Prayer to cover and shut up the enemy's mouth

Prayer to cover and shut up the enemy’s mouth

You can no longer stand that annoying and gossipy enemy in this post you will find a powerful prayer to cover the mouth of that gossipy and nosy person. And that the evil tongues will move away from you, you will no longer have to worry about what they will say, this prayer is effective to cover mouths.

prayer to cover the mouth

Surely at some time in our life  we ​​have heard that popular phrase of prayer has power, and that great phrase is very true. Prayer has power, and also the fervor and energy that we put into praying also  greatly influences its effectiveness.

We all meet gossipy and unwise people, who only know how to be talking nonstop about things that surely they are not sure about. Envy and resentment are the first factor that moves our enemies , to defame us and dedicate themselves to inventing things about us .

If you are already tired of the defamation of your enemies, I invite you to pray this prayer that you will find below with great faith and fervor. And you will see in less than a rooster sings how you manage to cover the mouth of that annoying and gossiping enemy, and rest assured that he will not dare to talk about you anymore.

Beloved Father, my Lord Jesus Christ, you more than anyone know each and every one of my sorrows, at this moment I come to you with great desperation. Heavenly Father, neither my body nor my soul have any peace at this moment.

At night, sir, I couldn’t fall asleep, my anxieties and torments are constant. Lord Jesus Christ you who see everything, you can do everything, you know each one of my anxieties.

You who know all my enemies, you know the slanders that are raised in my name, all those who defame me out of pure evil. You can see all those lies that come out of their mouths against me.

Heavenly Father I strongly ask you to shut up each one of those mouths that only open to harm me and lift me false. Cover each and every one of those mouths, of bad people, gossips and cizañeras.

Beloved Father, I implore you that their mouths be covered, that no person around me can hear their slander and lies. Lord, may his bad intentions against me be totally annulled.

In your mighty name my heavenly father, I claim the justice that I  need so much . I demand Lord that you unleash the truth of my life, and that you illuminate my steps and stop so much darkness around me caused by envy, of those bad people.  

Blessed Jesus Christ, I implore you to grant me a favor that with so much need I ask you not to abandon me, Lord, I need you, and I infinitely trusted in your goodness and your love.

Lord, I beg you to give me the strength and intelligence not to fall before the provocations of those bad people. Don’t let him fall for his fights and his bad deeds.

Beloved father guide each of my steps , when any of my enemies are close to my lord cover me. My God, I beg you to help me keep my steps on the path of good and righteousness.

I beg you to keep my mouth so that it falls into the same, and that not a single word comes out of me that could cause someone else anguish. Because my father, I know more than anyone that ill-intentioned people defame you and harm you with their gossip and intrigues.

Get away from me their tongues that only drain a bitter poison, the poison of lies and pain. I implore you for your beloved son Jesus of Nazareth

Amen, so I know and so it will be.

This powerful prayer to cover the mouth must be accompanied by an Our Father, a Hail and a Glory. In addition to being prayed with great devotion and fervor for our Lord Jesus Christ in this way, he will listen to your pleas and heed your call.

Prayer of Silence against enemies 

In the name of my beloved father Jesus Christ, Lord, today I come to you as I ask you to shut the mouth of my enemies. Who only know how to raise fakes in my name sir. I beg you blessed Jesus Christ to close their mouths and cover their lips.

So that from now on, no one can say a single slander or lie in my name sir, I beg you that from this precise moment their mouths are totally sealed, that no infamy can come out that seeks to harm me or any of mine .

Beloved Father, keep out of my way all those people who only seek to harm me. I declare it in your holy blessed name that so it is and so it will be.

In the name of Christ Jesus this (morning/afternoon or night), I declare that the mouth of that undesirable person is totally silenced, I declare it inoperative. Because your my God, you repudiate gossip, gossip, you are against injustices sir, that’s why you will grant me the favor that silences my enemies.

May none of their mouths open again to slander anything, Lord Holy Father, no one can be called your son when with his words he only seeks to harm and harm others. That’s why I beg you to shut up all those mouths, which are only full of hate, envy, resentment and pride.

I claim beloved father, protection for my soul, I implore you that each of your guardian angels always protect me and all my loved ones sir. I strongly ask you to come out totally graceful (o). Of this disturbing contest with my gossipy and slanderous enemy.

I ask this for your beloved son Jesus Christ. That he lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

Pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary. To thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the favors received.

Prayer to silence a gossip

If you are tired of that gossipy and talkative enemy who only seeks to damage your image and stain your name, pray this prayer with great fervor to cover his mouth:

May your flame always be on, so that through it you can each protect me from all those gossips who only raise false and insults against me and against my family and friends.

I ask you Lord to never abandon us and always watch over each and every one of us, I ask you for my life and my soul to always be free from any insult and defamation beloved father.

Lord, do not allow my good name to be stained by lies, hate, resentment and bad people, shut up all those mouths that only open to lie and harm others through gossip, insults, defamation and envy. Apart from my way sir who is only doing harm to my spirit.

I light this candle (light a white candle preferably), to claim peace and harmony always in my life sir. I light this candle in your name, beloved father, and I beg for the calm of my soul and my body, I ask that those sinful spirits be removed from my path.

Lord, I ask that all gossip and infamy in my name be totally annulled, since all those evil tongues constantly break your commandments. Heavenly Father prevents all those people from continuing through life hurting others based on gossip and lies only because of hatred and envy.

Lord, I beg you to give me wisdom, intelligence and a lot of understanding to overcome this adverse situation, I ask you Lord that this situation cease faster than a rooster sings.

You and only you Lord know how noble and good my heart is, do not allow it to be filled with hatred and resentment towards those people who only seek to stain my name. Shut them up merciful father, you who are my hope, you who are my protection and strength.
I (name of those people you want to silence their gossip), shut their mouths wherever they are, and declare that they will never again raise false testimonies against my soul.

So be it and so it shall be, in the power of Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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