always announced that, behind him or after me, someone superior to me would come, and that he was not going to baptize with water, but rather with the intermediary of the Holy Spirit, that is why Juan received in his mind the images of the baptism of Jesus. 

The people who came to John were of all kinds and although this ministry lasted only a few months, the success was resounding and he concluded this mission, because Herod made him a prisoner.

When we receive the sacrament of baptism, we also allow the Holy Spirit to enter us, making us children of God. Every believer has two births, one that we experience with our mother and the other is the one that occurs at the moment of receiving baptism, and we are born as children of God.

Different forms of baptism in Christianity

The reasons that give life to baptism are very similar throughout Christianity, the only thing that varies is the way they carry it out. Next, we mention some of these denominations.

baptism by immersion

This consists of completely immersing the believer in water by a priest or other authorized person. Emphasizing the death of the sinner and the rebirth of a new person in Christ. Here we tell you some of the denominations that baptize by immersion.


They emphasize the necessity, that in order to be baptized you must be a believer. For this reason they do not agree that young children be baptized, since they cannot make that decision on their own, and therefore they hope to be of legal age to comply with this ordinance.

Seventh Day Adventists

They are very emphatic in the symbolism that the death and resurrection of Christ has for them for baptism, for this reason baptism is just as Jesus did.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

They affirm that they are baptized by a person invested with the authority of God, to lower them into the water and thus resurrect them. With this they exemplify the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as representing the end of his old life and the beginning of a new life.

Other Modalities of Baptism

There are other types of baptism, some of them are accepted by the Catholic Church and others have been rejected. Here some of them:

The emergency baptism

It is a type of baptism that is celebrated with urgency, given the danger of imminent death of an “unbaptized”, which is usually a newborn. If once the person is baptized, and he does not die, he is obliged to notify the priest so that the proper rites of baptism can be concluded. If the case of urgency arises, a newborn can be baptized without parental authorization, since it deprives the child of the right to salvation.

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